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[1991-08-17-WWA] Stan Lane & Jim Cornette vs Jerry Lawler & Mark Curtis


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The announcer is going on about "comedy" and "great talkers", going on about what a draw Lawler is, how it's weird that he's never been with a major organization and probably also using a few other kayfabe-questionable terms too. Cornette and Lane as babyfaces is not what I expected. This is all clowning and comedy at first, but with these four, that is probably the best approach. I'm always impressed at how sort of decent Cornette is in the ring. Surprisingly, he and Mark Curtis work harder and bring more actual wrestling action than either Lawler or Lane. I enjoyed this.

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Lawler and Dr. Mark Curtis are interviewed by...Kevin from The Office? Oh, it's Dennis Corraluzzo. Your announcers are Chris Cruise and "The Creator," some guy in Halloween make-up doing a bad Lost in Space Dr. Smith. Wonderful. Lane is introduced as the man who taught William Kennedy Smith everything he knows, and Lane reciprocates by introducing Cornette as the man who taught Peewee Herman everything HE knows. Oh my. Cruise uses the actual term "mic work" and talks up how we're going to see a lot of talking before the match. Apparently Cornette & Lane are working babyface. Slow stalling to start with some amusing heel miscommunication and babyface near-miscommunication spots, and then Cornette and Curtis start to go at it and it's a total blast. Obviously Curtis is doing a lot of the work but it's really incredible how good Cornette's offense works and how good his timing is. This may be as impressive of a performance as Bobby Heenan vs. Buck Zumhoffe from Winnipeg--one of my favorite WTF matches with Heenan working on top the whole way throwing bombs. Curtis responds with a fucking plancha! And a killer dropkick! I know Curtis was a wrestler first but it's still fun to watch.


Man, I so want to see babyface Cornette vs. heel Curtis in a singles match now. This was a total blast and, fun little closing stretch aside, if anything Lawler and Lane were superfluous.

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The commentary was an event in itself here. Corraluzzo is yucking it up all the way through the commentary and I don't know what the fuck the creator was or trying to accomplish. The match was right up my alley though for shitshow fun to flesh out a show. Curtis took some sick bumps and I agree with Charles that Cornette is really good in these matches. While he may not be quite as good as Hennan, I do think he is underrated and doesn't get enough praise. Very fun stuff to watch.

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I had no idea what to make out of most of this; it took place in some kind of bizarre world where managers are better physical workers than wrestlers, heel commentators pick on their fellow heels, and the editor of one of the most respected non-Apter mags dons Halloween makeup and calls himself "The Creator". Compared to this, the use of insider terms like "mic work" seems trivial by comparison.


Seriously, I wasn't expecting Cornette and Curtis to be the in-ring stars while Lane and Lawler looked like total chumps, although Lawler usually works like a chump outside of the Memphis loop, as I've said many times before. Corny looked decent in the SMW bouts I saw, but I assumed that that was because he was the boss. Here, he isn't (although I understand that Coraluzzo's a good friend of his) and he looked even better than that. Not better than the average wrestler on an average day, certainly, but way better than Lawler or Lane on this day. As for Curtis, I wouldn't have even climbed the buckle if I were his size, let alone allow myself to be crotched on it. No wonder he was universally loved by those who knew him well; his aptitude for the business is evident here, even if he doesn't quite have the size to pull most spots off believably.


The announcing was stereotypically indy, and I thought that Cruise was better than that. Seriously, they both complain about the finish, then Cruise taunts "the Creator" to confront Corny and Stan over it? Why don't you do it yourself, Chris, since you whined about it as loudly as your partner just did? I think they were trying to set up some kind of feud between "the Creator" and Curtis over who was supposed to be Cactus Jack's manager, but once Mick left for WCW, that obviously went by the boards. Finally, what was "the Creator's" issue with Lawler? Heels don't usually pick on other heels and call them cowards like he did to Lawler here.


I didn't mind the use of "insider terms" since the whole card was probably going out to about twenty people in the area. Besides, there wasn't a whole lot of mic work going on aside from Lawler and Curtis' pre-match promo (which was good, but not stellar), Corny and Stan's mutual introductions, and a few standard overcooked Lawler insults.


How did the WWA get to use "The Chase", since it was potentially too expensive for WCW to use, thus requiring the knockoff we heard starting (I believe) sometime in '89?


This wasn't bad for an indy show, but God help Lawler if the tape ever shows up in Memphis, even today in 2015.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-08-17-WWA] Stan Lane & Jim Cornette vs Jerry Lawler & Mark Curtis

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