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Heavy Hitters that missed your list


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No not Mack and Maff but the highly regarded guys that missed your list due to lack of viewing, footage, etc. I haven't seen a lot of footage on any of the World of Sport guys, decent Japan and small amount of lucha. The guys I'm excited to explore that didn't make my list because I've seen only a handful of their matches are


El Hijo Del Santo

Negro Casas

Shinya Hashimoto

Akira Taue

Tatsumi Fujinami

Yoshiaki Fujiwara

Jim Breaks

Jun Akiyama

El Satanico

Riki Choshu

Ron Garvin

Billy Robinson


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I hate you. Seriously. Well, I would, but you put up that Hansen vs. Colon glory.


On my ballot, Casas and Dandy are likely the only pure lucha names. That likely leaves out quite a few top candidates on other ballots. Terry Funk and Riki Choshu are on the bubble.


This is why I feel justified in my ballot. Because there are a whole lot more people who snubbed the lucha guys than the puro guys. I had 15 luchadores on the ballot and I think maybe 5 guys from Japan.


I did rank Fujinami and Onita really high though.

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I may also not rank Savage or Lawler. Is that allowed if I'm the high man on Cena?

No because I find it too difficult to fathom how one could like Cena enough to claim they might be the high vote on him but not even rank Lawler. I had Lawler at #1 and Cena at #12 and their strengths seem REALLY similar to me.

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HBK, Murdoch, Takada, Perro Aguayo, Colon, Fuerza,Tommy Rich,Tracey Smothers, CM Punk, Harley, MS1 none made my ballot. Colon, Takada and MS1 were 101, 102, 103 respectively. HBK and Punk I just don't rate as top 100 workers. The rest I just haven't seen enough footage of or am only getting round to now and could well make my ballot in a decades time.


The only real oversight was Smothers, who I love, but for some reason which I put down to lack of sleep and putting together my ballot in the midst of illness, was neglected. Plus I'm still working through Smoky Mountain.

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Lawler - Tried to watch a Dundee match from Youtube three times. Failed as I couldn't get over the constant punching. Decided to invest my time in other wrestlers I was already familiar with.


Rose - Lack of time.


Any of the luchadores - Not interested in the style.

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Not sure if they are considered heavy hitters or not... but, NOT on my list are:


Jim Breaks


Volk Han

John Cena

CM Punk

Billy Robinson

The Destroyer

Verne Gagne

Nobuhiko Takada

Bill Dundee

Marty Jones

Hiroshi Hase

Tracey Smothers


Blue Panther

Antonio Inoki

Michael Hayes

Dory Funk Jr.

Triple H

Adrian Adonis


EDIT: Also, NOT on my list are Daniel Bryan and Finlay.

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I actually love the fact that there are some greats and highly rated guys that I couldn't place. Just means I have plenty of great wrestling to watch and a lot of guys to invest in. I'll probably redo my own personal list ever mania or two

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