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Great set of shows here.  Ricky Gibson better be careful in a year or two as Red is no the come!

Madril helped out Playboy but Playboy might not have returned the favor as we get the Loser Leave Town match with Piper.

Rock n Roll Express-East West Connection could be a great feud of opposite styles.

Slater vs Billy Jack... Awesome.  Slater is so good and bringing the heat.... This one could sell some real tickets!

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Cow Palace , San Francisco , on ESPN / TSN, March 16th

Dick Slater vs. Robb Zbacnik

 The previous week, Slater made his shocking debut in AWA Pacific by attacking Billy Jack Haynes and taking him out with a vicious piledriver on the concrete. Slater has clearly not lost any intensity in the days since as he tore apart Zbacnik with every nasty move in his arsenal before putting him away with not one but two piledrivers. The always unpredictable Slater is going to be an incredibly volatile ingredient in the AWA Pacific roster.

Texas Red & The Spoiler vs. Ricky Gibson & Baron Von Raschke

 Texas Red has had a very difficult time of late with Ricky Gibson, losing matches by DQ and countout to his much smaller opponent. He wasn't going to leave any room for error this time out , bringing in his mentor the Spoiler for a tag match. Gibson partnered with Baron Von Raschke, but Red and Spoiler were determined not to let the Baron be a factor, keeping Gibson in their corner and working him over for much of the match.  Any attempt by the Baron to join the fray would be shut down by the ref, leading to Red and Spoiler working over Gibson even more. Their double teams would lead to their downfall when Spoiler was holding Gibson in place for a big lariat by Red, only for Gibson to wriggle out of the way and hit Spoiler instead. Gibson rolled up Red, and Spoiler tried to break it up, only to run right into the Baron's Iron Claw. One … two … THREE! Gibson scored a huge pinfall win over Texas Red! Red and Spoiler were furious, but the pinfall was good and Gibson and Baron celebrated their victory at ringside.

Mad Dog Vachon vs. "Diamond" Timothy Flowers

 The Mad Dog has been on a serious tear of late, scoring victories over Eric Embry as well as Flowers' teammate Goldie Rogers.  He showed no signs of letting up as he took on the self proclaimed "King Of Canada" .  Flowers clearly had no idea what to do with the Canadian legend, as no matter what he did to Vachon, the Mad Dog just kept charging back with both fists swinging. He finally went to his last resort, calling in Goldie Rogers to attack Vachon and bust him open, but this only seemed to make the Mad Dog angry, and the Diamond & Gold Exchange fled in terror. Flowers and Rogers look like they had best be on their guard if they cross paths with the Mad Dog in the future.

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The California Cowboys © vs. The Glamour Boys

 The young Glamour Boys have been presenting a very determined challenge for the Tag Titles of late,  and the Cowboys been equally determined to keep their grip on the belts. For this match, however, it seems that the Cowboys are set to put a stop to this challenge once and for all. The Glamour Boys owned the first part of the match with their energetic, high speed offense. Like the last time they faced off, the Cowboys changed the direction of the match with a shot from Brooks'  loaded elbow pad to Steve Doll. This time, though, the Cowboys didn't stop there, but rather the start of a vicious beatdown on the Glamour Boys. Orton and Brooks savagely pummeled Doll, busting him open,  while knocking Simpson to the floor every time he tried to break it up. They finally polished off Doll with a crushing Spike Piledriver and stood over his body with the belts held high. What will it take to get the titles off the California Cowboys?

Loser Leaves Town Match : Roddy Piper vs. Al Madril

 Piper has his guns trained on AWA Pacific Heavyweight Champion Buddy Rose, but Rose's ally Al Madril has just kept getting in the way. The result is that Rose threw Madril into a Loser Leaves Town challenge from Piper, much to the chagrin of Madril. While Rose was at ringside for this match, he didn't seem too interested in interfering, simple observing with a very intense look. Madril, on the other hand, was clearly panicking throughout the match, stalling and backing off from Piper every chance he got.  Nothing he did could hold back Piper for long, and Piper finally got frustrated enough that he finally trapped Madril and hit a pair of belly to back suplexes for the one two three. Rose , for his part, simply shrugged and walked away from the ring as Madril was sent out of AWA Pacific. An unusually nonchalant response to losing one of his closest allies, but knowing Rose, he likely has some more devious trick up his sleeve.

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Slater making short work of some nobody to let people know he means business! 

Ricky Gibson pulls another one over on Texas Red and the big rookie has gotta be fuming! But experience will get you every time and The Baron and Ricky bring it.

I had high hopes for The Glamour Boys in the title match, but The Cowboys just proved too much for them. 

Between the Cowboys team, and the Spoiler/Red team, I could certainly see Slater hooking up with either outfit to make it a trio.

Piper sends Madril packing to Texas, but Buddy Rose not caring may be the most telling part of the whole thing. You have to think Buddy has more back up somewhere if he is that uncaring about losing his ally.

Great Show Man! (Though I think the date on it should read March instead of February.)

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Nice show here that would have had the fans on the edge of their seats in the Loser Leave Town Match.  Big Red still has a bit of a learning curve but when he gets it.... Oh My!

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Love seeing Slater here. I'm sure you have a lot of awesome stuff lined up for him. 

LOL,  Gibson just has the number of Texas Red. 

You're right, Vachon has been on a tear lately and Flowers and Rogers are at the top of his list. 

Good grief, the Cowboys looked devastating in their match with the Glamour Boys. It's going to be hard getting the titles off them. 

And just like that Piper sends Madril packing. I laughed at the reaction of Rose who simply didn't care. I wonder what's up his sleeve???


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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Oakland Alameda County Arena, Oakland, March 17th

 Jacques Rougeau vs. Ron Starr

 Rougeau reversed a cross body press with a rollover for the pinfall

Gama Singh vs. Super Strong Machine

 Machine won with the Devil Windmill Suplex

Scott McGhee vs. King Kong Bundy

 McGhee put up a tough fight but went down to Bundy's Atlantic City Avalanche

Jimmy Valiant vs. Larry Zbyszko

 Larry was going for an over the shoulder neckbreaker, but Valiant countered with an inside cradle and got the one two three

The Rock & Roll Express vs. The East-West Connection

 Adonis was attempting a powerslam on Gibson, but Morton dropkicked Gibson, tipping over Adonis and allowing Gibson to get the pinfall.

Dick Slater vs. Matt Borne

 Slater won by piledriver

Buddy Rose & Rip Oliver vs. Roddy Piper & Chris Adams

 Adams Superkicked Rose out of the ring while Piper hit a belly to back suplex on Oliver to score the victory.



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Big win for Slater over Matt Borne!

Two tremendous tag matches here with the Rock & Roll against Ventura/Adonis and then the main event with Piper/Adams against Rose/Oliver will likely do sell out business across the territory!

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Solid card in Oakland! 

The Bundy/McGhee match up intrigued me and went down well with McGhee fighting hard but Bundy prevailing. 

LOL, I bet Larry Z had a meltdown after that loss to Jimmy V. 

I could watch RnR go against The East West Connection for months. 

Slater's win over Borne is huge! Slater is heading for big things.

Awesome Portland style main event. Oliver and Rose is such a classic heel team but they go down to Piper and Adams. Cant wait for the inevitable Rose/Piper title match. 

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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Olympic Auditorium , Los Angeles , on ESPN / TSN , March 22nd

 Texas Red vs. Ricky Gibson

 While Texas Red made a big splash in his first AWA Pacific appearance, of late it has seemed that Ricky Gibson. Try though he might, Red has fallen short in several matches against the much smaller Gibson. Determined to get revenge, Red has demanded a rematch, and was clearly boiling mad as he went after Gibson. Gibson kept his cool and used hit and run tactics on Red, scoring damage while keeping the big Texan too angry to think. It looked to be the same old story as Gibson went up top to take Red out with the missile dropkick, but it turned out that the Texan was playing possum and dodged out of the way , sending Gibson crashing to the mat. Red grabbed Gibson by his hair, forcing him to his feet, then jackhammered his fist hard into the centre to his chest.  Gibson collapsed to the mat, and Red contemptuously put his foot on Gibson to get the one two three while the fans' mouths hung open in shock. For a moment, it looked as though Red would go back to Gibson to try to inflict more damage,  but his mentor, The Spoiler, pulled him away. Gibson's brother, Robert, rushed out to the ring with his partner Ricky Morton to try to help him from the ring, but Gibson had to be taken out on a stretcher, having still failed to regain consciousness. Texas Red has been intimidating before, but now has taken an even more terrifying dimension.

CanCon vs. The Zambuie Express

 After some recent tough losses to the Rock & Roll Express, the Zambuies came out clearly looking to show that they were not to be overlooked. They unleashed an all out attack on Burke and Garvin, notably inflicting a lot of damage to Burke's ribs. Burke and Garvin are two of the toughest men in AWA Pacific and would not be kept down for long, battling back hard. All four men wound up being busted open before Garvin was finally able to hit Kareem Muhammed with the Hands Of Stone Punch to send him down for the three count. A hard fought victory, but Burke was clearly in a lot of pain as he left the ring.

Nord The Barbarian vs. Ryan Aiken

 KY Wakamatsu's huge enforcer has been waging his own campaign of terror through AWA Pacific ever since he arrived. Aiken was clearly terrified of locking up with him, and the enormous Barbarian knocked him from pillar to post before tossing him from the ring. That wasn't enough for Nord, who ran back and forth between the ropes before leaping from the ring and landing on Aiken with a crushing double knee drop. Needless to say, Aiken was not able to make it back into the ring, and Nord won by countout. If Super Strong Machine wasn't concerned about his upcoming match with Nord at the Aloha Spectacular in Hawaii, he certainly should be now.

 Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring

Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my guest will be challenging Buddy Rose for the AWA Pacific Heavyweight Title at the upcoming Aloha Spectacular in Honolulu, Hawaii … "Rowdy" Roddy Piper!

The Auditorium fills with the sounds of audience cheers and bagpipes playing "Scotland The Brave" as Piper heads out to the ring.

Bonnema : Roddy Piper, you are on quite a roll recently. You send Al Madril packing from AWA Pacific, and now you are getting a title match with Buddy Rose in Honolulu.

Piper : You're not wrong, Frankie Boy. But it's not all sunshine and roses for the Hot Scot. True, it was a pleasure and a privilege to run Chiquita Madril out of town. But getting that title match did come at a cost. I had to agree to it being a No Countout, No DQ match.

Bonnema : Whoah, are you sure that is a wise decision? That leaves you open to be attacked by Rip Oliver and who knows who else.

Piper : Very true, Franco. That's why I put in my own condition. Not only is Rip Oliver banned from ringside during the match, but so are all of the Four Families. That means the Diamond & Gold Exchange, the California Connection, even Larry and his buddies. If anyone of them shows up during the match, they get fined and suspended. That means it is just you and me, Jellyroll. When I come home from Hawaii, I am bringing back that title belt!

Big Jim vs. Larry Zbyszko

 Larry Z has been having a lot of bad luck lately with, well, everyone. He has failed in his attempts to get back the gold ring from Roddy Piper, he is treated as a joke by the other of the Four Families, his partners the LA Express have distanced themselves from him, and lately has suffered losses to "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant. Likely looking for some revenge, Larry took on Valiant's young protégé, Big Jim. Naturally, Larry took offense at pretty much everything Big Jim, from his dancing with the fans to his offer of a handshake. It took a long time for Larry to lock up with Jim, and throughout the match, Larry did everything to avoid fighting fair, sneaking in every cheap shot and dirty tactic he could think of. Ultimately , Larry got Jim trapped in the corner, pinning him with a rollup assisted by a fistful of Jim's overalls and putting his feet on the ropes to get the one two three … only he didn't, as Jim got his shoulder up at the last second. Larry celebrated his seeming victory, only to be informed that the match was still going, then walked straight into a Big Boot from Jim. Jim got the pinfall and celebrated with the fans, while Larry threw his usual tantrum. Looks like Larry's luck continues to be out for him.

Chris Adams vs. Rip Oliver

 Not only has Roddy Piper  been hot on the heels of Buddy Rose, but Piper's good friend Chris Adams has been chasing the champion as well. For this match, Rose sent out his right hand man, "Crippler" Rip Oliver , to head Adams off at the past. Showing the veracity of his "Crippler" nickname, Oliver relentlessly went after Adams' legs, mangling them with cheap shots and leglocks and diminishing the power of the Superkick. Rose was at ringside for this match, once again observing but not interfering.  Adams was not able to land the Superkick but still was able to prevail by hitting a very quick lariat for the pinfall. In contrast to his indifference at Al Madril's earlier loss, Rose nodded in approval at Oliver's efforts in spite of the loss, and helped his cohort out of the ring.

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What a great way to introduce the Heart Punch as that devastating finisher. Simple and efficient as it strikes fear and awe to everyone in attendance.

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I agree, what a way to debut the Heart Punch! That was devastating. 

Liked that hard hitting CanCon/Zambuie match. 

Another big man Nord has an impressive showing. 

Solid promo from Piper as he hypes up his big No DQ title match with Rose.

LOL, Larry Z just cant catch a break these days.

Fun TV main event as Adams gets the big win over Oliver. 

Great job hyping the big show in Hawaii, cant wait for that one. 

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Great development of Texas Red.  The way you described the Heart Punch makes him a real threat in AWA Pacific.

Piper vs Jellyroll.... Awesome work here as you are getting so much out of this angle.

I could just picture Larry Z's face after his loss to Big Jim.  Larry was so good at whining!

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You've done a great job so far developing Texas Red here and the Heart Punch just adds a whole new element of danger to him and really puts him in forefront here....love it!

Great promo from Piper!

Love the use of Zbyszko....great stuff!

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