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Interest in a Puerto Rico watch project?


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I was wondering if anyone would like to join in and do a watch project for the Puerto Rico 80s set.

What I was thinking was keeping it real simple, like one match a week.  We could set up a Snack and even try to set a time when a majority of us could watch and live chat during the match.  Of course discussion would stay open beyond that as well.

My thinking is that it would make a fun community project that would be relatively low stress to join.  I want to watch through the set but I think some varied discussion will help it not get old after awhile.  

If anyone is interested just let me know and I'll set it up!

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If you're able to wait until July for this I'd love to participate. I would still need to get my hands on the set somehow if it isn't floating through Youtube in bits and bobs but PR sounds like exactly my cup of tea. I just have to take a break for this wrestling malarkey while I move these boxes around in my own life

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18 hours ago, elliott said:

I watched every 80s set and had more fun watching PR than any other set. Y'all should make this happen

I kicked in disc 3 yesterday. I remember one of the things I did not like so far being that the heels taking way too little of the matches (probably due to them being afraid of being killed by the crowd), enter: Terry Funk, who threw wooden chairs into the stands and hit Rick Martel with a piledriver on the turf outside. After the match Funk gave an interview in English, calling a Puerto Rico a giant pig farm. At the end he wanted to say a couple of word in the "native language" of the audience, at this point you can see Hugo Savinovich go "oh boy, you will get us all killed". And Terry did not disappoint: "oink, oink, oink, oink, you pigs".

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