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NWA World Wrestling Council February 1986


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I normally wait until Friday to post these, but this week was a special show. The third week of having actual marquee matches on the TV and the last for a while. Thanks to spaldoni for giving me the chance to do this. :)


Original Airdate February 7th, 1986


(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to a very special edition of the World Wrestling Council lucha libre fans.


Hugo: The third in a row!!


Rickin: It really is. We've had some very big names on the show the last few weeks and this week we have the former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair with us.


Hugo: What a night!!


Rickin: He will be out to talk to us very shortly. We will see Ricky Santana in singles action as well as Gama Sing.


Hugo: Singh has a tough fight ahead of him on the 22nd.


Rickin: TNT has proven himself to be very dangerous, and I wonder if El Profe won't make himself enough of a nuisance at ringside that it causes Gama Singh problems.


Hugo: That's what managers are for!


Rickin: I suppose so. Los Mercenarios will be in tag team action. They have no real "targets" on the card tonight, so we should only see them during their match.


Hugo: None as far as we know anyway.


Rickin: There is that, we don't know what they are truly after. Bam Bam will have a singles match.


Hugo: See?!? Great show!!!


Rickin: I can only imagine bam Bam's opponent might not feel that way. The Rock 'n' Roll RPMs will be visiting Chicky Starr's Sports Shop.


Hugo: I don't think they will like what Chicky has to say!


Rickin: We agree on that. I'll be talking to Hercules Ayala. Commissioner Pedro Castillo will also join us at the desk tonight.


Hugo: I'm sure he's got a lot on his mind with the way things have been going!


Rickin: Yes, there has been a lot going on that has been...not planned. But I'm certain that Commissioner Castillo is as used to that as I am. It is his job to deal with those things though. Carlitos Colon will be out to join us at the desk before his match with Ric Flair tonight.


Hugo: What a main event!!! Colon vs. Flair!! WOW!!!


Rickin: It is a non-title match, but still huge I agree. I can tell by the crowd reaction that "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair is on his way to the desk.


Hugo: Hey! Be nice!! We want him to come back!!


Rickin: I don't think Ric Flair has endeared himself to these fans in the past. He has taken issue with Carlitos Colon on more than a few occasions.


Hugo: I tend to agree with the champ about the Universal Championship!


Rickin: He is not the champion anymore Hugo, but I do see his point. It looks like we're ready to go.


Rickin walks around the desk, barely avoiding a piece of garbage thrown at Flair as he moves into position next to the iconic American. Flair is dressed in a designer suit and seems slightly annoyed with the crowd.


Rickin: Ric Flair, it has been some time since you came to our island. I hope your most recent visit has gone well.


Flair: Rickin Sanchez, one thing I always love about coming to Puerto Rico is that you and Mr. Excitable Hugo Savinovich let all the beautiful women on this island know I'm coming. I've been out at the beaches around my hotel the last few days. It's about the closest thing to Heaven on Earth. I'm not going to tell you there were too many girls who wanted to ride Space Mountain, because..WOOO!..that's NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! But A man's got to save a little energy for wrestling.


Rickin: For years you were the NWA World Heavyweight Champion, does losing that title have any effect on how you look at Carlitos Colon and-


Flair: Let's get one thing straight, pal! Ricky Martel got LUCKY to take that belt from me. He doesn't DESERVE it and it's only a matter of time until I get it back! You are talking to the RIGHTFUL world champion!!......Did I hear a little bit of a cheer there when I said Rick Martel?


The crowd pops.


Rickin: Rick Martel is a very poular wrestler here in Puerto Rico.


Flair: How nice for Ricky. I'm sure a lot of the smaller parts of the NWA were rooting for him to take the belt from me. I know that most of the wrestling fans here don't like me. Well, most of the male fans anyway. But let me tell you something, with or without the Ten Pounds of Gold Ric Flair is still the best thing going today. Bar. None. Like it or not, learn to love it!


Flair pauses.


Flair: Here's a question I know you're dying for me to ask. Tonight's match is a non-title match isn't it?


Rickin: The Universal Championship is not defended on television Ric, you should know that.


Flair: (agitated but smiling) I bet you love saying that to me, don't you. That commissioner, Castillo, I bet he's loving this too. As much as I'd like to give you two and all these fans exactly what you want, I'm not going to get mad. Now let's say I beat Colon tonight. I'm next in line for the belt after that.


Rickin: Bruiser Brody has the next Universal Championship match. I hadn't heard anything about you coming back to challenge for the belt.


Flair: (getting angrier) So you fly me out to Puerto Rico for an exhibition match?!? Everyone is counting Ric Flair out after the World Title is gone. Is this supposed to be Colon's big win over Ric Flair right after he lost the World Title? You know, when I was the world champion I got used to promoters thinking their little slice of the pie would look better with the NWA World Championship based there. I saw every sneaky little trick and beat them all, you know why?!? Because I'm the dirtiest player in the game! So if you or anyone else THINKS that bringing me in here NOW is somehow going to change ANYTHING, you got another thing coming!!


Rickin: We didn't-


Flair: (clearly angry and ranting) And that "Universal title" that Colon has. I was and still am the RIGHTFUL WORLD'S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! I'll give Colon credit, he's definitely got guts!! He runs around calling himself the Universal champion. How many times has he wrestled me for the world heavyweight championship??


Rickin: I can't recall off the top of my head.


Flair: Enough to KNOW that the man can't beat me in the center of the ring. EVERY time I came here to defend that belt I walked out the WORLD CHAMPION! So how do you get to call yourself the Universal Champion, Colon?!? I'm going to tell you something right now, Ricky.


Rickin: That's Rickin and you know that.


Flair: (calmly) Oh, you don't like it much either do you? Ric Flair is the rightful world heavyweight champion. I will have the respect I deserve and you can kiss that main event you promised all these people goodbye! I'm going to take my gear, walk out of the arena to MY personal limousine and go back to MY Lear jet. And I'm going to fly off of this little, insignificant rock and never come back. And the WWC will be paying for cleaning this suit! This suit probably cost me more than most of those old pieces of **** I saw out there in the parking lot!


There is a crowd reaction and Chicky Starr comes rushing out. He takes the microphone from Rickin after a short conversation.


Flair: I know you, you've got that weird name.


Starr: Chicky Starr.


Flair: (chuckles) Yeah, I think we talked a little bit last time I was here.


Starr: I know that Commissioner Pedro Castillo is here tonight. I know you're angry. I get angry with Colon all the time. Let's talk this through and we can make it work.


Flair: Make it work. Sounds like you want something from me. I don't give out something for nothing. But there's something different about you. So why don't you tell me what you've got for me and maybe we'll talk.


Starr hands the microphone back to Rickin and the two wrestlers walk off talking.


Rickin: That was about the strangest show opening we've had.


Hugo: You shouldn't make him mad like that!


Rickin: I wasn't trying to. I really hope we have our main event.


Hugo: You might be in trouble if we don't!


Rickin: Not what I was saying Hugo. Here comes young Ricky Santana. He has really started to get a lot of support from the crowd.


Hugo: It is like you say, there are certain ways that will happen and he's learning them from people like Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon.


Rickin: Learning them well I might add. He's even stopping to greet a few of the younger fans along the way.


Hugo: It's not my way, but it is working for Ricky!


Rickin: I would agree Hugo. Referee Tomas Marin calls for the bell.


Domingo Robles vs. Ricky Santana


Santana with his normal armdrag-y offense. He uses more mat wrestling than he has in the past. A fisherman's suplex gets the three count for Santana.


Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4: 22 with a fisherman's suplex


Rickin: Santana with a different finishing manuever this week.


Hugo: And a very impressive one!


Rickin: Yes, something Owen Hart will need take notice of.


Hugo: We both know he is watching.


Rickin: Yes, he and Santana have unfinished business they will take care of on the 22nd. Up next we'll have Chicky Starr's Sports Shop and Gama Singh will be in action.


(Commercial Break) 0-11:00


Hugo: We're BAAAACK! And it's Sports Shop time!!!


Cut to the Sports Shop intro then the set. Victor again has a microphone.


Victor: (wooden) It is my pleasure to introduce the hottest wrestler and manager in the World Wrestling Council. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the most exciting, most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr.


Chicky walks on-set and claps, all the while grinning. He sits down.


Chicky: Welcome to the Sports Shop ladies and gentlemen! Last week was a good week! Invader 3 was counted down, 1, 2, 3, by the monster Bruiser Brody. And I got to talk to my friend Al Madril. It's always a pleasure when Al comes on the show. This week my guests are the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs.


The RPMs walk on set and sit down. Davis picks up their one microphone. Lane still has taped ribs.


Chicky: (English) While I was having a good week last week, you two were not so lucky. Or not good enough, it can be hard to tell.


Davis: We may have lost, but I'd say we gave Boyd and the Crusher a good fight.


Chicky: Here I thought you'd have excuses. You should after being beaten by a Barrabas team. That's embarassing.


Lane: We don't need excuses. Sometimes a fight doesn't go your way. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready for the next one.


Chicky: What about the part where you realize you are one of the farthest teams from the NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Championships because you lost in the first round?


Davis: We'll get back in the hunt. We always do.


Lane: You're not going to get under our skin Chicky Starr.


Chicky: (grinning) Oh? How are the ribs? Have you spoken to Bam Bam since the incident?


Davis: We've already signed a match for February 22nd.


Lane: We'll be taking on Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez to determine alternates for the tournament finals, if that becomes necessary.


Chicky: (yawning) That will be a very exciting match.


Lane: We've talked with both Castillo and Perez, good guys.


Davis: Yeah, we're looking forward to meeting them in the ring, very exciting wrestlers.


Chicky: Mmmm hmmm. Well, thanks for coming on the Sports Shop.


Lane and Davis look at each other and shrug before leaving.


Chicky: I apologize for the boring guests this week fans. If I was almost falling asleep it's due to my poor scheduling of guests. I know next week will be far better, so tune in! What am I saying? Of course you're going to tune in. It's my show! :)


Chicky stands up and walks out.


Victor: (wooden) That is the end of another edition of Chicky Starr's Sports Shop. Do your best to enjoy the rest of the show.


Cut to the arena.


Rickin: No word yet on whether or not our main event is still on.


Hugo: I'm sure he changed his mind. Chicky can be very persuasive!


Rickin: Like he was with the Rock and Roll RPMs? It seems the RPMs are looking to get back on the comeback trail already.


Hugo: I thought for sure they would blame Lane's ribs!


Rickin: Some men don't make excuses, they just continue to fight. Here is somebody else like that, Gama Singh, on his way down the aisle.


Hugo: I liked him better before, but he's very good at what he does.


Rickin: The fans are much happier with him than they used to be.


Hugo: I don't remember that ever meaning anything to him.


Rickin: People change. Maybe one day you will look to the fans for support.


Hugo: Not likely!!


Rickin: Probably true Hugo. Singh is in the ring and referee Ricky Vargas signals that we are ready for action.


Mr. Z vs. Gama Singh


Singh controls with chops and punches. He stops a Z comeback with a dropkick. The camel clutch is applied and Mr. Z submits.


Gama Singh by submission in 4:15 with a camel clutch


Rickin: Gama Singh is building momentum for his showdown with TNT.


Hugo: He'll need every bit of it!


Rickin: Gama Singh is a veteran and very capable in the ring. TNT may be younger and probably stronger, but a wily veteran like Singh can overocme that.


Hugo: He knows more dirty tricks than TNT does too, which will work in his favor!


Rickin: TNT isn't heavy on dirty tricks. It remains to be seen whether El Profe is. we'll be right back with Commissioner Pedro Castillo at the desk and los Mercenarios in tag team action.


(Commercial Break) 11:00-19:00


Rickin: Welcome back fans. I have been joined at the desk by Commissioner Pedro Castillo. First on the docket tonight has to be the status of our main event.


Castillo: Chicky Starr, Ric Flair and myself did some negotiating. We worked out a solution. The match will now be a six-man tag with Ron Starr, Chicky Starr and Ric Flair on one team against Invader 1, Invader 2 and Carlitos Colon.


Rickin: Ric Flair didn't want to wrestle if it wasn't for the NWA WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship?


Castillo: He was dead set against it. If you ask me, he won't be satisfied until he has gold around his waist again.


Rickin: These special vistis over the last few weeks have been very interesting.


Castillo: Too interesting. First we have a brawl where the entire locker room, almost, empties. Then we have Brusier Brody stampeding around backstage with Chicky Starr unable to rein him in. And now this. We really are trying to do something nice for the fans and put more marquee names on television. It's just not working.


Rickin: It's not like we don't expect some out-of-control happenings on these shows though.


Castillo: No, but not usually on this level. Los Mercenarios and Bam Bam interfering in the tag tournament I expected. There is a reason that los Mercenarios are not involved in the alternate match on the 22nd. It is a punishment.


Rickin: We do have Hercules Ayala to thank for stopping Al Madril from breaking Armandito Salgado's leg.


Castillo: Don't get me started on Madril. I'm glad Mr. Ayala was able to help there but it shouldn't be necessary. Of course we know it will continue to be.


Rickin: With people like Al Madril and Chicky Starr, yes.


Castillo: Chicky....do you know what he wanted for his help with Flair?


Rickin: Oh no.


Castillo: He said he wanted a favor. Flair insisted.


Rickin: You did what you had to do.


Castillo: I know. I let him know I reserved the right to refuse....certain things. I'm not sure I made the list long enough. It was good chatting with you Rickin.


Rickin: Same to you, commissioner. (walking around the desk) Can you believe that Chicky Starr actually saved our main event Hugo?


Hugo: Do you really have to ask?!?


Rickin: Of course you do. But not without a cost.


Hugo: It's only a favor!


Rickin: Only a favor. Here come los Mercenarios and the crowd is more than a little unhappy.


Hugo: Los Mercenarios are their usual, business-like selves.


Rickin: I suppose to them this is all just a way to make money. But i do think they enjoy beating people up.


Hugo: Normally I'd argue they are wrestlers...


Rickin: But these two generally just beat up their opponents.


Hugo: Yes!!


Rickin: It works for them though. They have achieved success in their own way while here in the WWC.


Hugo: If it ain't broke don't fix it!


Rickin: I think you and I have different ideas of what "broke" means. Los Mercenarios have rushed the ring as usual and referee Victor Quinonez calls for the bell.


Los Assassins vs. Los Mercenarios


Mercenarios use their clubbering offense to control the match. A standing clothesline sends Assassin A to the mat. Mercenario 1 hits a rib breaker followed by a running splash form 2 for the three count.


Los Mercenarios by pinfall in 5:38 with a rib breaker running splash combo


Hugo: Another win for los Mercenarios!


Rickin: Their only loss has been to los Super Medicos so far, and that was a close match.


Hugo: They are a very good team!


Rickin: I don't disagree with that, just their...hobby.


Hugo: I'd say wrestling was the hobby and hurting people was their job.


Rickin: That may also be the case. Up next we have Hercules Ayala coming to the desk and a match featuring Bam Bam.


Hugo: GREAT show!! WOW!!


Rickin: We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break) 19:00- 28:00


Rickin: We are back and if you missed our talk with Commissioner Pedro Castillo, there have been some changes to the main event. Instead of a one-on-one match between Ric Flair and Carlitos Colon, it will be a six man tag involving the Starrs on Flair's team and los Invaders on Colon's team. I am joined by Hercules Ayala, who seems to be in a better mood than last time we spoke.


Ayala: I don't know how it happened Rickin, but Al Madril played right into my hands with that match. I've been talking with everyone about it and nobody seems to understand it.


Rickin: We saw last week that Chicky Starr wasn't too happy with it. I doubt your road to February 22nd will be smooth though.


Ayala: Trust me Rickin, I won't be going anywhere near the Sports Shop. But Chicky Starr has tricks up his sleeve we don't know about. That's one thing los Invaders and Carlitos have warned me about.


Rickin: It seems like something to worry about, yes.


Ayala: But there is one thing I am really looking forward to. Putting the reverse figure four on Al Madril and making him tap out. And not letting go until I hear his leg snap. that's the part I'm going to enjoy the most.


Rickin: I'm not sure that is necessary.


Ayala: Was it necessary that Madril and Chicky Starr put Victor Jovica in the hospital?!? Was it necessary that Madril used the belt to knock me out in the Sports Shop?? Wss it necessary that Madril try to piledrive me again after he won our last match?!?


Rickin: I would say no on all accounts.


Ayala: So necessary or not, if I get Madril in the reverse figure four I'm not letting it go. And if he happens to get to the ropes and I lose by disqualification, so be it. He's not leaving with his leg intact.


Ayala walks off slowly with purpose, barely acknowledging the crowd.


Rickin: I'm not sure if I like that Ayala didn't seem angry for that last part.


Hugo: Me either. Al is in real trouble.


Rickin: I tend to agree. I'm not sure I entirely disagree with Hercules Ayala's motivations, but I don't think that kind of revenge is necessary.


Hugo: You know as well as I do that sometimes that is what happens in the wrestling ring. We've seen it before.


Rickin: I just hope cooler heads prevail and we don't see it again.


Hugo: Me too...


Rickin: The crowd has gone pretty silent, that must mean the Bam Bam has entered the arena.


Hugo: There is some garbage being thrown their way, most of it from behind. Either they are scared to boo him or they don't want to.


Rickin: It could be either, but my guess is they would like to show Barrabas what they think of him.


Hugo: But they don't know what he'll do with Bam Bam around.


Rickin: He has been helping the young man develop very well. Bam Bam showed himself to be capable of handling a fight with Abdullah the Butcher and Carlitos Colon.


Hugo: Yes! Bam Bam has really impressed me!


Rickin: And on the 22nd Bam Bam will be in a singles match with Abdullah the Butcher.


Hugo: BIG Test! WOW!!


Rickin: I have the feeling that Bam Bam will represent himself very well in that fight.


Hugo: And it WILL be a fight!! Barrabas just sent Bam Bam into the ring to attack one of los Tejanos before the bell!


El Tejano vs. Bam Bam


This one is academic as Bam Bam absolutely steamrolls the masked Texan. Slingshot splash for the win.


Bam Bam by pinfall in 1:36 with a slingshot splash


Hugo: WOW!! That is ALWAYS impressive!


Rickin: the speed with which Bam Bam destroys his opponents or the agility he shows?


Hugo: BOTH!!


Rickin: Very true. I just wish someone a little more responsible was calling the shots. When we come back los Invaders will be joining Carlitos Colon at the desk to talk about their match. Followed by our huge main event. Don't go anywhere.


(Commercial Break) 28:00 - 31:30


Rickin: I am joined by three men probably not as accustomed to being on television as often as they have been these last few weeks.


Invader 1 : And against very dangerous opponents.


Invader 2: It's nice to be able to wrestle these kinds of matches on TV, it's a way of giving back to the fans.


Colon: It doesn't look like we'll be seeing as much of it. Commissioner Castillo seemed like he was unhappy with things.


Rickin: I'd say he has a right to be.


Colon: The fans aren't the ones who are causing these chaotic situations. I can point you at two men who are responsible!


Rickin: I know the two men you mean, and I think it's pretty clear to all of our fans as well.


Colon: Chicky Starr is always going to stir the pot. That's what he does. Barrabas is like a child with a new toy he doesn't really understand. That might make him worse.


Rickin: Ric Flair was out earlier and I'm guessing you heard everything he said.


Colon: I did, and I heard Chicky Starr come out here and how he earned a "favor." First things first. This belt (Colon holds up the Universal Championship) is so much more than a championship belt. It is something that all of these fans treasure. It is something Puerto Rican! We don't worry what the rest of the world thinks of our prize! What we call it is what we call it. If Ric Flair wants to come out here and use words like "world" and "universe" like he has in the past, so be it. He is welcome to come back to Puerto Rico whenever he has time and wrestle me for it! He claims that he has beaten me for the title he recently lost. I remember more disqualification victories for me and non-decisions than victories for Flair! It looks like his cheating ways have caught up with him and he couldn't escape with his title!


(Colon pauses and Invader 1 pats him on the back encouragingly.)


Colon: And Chicky Starr I'm sure told Flair all kinds of stories about the way Ivader 1 and myself don't deserve our success. He'll use those favors against us in the future for "helping" the WWC here, but we all know he is a low down, dirty snake in the grass! He doesn't care about helping anyone but Chicky Starr and I would hope Ric Flair knew that. Tonight the three of us will make sure to send a message that both Ric Flair and Chicky Starr will understand very clearly!


Colon stalks off with Invader 1 and 2 in tow.


Rickin: Carlitos Colon is pretty worked up.


Hugo: He and Flair have a long standing rivalry due to the name of the Universal title.


Rickin: Yes, Flair always took issue with that. And I think Carlitos has always been more than a little resentful that Flair, as he just put it, escapes with the title more often than defeating his opponents.


Hugo: Hey, he walked out with the title every time!!


Rickin: Yes he did, but I think Carlitos has a point.


Hugo: They got to the ring fast! Here come Ron and Chicky Starr!! And there is the champ!


Rickin: They are really making a big production out of Flair entering the arena...


Hugo: And the fans are certainly not happy with it. At all.


Rickin: I imagine Flair will be billing the WWC for any cleaning costs for the robe as well.


Hugo: Can you blame him?!? Those robes are expensive!! And it is hardly necessary for the fans to throw all of that garbage at him!


Rickin: We both knew they would well before he came out. Flair probably did too.


Hugo: Doesn't make it necessary!


Rickin: I suppose not. If Chicky Starr wants to learn how to enjoy the way the crowd hates him, he could certainly take lessons from Flair.


Hugo: He thrives on it!


Rickin: And takes his time doing it. They are finally at the ring and now trying to bait los Invaders and Colon to the floor.


Hugo: Oh, there will be plenty of time for fighting on the arena floor..


Rickin: Eliud Gonzalez is almost through with the ring intro-there it is, los Invaders and Colon take the bait.


Ron Starr, Chicky Starr & Ric Flair vs. Invader 2, Invader 1 & Carlitos Colon


Wild brawling around ringside with Flair bringing his more brawler style and selling for Colon after taking a punt right to the groin. Flair's head meets the ringpost and he is bleeding within 30 seconds of the bell. Invader 1, then Chicky Starr soon follow with blood coming out of their forehead. Things settle down into a shine with all three heels bumping all over the ring. Invader 2 gets worked over but comes back and tags 1. Invader 1 is in control for a short time, but gets hit in the groin twice by Chicky and then Ron Starr. The heels work over Invader 1's cut. Flair taunts Colon while he is in. Colon takes a HUGE hot tag after Invader 1 crushes Chicky Starr's nuts. Colon is cleaning house when Flair distracts him from the apron and rakes the eyes. Invader 1 goes after Flair and Chicky goes after Colon. Flair gets the figure four on Invader 1, staring Colon down as he punches Chicky. Colon starts walking over but Invader 1 yells something at him. Colon puts the figure four on Chicky while looking right at Flair. This goes on for a short while before Invader 2 and Ron break things up. In the chaos that follows, Flair grabs the top rope from the apron and sends Colon tumbling to the floor. Flair follows him out and cracks a chair over his head to bust Colon open before opening up with chops and punches. Ron and Invader 2 brawl up the aisle while Invader 1 and Chicky Starr punch each other from one knee in the center of the ring. Colon and Flair are trading shots before Flair does a big flop. The bell rings as the match reaches 20 minutes and that is the time remaining in the show.


The match ends in a draw at 20 minutes.


Everyone continues brawling despite the bell. Flair is retreating between taking Colon punches and trying to get in counterattacks. Flair hits Colon in the groin from his knees and makes his retreat.


Hugo: WOW!!


Rickin: What an incredible main event. We're out of time. Our main event next week will be TNT and Owen Hart taking on Gama Singh and Ricky Santana. We'll see you next week.

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Everything with Flair was just beautiful. Exactly what I imagined/hoped Flair in WWC would be like.


It's great how you are building up the The Rock 'n' Roll RPMs as good guys by having them show class and composure after a defeat.


I also like how even your short squash matches show something of the character of the wrestler involved.

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Thanks guys. Normally my shows are collections of stuff meant to get the major feuds over for the big shows, so it was nice to do something like this. It was also necessary as I saw an A+-lister like Flair being in town going down two different ways.


1. I could say it in passing and have Flair do something that had nothing to do with anything else going on and then have my announcers yelling about how great all the other stuff on the show was. But the thing that 99% of people reading (or fans watching if it were a real show) would remember was what Flair did. It's the old "reading the phone book" saying in action really.


2. I could embrace that knowledge and build the show around Flair because that's what it's going to be about regardless of what I do. Then stick my main program (Chicky & co. vs. Colon, Invader 1 & co.) in there while he's on screen to get the rub. So I chose to literally begin and end the show with Flair because you ultimately get way more mileage from that than trying to put him somewhere and work around him.


Also, I got to write a wrestling card with a coherent story all the way through. :) So much fun.

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That was awesome! You did such an outstanding job with Flair. I just had to see Ric Flair and Chicky Starr together and man it didn't disappoint. No doubt about it, Flair and Colon have more unfinished business. The Sports Shop just cracked me up this week. Can't wait for Bam Bam/Abdullah. Also looking forward to Singh/TNT. Ayala is a man possessed, I wouldn't want to be Al Madril. Oh, also loved the double figure four spot in the Main Event. Once again, outstanding show!

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Sorry for being so late this week, things really piled up and I didn't have things done in advance due to my own stuff last weekend.


Originally aired 2/14/86


(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)
The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.
NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial
Mr. Y vs. Invader 3
Invader 3 uses his varied offense to keep the crowd buzzing. He hits a big bullet tope after sending Y outside. Back in the ring Invader 3 comes off the top with a somersault senton for the 3 count.
Invader 3 by pinfall in 4:34 with a top rope somersault senton
Sports Shop:
Victor: It is my pleasure to introduce the hottest wrestler and manager in the World Wrestling Council. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the most exciting, most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr.
Chicky walks in wearing a designer suit that almost fits perfectly and sits down.
Chicky: This week we have very spwcial guest here on my Sports Shop. He is none other than the Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair.
Flair walks on-set in his usual impeccable suit and shakes hands with the now standing Chicky Starr. Both sit down.
Chicky: (English) It is an honor and a pleasure to have a distinguished man of the world such as yourself on my show, Ric Flair.
Flair: Considering that you are one of the few people associated with the WWC that have shown Ric Flair any kind of respect, it's the least I could do.
Chicky: A man with your credentials deserves respect. Besides, you did something for me last week. Do you have any idea how far that favor Commissioner Castillo owes me now is going to go?
Flair: I heard Colon last week trying to guess what you sold me to make that deal. I'm going to tell all of you exactly what Chicky Starr told me last week.
Flair pauses and Chicky grins.
Flair: He told me that he wanted the WWC to owe him one for saving the main event so he could stick it to them down the line. With all of the ways this organization has tried to short-change or outright steal from Ric Flair in the past, how could I say no?
Chicky: Don't forget the added bonus of beating up Colon on TV. AND torturing Invader 1 in the figure four.
Flair: Beating Colon up on television in front of all his Puerto Rican fans was as much fun as I've had in a long time. And I have to say, Chicky Starr, you know about places on this island that ALMOST make Ric Flair blush. And I've shut down more bars than I can count.
Chicky: You did talk about how much you enjoy coming to Puerto Rico for reasons other than the WWC. I just showed you a little more of the wild side that you hadn't seen before.
Flair: Only a little, huh? If you're telling me the truth on that, and I hope you are, I've got some friends who need to come down with me next time. You need to come up to Carolina and meet these guys. I think you'll like Tully. And then Ric Flair can show you how we have a good time in the States. I know a couple of girls who'd be dyin to meet you.
Chicky: Oh yeah? As long as I can bring Ronnie I'm in.
Flair: The boys would like Ronnie too, Arn especially. And I like that you take care of family. Good decision to leave Madril behind.
Chicky: Al has been more than a little....erratic lately. And you mentioned the other night not liking him much.
Flair: I told you to watch him. He's going to get you in more trouble than you can get out of.
Chicky: Already done that for himself. It was great having you on the show Ric. I would also like to say, good luck to los Super Medicos during their match this week. We know they won't be winning on December 22nd.
Chicky with a big grin.
Flair: (laughing) It was great to be here Chicky. Let your man here know that I've got this covered on taking us out of here.
Chicky shakes his head at Victor.
Flair: You have been watching the number one wrestling show in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr's Sports Shop. You may not have the distinct pleasure of seeing Ric Flair on your television next week. But you do get to see the one man in Puerto Rico who tells it like it is every week, the only man in Puerto Rico who is custom-made from head to toe, Chicky Starr. WOOOOO!
Flair and Chicky walk off the set talking with Victor following.
Mr. W & Z vs. los Super Medicos
Medicos use a mix of brawling and teamwork to stay on top. A clothesline by Medico 2 stops Z in his tracks. Medico 1 with a falling slam that Medico 2 follows with a running senton for the 3 count.
Super Medicos by pinfall in 5:19 with a running senton
Los Mercenarios ran down to ringside, but the Medicos were ready for them. The two teams brawled back to the dressing room.
Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez stopped by the desk and talked about wanting to get their hands on los Mercenarios and Boyd and the Crusher, but needing to be patient. They also had complimentary things to say about the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs.
Los Assassins vs. Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez
Castillo & Perez with their usual quick tags and teamwork to stay in control. Perez surprises Assassin 1 with a powerslam. A quick tag to Castillo and he comes off the top with a missile dropkick for 3.
Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez by pinfall in 5:22 with a missile dropkick
Los Invaders stopped by the desk and talked about their upcoming match in the tournament for the NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Championships.
Tejanos vs. Invaders 1 & 2
Invaders on top with smooth teamwork. Invader 2 catches Tejano 2 with a big left hook to stop a comeback. Invader 2 comes off the top with an elbow drop to get the 3.
Invaders by pinfall in 5:07 with a top rope elbow drop
Bam Bam ran down to ringside only to find both Invaders had chairs. Invader 3 and Carlitos Colon come running down to the ring with chairs. A few chairshots stagger the bigman enough to give Invader 1 & 2 room to escape, with Bam Bam stalking them back to the dressing room.
Owen Hart stopped by the desk and talked abut how he is going to prove both tonight and on the 22nd that he is the better wrestler than Ricky Santana. He also had complaints about Santana's new finisher, the fisherman's suplex. Owen felt that Santana was trying to one-up him.
Owen Hart & TNT w/ El Profe vs. Ricky Santana & Gama Singh
Hart is ready to go from the instant he is in the ring and Santana obliges. They go through a series of quick, intense exchanges with neither man getting the advantage. Singh is as intent on getting his hands on TNT, but the 5th degree tae kwan do black belt keeps him off-balance. There isn't much teamwork to speak of with both matchups staying separate. El Profe gets involved a few times on behalf of TNT. Singh and TNT are brawling outside. Owen is looking for a belly-to-belly, but Santana floats over. Santana wants the fisherman's suplex, but Owen frees his leg and floats over. Santana goes behind to counter the German and Owen runs to the ropes, Santana with an O'Connor roll that just gets the three count before Owen kicks out.
Ricky Santana & Gama Singh by pinfall in 13:28 with an O'Connor roll
Owen is pounding the mat in fustration after the match. He grabs his own tights and points at Santana while arguing with referee Victor Quinonez.
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Ok, Chicky and Flair stole the show! That Sports Shop was one of the all time best. Loved the tag team action tonight. It took a few wrestlers and some chairs to keep Bam Bam away. That shows what kind of threat he is. The Owen Hart saga is one of my favorite parts. He's heading for an all out meltdown. We both have big shows on the 22nd. That's going to be a huge night for the NWA.

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Original Airdate: February 21st, 1986

(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta

Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre

Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.

Rickin: Welcome to a big week of World Wrestling Council action fans. I am joined as always by my broadcast partner Hugo Savinovich.

Hugo: It's great to be here waith you Rickin! We have a great main event for the fans!!

Rickin: We certailnly do. Before we get there we will see both Owen Hart and Al Madril in singles action.

Hugo: I'm sure Owen Hart is still angry after last week's main event!

Rickin: I watched that match and did not see Ricky Santana grab Hart's tights.

Hugo: I didn't see it either, but Owen was pretty convinced!

Rickin: I'm not sure that will go well leading into their match tomorrow night. Speaking of Ricky Santana, he will be visiting Chicky's Sports Shop for the second time tonight.

Hugo: Not a great idea, but I don't think anything bad will come out of it.

Rickin: We can hope not. Los Mercenarios will be in tag team acation. Hercules Ayala will have his final tune-up before the submisson match with Al Madril for the NWA WWC Carribean Heavyweight Championship tomorrow night.

Hugo: He better be careful!

Rickin: I don't doubt that he has backup close at hand. Barrabas and El Profe wil be out to the desk as well.

Hugo: Both have clients with big matches tomorrow night!

Rickin: Yes, TNT will be taking on Gama Singh and Bam Bam will face Abdullah the Butcher one on one. Our main event tonight will have all 4 tag teams left in he tournament to crown new NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Champions.

Hugo: Boyd and the Crusher teaming with Ron and Chicky Starr!! Will Chicky and Barrabas be able to coexist?!?

Rickin: That is the question tonight. We know los Invaders and los Super Medicos will at least be able to coexist, even if they do not team regularly.

Hugo: Barrabas and Chicky have never gotten along. Maybe the uphill battle they face tonight will force them to work together!

Rickin: Stranger things have happened. Here comes Owen Hart to mostly boos. And he isn't handling it well.

Hugo: The crowd has really started to embrace Ricky Santana, which doesn't bode well for Hart!

Rickin: He doesn't make things easier on himself with his outbursts.

Hugo: He's still very young and under a lot of pressure!

Rickin: Ricky Santana is under just as much pressure, but seems to handle himself with more dignity.

Hugo: Too much! He needs to get angry when it is necessary.

Rickin: I don't entirely disagree. Owen Hart takes things too far and lets his emotions get the better of him.

Hugo: He just attacked Armandito Salgado before the bell!

Armandito Salgado vs. Owen Hart

Hart is smooth as always, but more aggressive than he has been in the past. He lands a flurry of punches after raking the eyes of Salgado. Hart sets Salgado up top and throws him three quarters of the way across the ring with a top rope belly to belly for the 3 count.

Owen Hart by pinfall in 4:16 with a top rope belly to belly

Rickin: Hart salvaged some momentum going into tomorrow there.

Hugo: Very important thing to do!

Rickin: It was unnecessary to go after the eyes though.

Hugo: It got the job done!

Rickin: Still unnecessary in my book. Up next we'll be visiting Chicky's Sports Shop. Followed by los Mercenarios in action, we'll be right back.

(Commercial Break) 0-8:30

RIckin: We're back and it's time to pay a visit to the Sports Shop.

The intro to Chicky's Sports Shop plays and the camera cuts to Victor holding a microphone in the shop.

Victor (wooden): It is my pleasure to introduce the hottest wrestler and manager in the World Wrestling Council. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the most exciting, most charismatic, best dressed man in Puerto Rico, Chicky Starr.

Chicky walks in, dressed in his athletic gear holding a microphone and sits down.

Chicky: Before I go any further this week I want to thank last week's guest Ric Flair again for paying me a visit. I will be returning the favor in March, making a trip to North Carolina in the United States. As a personal guest of Ric Flair. Something very few wrestlers in the WWC can say.

Chicky pauses.

Chicky: I can see that my guest this week is getting bored while I give my fans the good news we all know they want to hear. Why don't we bring him in so he can stop yawning. You all know him as the man who has to resort to underhanded tactics in order to get a win over Owen Hart, Ricky Santana.

Santana walks on set, a little angry, sits down and takes the microphone on his chair.

Santana: Should have known you'd agree with Hart that I had the tights. Watch it back, I pinned him cl-

Chicky: Nobody would blame you if you did. The man dropped you crotch-first on the top rope to get a win. You can admit it.

Santana: I guess last week you were too busy planning your trip and buddying up to the ex-world champion to actually watch the match.

Chicky: So you're saying I should pay attention to some snot-nosed kid wrestling rather than spend time with a living legend? Win a few titles and maybe I'll start paying attention. Maybe you didn't have a handful of tights. Doesn't sound like something one of Colon's cronies would be allowed to do.

Santana: Allowed? It's not like there is a rul-

Chicky: Regardless, tomorrow you won't be celebrating after the match. I have spoken with Owen Hart this last weekend and given him the key to beating you.

Santana: Here I thought you couldn't be bothered to watch me wrestle.

Chicky: I don't need to. I've seen dozens of Ricky Santanas come and go. Did you really think adding a suplex to your arsenal was enough? Owen Hart is twice the wrestler you are and he will prove it tomorrow night!

Santana: I've had enough of this, don't let me see you tomorrow!

Santana storms off the set. Chicky grins.

Chicky: I hope you all had as much fun watching that as I did experiencing it. I'd like to end the show for me by wishing Hercules Ayala the best of luck in his match tonight. He'll need all the momentum he can get to beat Al Madril tomorrow night.

Ric Flair's closing comments from last week play to end the show. Cut to the arena.

Hugo: Chicky was in rare form tonight!

Rickin: Indeed. He certainly got to Ricky Santana. I hope he didn't get inside his head, that could really work against him tomorrow night.

Hugo: Not all attacks are physical!

Rickin: Very true. Los Mercenarios are on their way to the ring.

Hugo: They were unsuccessful in hurting los Super Medicos last week.

Rickin: Los Super Medicos were ready for them. Until the tournament is over I think both los Mercenarios and los Invaders have to be wary.

Hugo: Probably why they have been working together!

Rickin: That seems likely.

Hugo: Smart way of doing things, right up until somebody stabs you in the back!

Rickin: Neither team seems like the type. Mercenarios are rushing the ring.

MR. X & Y vs. Los Mercenarios

Mercenarios with their clubbering, brawling style bring the fight all around ringside. Mr. X gets a schoolboy for 2 that serves only to make los Mercenarios angry. Rib breaker by Merc 1 leads to the running splash by Merc 2 for the 3 count.

Los Mercenarios by pinfall in 5:24 with the rib breaker/splash combo

Rickin: Los Mercenarios earn another win, but will still be very far from the tag titles.

Hugo: Good thing they don't mind!

Rickin: As long as they get paid, yes. There is no need for the attack to continue here.

Hugo: I'm sure they have their reasons!

Rickin: None that I agree with. We'll be back with Barrabas at the desk and Al Madril in singles action.

(Commercial Break) 8:30-18:30

Rickin: Welcome back fans, I am joined by Barrabas and all three of his charges, the NWA 6-Man Tag Team Champions.

Barrabas: Yes, they are the champions. Champions who you will never see defend their titles on TV! THe belts will be defended in a few days, but only the fans in attendance get to see.

Rickin: It amazes me that this makes you so proud.

Barrabas: Oh, it does? These people here have never once looked at me as someone worthy. Always second or third best. Now they know better! Who else in the WWC has NWA titles?

Rickin: Nobody.

Barrabas: That's right. And after everything is said and done in Guaynabo Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will have the Carribean Tag Titles as well. Who do they have to face? Los Invaders can't hope to stop the power of the Crusher. Then the finals against either los Super Medicos or the Starrs. Again, nobody can match the power of the Crusher. And I haven't even mentioned that Jonathan Boyd is every bit as dangerous as the big man of the team.

Rickin: I might point out that you only beat the Rock and Roll RPMs due to Bam Bam injuring Tommy Lane beforehand.

Barrabas: You might, but you'd be wrong. They didn't "only" win because Lane was injured. It was just an insurance policy.

Rickin: Speaking of insurance policies, Bam Bam came up short against los Invaders.

Barrabas: Barely and against 4 men with chairs. Even you had to be impressed.

Rickin: He is a very tough, powerful man.

Barrabas: He is! And he will only prove that further by defeating Abdullah the Butcher one on one in Guaynabo. Name me more than three men you know of who have done that!

Rickin: That would be difficult.

Barrabas: I know. It puts Bam Bam in very distinguished company even being in the conversation.

Rickin: It really does.

Barrabas: It's rare that I find you agreeable, Rickin Sanchez. I should let you keep the microphone more often.

Barrabas and company depart the interview area as Rickin heads back around the desk.

Hugo: When did you two get so friendly?

Rickin: I....don't know.

Hugo: Hey! THere's Al!!

Rickin: Next thing you know i'll be having friendly chats with Al Madril.

Hugo: It could happen!

Rickin: I'm finding that out. Al is looking very confident tonight.

Hugo: He usually does, but I see what you mean!

Rickin: I wonder if he and Chicky Starr have something in store for Hercules Ayala tonight?

Hugo: I'd put money on it!

Rickin: Now that you say that, Chicky did mention Hercules Ayala on the Sports Shop.

Hugo: Yes he did!

Rickin: I suppose we will worry about that after the break. Referee Tomas Marin is calling for the bell.

Frank Conners vs. Al Madril

Madril is focused on the leg most of the match, using the ring apron and post. Conners makes a game effort but falls over when he tries a vertical suplex. Madril pulls Conners up before 3 and works the leg shortly before putting on the Indian deathlock for the submission.

Al Madril by submission in 4:39 with an Indian deathlock

Rickin: That's another submission win for Al Madril going into tomorrow night's submissoon match against Hercules Ayala.

Hugo: I still worry about Al's chances. Hercules Ayala is not a man to be trifled with and I don't think Al takes him seriously enough.

Rickin: We agree on that. Up next we will hear from El Profe and TNT when they join me at the desk. Hercules Ayala will be in singles action as well. Don't go anywhere.

(Commercial Break) 18:30-26:00

Rickin: I am joined now by TNT and his manager, El Profe. Your match with Gama Singh is approaching fast and he has made comments advising you to stay out of the match.

Profe: I advised him not to take the match. I can tell you for certain that he would have been smarter to listen. Can you tell me for certain that I will regret drawing the ire of Gama Singh.

Rickin: I doubt it feels good to be punched. Or worse.

Profe: That is fair. But you forget or ignore that I train TNT. I have taken worse than Gama Singh can dish out. And what do you think happens when Gama Singh turns his anger on me?

Rickin: I see where you are going with this.

Profe: Too bad for Gama Singh that he doesn't. If he wants to be an animal and hit everything that moves, it's his funeral. Because TNT is a smart fighter. He was already smart when he came to me. But I have trained him to be smarter. Gama Singh won't be able to do much about me when he's stuck in el cobra dinamita!

Rickin: From what I've seen of TNT he doesn't need a man to distract his opponents.

Profe: Need would be a strong word, yes. TNT is a 5th rank black belt in tae kwan do and an extensively trained pro wrestler. But every little bit helps. The one thing I agree with your washed up, over-excited sidekick on.

Rickin: There is no need to attack Hugo.

Profe: The less intelligent always need to be told where they stand. Gama Singh, Hugo Savinovich, it hardly matters. Even you, Rickin, despite being able to carry on a conversation with me, need to know you are not my equal. Good day.

Hugo: Ass!

Rickin: I tend to agree with you but that's not how I would put it on-air.

Hugo: I know! Why do you think I did it for you?!?

Rickin: I do appreciate that. Here comes Hercules Ayala, much more calm and cautious than we have seen him of late.

Hugo: Smart. Invader 1 and Colon have more brains than I thought!

Rickin: I doubt they are far from the entrance to the arena floor.

Hugo: I agree. Madril and Chicky have this one last chance to strike at Ayala before the big match.

Rickin: Even if they hadn't all but announced it, I would be expecting it.

Hugo: You are a very intelligent man, El Profe has no right to call you stupid!

Rickin: He's just stroking his own ego, no need to get too upset.

Hugo: Alright, it looks like it's time to start! And isn't Mr. Z a little bigger than normal?!?

Mr. Z vs. Hercules Ayala

Ayala uses a mix of brawling and legal attacks to the leg of Mr. Z. Just when he is getting ready to apply the reverse figure four, Madril, Ron Starr and Chicky Starr come rushing down the aisle. Mr. Z pops back up and grabs Ayala from behind. Ron Starr and Madril get to work on Ayala's leg for the DQ as los Invaders and Carlitos Colon sprint down the aisle.

Hercules Ayala by disqualification in 4:07 due to outside interference

Z, Madril and the Starrs brawl around ringside with los Invaders and Colon. Ayala recovers and turns the tides. Mr. Z's mask gets ripped off to reveal Victor the Bodyguard as the Starrs and their allies retreat.

Hugo: They sent in Victor as Mr.Z! What a great trick!

Rickin: He played the part well. Chicky Starr is certainly inventive.

Hugo: He is! Very smart man!

Rickin: If only he would put that smarts to good use. Up next I will again have the distinct pleasure of talking to Carlitos Colon. And we will have our main event 8-man tag. You won't want to miss any of this, so stay tuned.

(Commercial Break) 26:00-35:00

Rickin: We are back and I am joined by Carlitos Colon. We are very close to another challenge by Bruiser Brody for your NWA WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship.

Colon: Bruiser Brody will always be a dangerous opponent even without Chicky Starr in his corner. With Chicky Starr involved it becomes much more difficult.

Rickin: Chicky Starr and Bruiser Brody have been on different pages of late, does that have any effect on how you prepare for the match?

Colon: Not at all. We both know how Chicky Starr operates. These miscommunications could just as well be manufactured for our benefit. If it does happen that Brody is out of control and it works to my advantage, so be it. It can just as easily work against me if Chicky Starr is not truly able to control Brody. Bruiser Brody is a very dangerous man.

Rickin: You seem more calm than last time we spoke.

Colon: I have to be. Chicky Starr wants me to be emotional so he can manipulate things to his advantage. Now if I were facing Chicky Starr or Ric Flair, we'd be having a different conversation. RIc Flair and I have had our battles for years. One day we will have to settle things for good. Chicky Starr is relentless when it comes to causing problems and we both know what he really wants.

Rickin: Yes, he wants to run you and los Invaders out of the WWC.

Colon: This is just his latest attempt, do you think he will stop if it doesn't work?

Rickin: I highly doubt it.

Colon: I want to reassure you and all of these great fans that this belt and Carlitos Colon are going to be here for a long time! It doesn't matter what devious plan or monster that Chicky Starr or anyone else sends my way. I will overcome this challenge and the next! With the help of these people I can overcome anything!

Colon is mobbed by the fans as he makes his way to the back.

Rickin: Carlitos Colon seems like he has the right idea going into this match.

Hugo: Be ready for anything!

Rickin: He has to with Chicky Starr in Bruiser Brody's corner.

Hugo: If he wants to keep his belt and his pride yes. Chicky Starr is a smart man and will do absolutely anything to bring Colon down!

Rickin: He truly will and that makes him very dangerous. It looks like los Super Medicos and Los Invaders have decided to come out first.

Hugo: And together!

Rickin: They both know that their opponents tomorrow will do anything to get an advantage before the match.

Hugo: I can't blame them for wanting to come out first either. I doubt their opponents will work together enough to attack all four!

Rickin: Of course all of this camraderie will go out the window if they find themselvesfacing one another in the finals.

Hugo: Yes! But with these two teams there would still be respect and some sense of fair play. You won't get either of those two things from Boyd & the Crusher or the Starrs!

Rickin: I agree with that Hugo. All of those cheers are turning into boos as Barrabas leads Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher down to the ring.

Hugo: Barrabas looks angry!

Rickin: I wonder if it has more to do with Bam Bam's attack on los Invaders failing or Chicky Starr getting to come out second.

Hugo: I'd guess a little of both! Barrabas has a lot of pride.

Rickin: He does. It's why he won't allow the NWA 6-Man Tag belts to be defended on TV. He feels like he has been slighted for years.

Hugo: Even after he stole all of my clients he didn't get a lot of respect.

Rickin: Very much due to Chicky Starr. The worst part is that he could command a lot of respect if he would simply showcase his men and the 6-man titles instead of being petty.

Hugo: You're probably right about that. The people didn't love me, but they respected that I could keep a man like Abdullah the Butcher under control.

Rickin: And now we see our final combatants in the main event. Ron and Chicky Starr are on thier way to the ring and it seems as if many of the fans have saved their trash for right now.

Hugo: I bet that only makes Barrabas madder!

Rickin: Chicky Starr is taking the opportunity to rub it in. He's standing there inviting the fans to throw things at him.

Hugo: Barrabas is shouting down the aisle for the Starrs to hurry up!

Rickin: I think that is only driving Chicky to take more time getting to the ring. Ron is starting to yell at Barrabas now.

Hugo: This isn't going to go well...

Rickin: Los Super Medicos and los Invaders are just watching and talking amongst themselves.

Hugo: This has to make their job easier!

Rickin: It does seem that way. The Starrs are at ringside and both are arguing with Barrabas. The Crusher steps out and starts getting into it with Ron Starr.

Hugo: And Invader 2 attacks Jonathan Boyd right after the bell rings!

Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher, Ron Starr and Chicky Starr vs. Los Super Medicos & Los Invaders

Boyd is quadruple teamed with not much help as both Starrs actively keep the Crusher from interfering. Boyd forcibly tags in Chicky, who is then quadruple teamed. The heels get the advantage on Super Medico 2, but the Crusher tags himself in and demands that one of the Invaders tag in. Invader 1 brings the heel team together as both Starrs are more than willing to attack him. Things break down after the hot tag with a 4 on 4 brawl. The first man to run down to ringside is Al Madril followed closely by los Mercenarios. Hercules Ayala is not far behind, with Castillo and Perez hot on his heels. Referee Victor Quinonez calls for the bell as Bam Bam reaches ringside, only to be followed by Invader 3 and Colon.

The match ends in a no contest at 12:41

The Rock 'n' Roll RPMs come right after BamBam. Abdullah Tamba is out to ringside as well. Ringside, the ring and the aisle are filled with a bloody brawl reminiscent of a few weeks back. TNT hits ringside to assist Chicky Starr, which brings out Gama Singh.

Hugo: WOW!!

Rickin: We're running short on tim-

Hugo: Ron Starr just decked Barrabas! Boyd, Crusher and Bam Bam are not happy!

Rickin: As I was saying, we are short of time. We'll see you next week and talk about some of the developments from Guaynabo tomorrow night.

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Nice set up show. I love the build to the submission match with both men showing off their submission moves, even though Ayala didn't get to finish his. Victor as Mr. Z was a nice subplot to add to the feud. The TNT/Singh angle is moving along nicely. LOL Chicky Starr just knows how to get under somebody's skin, ask Santana. Cant wait for Santana/Hart. The not defending the NWA 6 man titles on TV is still a fun story and I'm sure is building to something big. Another wild brawl to end the show, once again showcasing all the big feuds. Oh yea and Colon and Brody will be going at it again. So much great stuff going on here!

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The Crusher is Rip Morgan, half of the "other" Kiwi Sheepherders team with none other than Jonathan Boyd. Not sure how I manage that connection with Butch and Luke yet.


In truth Victor has been under a jobber mask for a while. He was doing that for the early part of his career to gain experience. I just had to find a sneaky way for Madril and Chicky to try and hurt Ayala one last time that nobody would see coming.


Barrabas' whole deal is that he has always been one of the supporting cast. He was never really a star and even as a manager was overshadowed by first Hugo as the big heel manager then Chicky. So I am looking at it as a guy who has never been successful and has always been jealous sabotaging his own chances at success (basically, using Bam Bam properly to make himself a major name) for various reasons. Right now he's being petty when he could be having the titles defended on TV as often as possible to really show the fans that he's got something special. Shooting himself in the foot by trying to get back at the people who have wronged him over the years in his mind (the promotion, the fans). He also has the problem of Chicky Starr being completely willing to cut his knees out from under him any way possible, which is trouble for a guy who is insecure, jealous and petty. What is going on right now is just showing that Barrabas has no idea how to handle success and tends to ruin it for himself.

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Posting this as a glimpse into how I see my house shows and a look at the NWA 6-Man belts and Universal title being defended on the loop. I'll have the big show up a little later.

WWC House Show 2/21/18 Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Los Tejanos vs. The Batten Twins

The Batten Twins control with teamwork and get the win with a double dropkick in just over 5 minutes.

TNT w/ El Profe vs. Gama Singh

Singh is able to control when he can bring TNT to the mat, but TNT makes the most of his TKD backgroud when they are on their feet. TNT is distracted arguing with referee Tomas Marin about El Profe's interference and gets rolled up for 3 in 11:30.

Owen Hart vs. Ricky Santana

The match is more aggressive on both sides but there is no cheating. Owen gets the win with a rollup and proceeds to yell at Santana about not needing to use the tights. Santana answers with a slap that leaves Owen fuming as Santana leaves ringside.

Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez vs. Los Mercenarios

This is an out and out brawl with Castillo and Perez looking for revenge after los Mercenarios cost them their quarterfinals tournament match. Within 5 minutes all 4 are bloody and brawling all around ringside. Referee Ricky Vargas counts all 4 out soon after, but the brawl keeps going for a while.

Al Madril w/Chicky Starr vs. Hercules Ayala

Starr gets involved early and often. Invader 1 is out to balance things and it turns into Madril and Ayala trying to tear apart the other's leg in preparation for tomorrow night. The match turns into a knock down-drag out brawl with both Madril and Ayala bleeding before it reaches the 20 minute time limit.

Ron Starr w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon w/Invader 1 © for the NWA WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship

Colon and Ron have a rugged battle with both taking their lumps for portions of the match. Ron misses a knee drop off the top and this gives Colon the opening he needs. Rapid fire elbow drops to the leg are followed with the figure four and Invader 1 detains Chicky to allow Colon time to get the submission.

Armandito Salgado vs. Bobby Jaggers

Jaggers pummels Salgado on his way to hitting a big clothesline for the win.

Los Invaders vs. Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher & Bam Bam w/Barrabas © for the NWA 6-Man Tag Championships

Los Invaders show great teamwork and it neutralizes the 270 pound Crusher. Bam Bam cannot be taken off his feet and puts all three Invaders down after some wobbling. Invader 1 plays face-in-peril and takes a beating from all 3 champs. He is able to make the tag to 2 who cleans house on Boyd and the Crusher. Bam Bam again proves the deciding factor, with los Invaders unable to stop him. Barrabas is caught by referee Victor Quinonez interfering and the resulting argument nearly keeps him from seeing Bam Bam's cover after a top rope splash. Nearly, but Quinonez notices and it does get the champs the 3 count and they retain their belts.

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February 22nd, 1986 Guaynabo Puerto Rico

Ron & Chicky Starr vs. Los Super Medicos

Super Medicos get the better of the match early with brawling tactics. Ron and Medico 1 have a great punch exchange capped off by 1's punch rush. Chicky cheats his way to coming back with an eye rake and a low blow. Medico 2 gets the hot tag, but los Mercenarios hit ringside and distract both Medicos. It looks like los Super Medicos are going to win anway when Mercenario 1 trips up Medico 1 running the ropes and Chicky rolls Medico up with a generous handful of tights for the 1, 2, 3. The Starrs advance. Los Mercenarios and the Starrs work on Medico 2 post-match, busting him open with repeated bashes into the post. Multiple chairshots by both Starrs as los Mercenarios hold off Super Medico 1 & 3. Los Invaders come running out for the save, but the damage has been done.

Jonathan Boyd & the Crusher w/Barrabas vs. Invader 1 & 2

Invader 1 & 2 work together well, but Boyd and the Crusher are an experienced team and end up slowing down the momentum with stalling enough to get on top. Invader 1 takes a big beating and bleeds through the mask, but makes his signature comeback after a signature kick to the nether regions of the Crusher. Barrabas tries to interfere only to be knocked off the apron. Invader 2 hits big left hooks on Boyd as Invader 1 puts the sleeper on Crusher for the win. Los Invaders advance.

TNT w/El Profe vs. Gama Singh

This one is an out and out brawl. SIngh throws caution to the wind and charges TNT at the bell. TNT tries to keeo him at bay using kicks and chops, but Singh's fury gets him in close with the advantage as often as not. Singh's anger gets the best of him as Profe distracts him on the apron and TNT puts on the cobra dinamita for the win when Singh passes out. TNT looks at Profe, who shakes his head no and he releases the hold.

Owen Hart vs. Ricky Santana

Clean match again with a little more intensity. Both men slap each other back and forth a few times. Ricky looks to set up the fisherman's suplex and Owen knees him in the groin before Ricky can pick up the leg. Owen goes up top and hits the missile dropkick for 3 to a lot of boos from the crowd.

The Rock 'n' Roll RPMs vs. Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez

The two teams work a clean but competitive match with a lot of their big moves on show. The RPMs briefly work over Perez's cut. Castillo and Perez attack Lan's ribs for a short time. The RPMs are able to score the victory with a Davis inside cradle to Perez. All four shook hands after the match.

Hercules Ayala w/Invader 1 vs. Al Madril w/Chicky Starr © for the NWA WWC Caribbean Heavyweight Championship in a submission match

If it wasn't nailed down at ringside it was used by one or the other during the match. Both got their heads rammed into the scorers table alongside the basketball court. Madril got his leg draped across it several times. Invader 1 was wearing a new mask and there were several teases of a Chicky Starr/Invader 1 brawl in anticipation of the tag finals. Ayala was able to put the figure four on in the center of the ring and use his strength to keep Madril there. Invader 1 kept Chicky occupied and Madril gave up. Hercules Ayala is the new Carribean Heavyweight Champion.

Ayala refused to release the hold and a small brawl broke out as Invader 2 and Colon came out to make sure nobody attacked Ayala. Victor and Ron Starr were unable to make the save and Madril started screaming in pain as Ayala broke his leg. The Starrs helped Madril to the back as los Invaders, Ayala and Colon celebrated.

Ron & Chicky Starr vs. Invader 1 & 2 for the vacant NWA WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championships

Ron and Chicky are furious, vowing revenge on the microphone pre-match. The Starrs try to go after the cut on Invader 1 but both Invaders are way too fired up. Both Invaders hit ball shots on Ron. The Starrs gain control and turn Invader 1's mask sideways and work the cut. Invader 1 is still fighting but can't see, so he rips off the mask and starts fighting back while the crowd goes nuts. After the hot tag both Invaders bite at Chicky's forehead enough to make him bleed. Invader 1 spills over the top to the floor when Ron pulls on the ropes as he tries to bounce off of them. Chicky gets a counter rollup on 2 and puts both feet on the ropes for the three as Ron pastes Invader 1 with a chair outside. The Starrs are new champions.

After the match the Starrs continue to work on Invader 2 in the ring with the chair. Ron takes trips to the outside to attack a badly bleeding and not moving Invader 1 on the floor. Carlitos Colon hits the ring and it takes three chairshots to put him on the mat bloody. The Starrs work on Invader 2 for a while with the chair. Garbage is flying in the ring from all sides. The Starrs raise their arms in victory and exit, leaving both Invaders and Colon bloodied and on the ground.


Los Assassins vs. the Batten Twins

The Batten twins with a perfunctory win after a double dropkick.

Bam Bam w/Barrabas vs. Abdullah the Butcher w/Chicky Starr

This is every bit the battle of the monsters it should be. Abdullah wastes no time carving up Bam Bam with the fork. Within 3 minutes of the start of the match Bam Bam has wrested control of the fork away from Abby and opened up his forehead as well. There is a lot of wobbling as these two bloody behemoths try to knock one another down. Abby scores the first knockdown after going downstairs and followingwith several throat thrusts and a lariat. He hits the big elbow drop on Bam Bam but the young American gets a foot in the ropes at 2. Bam Bam puts Abdullah on the mat with a series of coerner avalanches to set up a slam. He hits the slingshot splash only to have Abdullah put his foot on the ropes. Both managers spend most of the match getting out of the way when anything spills outside. The match ends when Abdullah and Bam Bam brawl all around the court and out the entrance. Chicky and Barrabas look at one another with obvious dislike (or hate), but both shrug and walk away.

Bruiser Brody w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon © for the NWA WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship

Brody is wilder than usual here. Chicky does his best to control him and plead with referee Victor Quinonez to not count the match out. Brody does attack the cut Colon got earlier tonight and bust it wide open. The match goes everywhere in the arena, the scorers table is again used liberally. Brody's head is busted open on it. Colon slams Brody's head into the side of the tunnel leading to the locker rooms as they turn back towards the ring and bounces it off a few more times as they move back into the arena. Brody hits a big boot and screams at some of the fans and Chicky Starr before disappearing into the tunnel. Quinonez calls the match.

Brody comes out of the tunnel carrying a spare piece of railing not used in the ring setup and hits Colon with it before going after Chicky. Chicky runs and Abby is out soon to confront Brody. Bam Bam joins the mix and it is a battle of the bloodied monsters as Colon is helped out of the arena and Chicky makes his escape.

About the tag match final. Watch this:

Seriously, take 20 minutes and watch it. :) It encapsulates everything I love about Chicky Starr in a small viewing session. About 4 minutes in (skipping to this doesn't hurt anything) Chicky is demanding that Colon leave so it's not 3 on 2. Once Colon leaves the ring Ron and Chicky feel like picking a fight with just him until the Invaders pop out to join. :) The match is a master class in how to shine up babyfaces and work a heat. And the post-match is a can't-miss bloodbath. It is my favorite match from PR and one of my top 5 ever. Chicky is in there twice btw. :)

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