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Where the Big Boys Play #70 - 1991 TV and End of Year Awards


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Chad and Parv wrap up on 1991 by reviewing 12 TV matches from the year and presenting their end-of-year awards. On this show:

– [05:36] Reviewing ten matches televised from WCW throughout 1991.

Match listing is as follows:

Arn Anderson & Barry Windham vs. Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner (WCWSN 2/2/91)
Sting vs. Larry Zbyszko (Main Event 3/10/91)
Arn Anderson vs. Tommy Rich (3/30/91)
Barry Windham vs. Brian Pillman (4/6/91)
Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman (WCWSN 4/13/91)
Ric Flair & Arn Anderson vs. Brian Pillman & Bobby Eaton (Main Event 6/9/91)
Freebirds & Badstreet vs. Young Pistols & Dustin Rhodes (WCWSN 6/15/91
Barry Windham vs. Mr. Hughes (WCWSN 9/21/91)
Ricky Morton vs. Brian Pillman (WCWSN 9/28/91)
Arn Anderson vs. Barry Windham (11/2/91)
Sting vs. Cactus Jack (Submit or Surrender) (Power Hour 11/23/91)
Ricky Steamboat vs. Bobby Eaton (WCWSN 12/14/91)


*NOTE: Parv accidentally reviewed the Arn Anderson vs. Barry Windham match from 06/06/92 without realizing it. Thoughts on 91 match next time.*

- [2:06:40] End of show awards for the year of 1991 in WCW and discussion. Awards discussed are The Total Billy Graham Award for worst wrestler, Best Feud, Best Show, Worst Show, Best Tag Team, Best Face, Best Heel, Top 5 matches and Top 5 wrestlers (plus the Ric Flair Award for wrestler of 1991).

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The Lord Byron namecheck is for the "Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know" either that or Mr. Hughes fought for Greek rights in the 1990s against the Turks. I wonder if Northern Cyprus bothers Hughes to this day. :P




Reading the note that Parv accidentally reviewed the wrong AA/Windham match has me rolling laughing after all his high praise. God that's so funny!

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Jumbo Trusuta

Ric Flair

Stan Hansen

Terry Funk

Mitsuharu Misawa

Toshiaki Kawada

Bret Hart

Nick Bockwinkel

CM Punk

Daniel Bryan

Rey Mysterio


Greg Valentine

Steven Regal

Genichiro Tenryu

Jerry Lawler

Jushin Liger

Negro Casas

Randy Savage

Ricky Steamboat

1-2-3 Kid

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Really good listen here lads. I'd gone through a WCW 1991 tv binge watch last year and all these matches had come up. And Chad - keep making these podcasts and I'll keep listening. Hope you do get a better, more regular output for 1992 :)

Thanks Mick


If the baby will keep his regular sleep schedule and Parv will quit jet setting around the world like Ric Flair, we should be able to plow through 92 more easily.

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