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[1997-01-20-AJW-Zenjo Perfection] Aja Kong vs Kaoru Ito


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Last few minutes. Looks to be a decent match, slower paced with more selling. Kong does her own top rope double stomp as a revenge spot, which is interesting. Even before the talent exodus which would come later, this feels like a dying promotion compared to the glory years. Match goes to a 30-minute draw after Ito powerbombs Kong from the top rope. I'm not sure if I'd like this match if I saw it in full or not. I could see it going either way. This was included to show the Ito push really beginning.

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In a nice piece of long term booking this was the 4th consecutive year that Kong and Ito had a televised singles bout. Ito was her long time second before joining a group led by Toyota in 1995. Each year Ito would get closer and this time she was able to get a draw. She'd have probably won in 98.


So the booking was strong but the match certainly wasn't. It was approached from the attitude of 'how do we fill the time?' It wasn't planned well at all, with slow pacing and too much outside stuff. The tag title match from this show is underwhelming too.

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Darker lighting and a crowd that cared, but less so than usual.


Yes, overall the production felt careless - the overhead lights in each corner are visible and shining into every ringside camera shot. Also, the logo in the center of the ring was chipping and fading away, which seems like some foreshadowing.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-01-20-AJW-Zenjo Perfection] Aja Kong vs Kaoru Ito
  • 6 months later...

Of the two matches from this show, this is the one I'd be more likely to check out in full. Decent selling of exhaustion, a huge back fist, Aja's brutal double stomp, and Ito managing to see out the time limit while even leaving you wondering if the powerbomb at the end might just have been enough for more.

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