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Most unusual routes into the business


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The first one I thought of was Sam Sheppard, the physician who was convicted of murdering his wife and was the basis for The Fugitive. Even though he was later acquitted, he had trouble returning to medicine. He married George Strickland's daughter, and Strickland trained Sheppard and booked him as "The Killer" to capitalize on his notoriety. He wrestled a few dozen matches in the early 70s until his death. Famously, he invented the mandible claw using his knowledge of anatomy.

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Sooo, was the story about Afa and Sika true in San Francisco? (Them always charging the ring, so they began training them to be wrestlers because they feared them so much).


In Southwest, Terry Daniels answered Adrian Adonis' open challenge and fought him to a draw. They began training him after his impressive showing.


Terry Garvin was a hair stylist in Nashville that would cut the boys hair. Dundee ended up training him.

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