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Pro-Wrestling Super Show: Top 6 Wrestlers in Unheralded Roles (May 28, 2014)

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Go here for the episode.

On this week’s Pro-Wrestling Super Show at the Place to be Nation, Steven Graham is joined by Kelly from Titans of Wrestling & Parv from Titans of Wrestling and Where The Big Boys Play to discuss our Top 6 in Unheralded Roles, to answer the listener question of the week and to give our recommendations. It’s an episode that is plagued with technical difficulties.

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In other news, the Pro-Wrestling Super Show has arrived on Tumblr. Go to prowrestlingsupershow.tumblr.com to get supplementary items to the weekly podcast.

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Don't know if we were all in a particularly silly mood or something that night, but had a real blast recording this one. About an 11.0 on the giggling-like-school-girls scale. Thanks for having us on Steve. This show has been a welcome addition to the rotation!


This was the most fun episode yet, i would think. Just all over the place sillyness.

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Good lord Parv, quite the banner first 20 minutes for you:


1. Calling me a whore of podcasting

2. Saying this podcast is high brow because no one on it was from the US

3. "My next pick is a lot like Damien, although he is a human." Kim Chee????

4. Asking AGAIN if Randy Culley was a Moondog.

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Awesome episode, guys. The three of ya really brought the funny tonight. Parv in particular was on fire here. Fiyahh, I say.


Parv sure brought the dirt on President Jack Tunney's term. That rundown came across like an "inside edition" special report or something. Fine piece of podcasting there. Simply classic. Guess I didn't fully realize just HOW MANY historical moments he was actually a key part of, but yeah. Looking back, Tunney really was there for a lot of memorable stuff. Crazy to think about.

The GMC litmus test is brilliant, by the way. Might borrow that one myself.

Loved the Lord Al talk, too. Always enjoyed the guy on commentary, in a "so bad, it's good" kind of way mostly. But hey. Is what it is.


Didn't really know what to expect with this, since the title says "Top 6 Wrestlers" and the topic called for everything EXCEPT wrestlers, but yeah. Just loads of laughs right here. Damn good stuff. Kept me entertained for sure.

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Yeah. What about Larry Nelson though? Always found the guy endlessly entertaining and incredibly adaptable as an interviewer. Very Okerlund-esque, in that he matched up well with anyone in that setting - except he didn't really overshadow any of the acts. His personality was downplayed enough, yet he still came across like a legitimate journalist at times.


Maybe I'm misremembering some things here or there, but I really dug the guy in his role with the AWA. He added a lot to those interview segments for me. Some of those interactions with Larry Z, Bock, Sherri, Hennig, and others are true gems in my book.

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