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WWE TV 11/26 - 12/3 Our Foreigns Affairs minister is a global warming denier


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Nia was refreshing and appealing with her little taunts & mannerisms regarding the punch at Survivor Series.

But they quickly went to work undoing all that, because she was already goofing it up on their awful Starrcade special.

The entire show was centered around name-dropping and shameless pandering, but she still managed to stand out with her horrible attempts at comedy.

Even Tamina and her absurd mud-flap ring attire looked passable standing next to her.

Of course Foxxy was brilliant and stole that entire segment anyhow.


That's what I came to say. I don't know how terrible Nia is on Raw tonight, because I'm at work/not watching. But if it's a continuation of how she was acting at Starrcade, then I can only imagine.

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