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CM Punk returns in a mask?


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Wasn't sure if I should just put this in the "Comments That Don't Warrant a Thread" thread, but I ultimately decided that this was newsworthy enough to warrant its own thread (if it's true, that is). 


Quote from 2016:

“But you never know, I could pop up here and there. Let me explain that to you even better. It’s not going to even be televised, it’s going to be me in a ninja f–king outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody’s ever going to know. It’s going to be very ‘Monty Python’ so to speak.”



There's supposedly an Instagram picture of Punk in the same outfit, sans the mask, but someone else will have to sleuth that out.

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I would assume if Punk ever did anything else wrestling related, this would be how he does it.  All the pieces seem to fit, especially since Ace Steel was involved. The down side is now we probably have to deal with all the newz sites posting "PUNK TO AEW???" clickbait stories. 

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Well I remember that Punk did say in an interview post-WWE departure that if he'd ever return to wrestling, he'd do something like this where no one would ever realize it'd be him so I wouldn't even be remotely surprised if it turns out he did do that at that event. But I'll remain in the skeptical camp and the "Punk hates wrestling too much now to ever return to it ever again" camp.

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Punk's offense always looked like shit. I don't doubt for one second that's him, given his history in the area. Those who expect someone as integrated with wrestling as Punk to stay away forever forget what a huge mark he was before he even trained. I'd be shocked if he's not at Double or Nothing or more likely the first TV with AEW. There's money floating around, zero schedule at the moment, and they'll respect his status as a true superstar. 

For those wondering, he owns the CM Punk trademark and would most likely have secured the rights to the theme song by now.

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21 hours ago, Coffey said:

I feel like there's going to be a lot of masked skinny dudes doing run-ins at Indy shows now.

There's a little part of me that says if I were a professional troll, I'd show up backstage at an indy show but have some schlep do the actual run in.

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