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Haystacks and Kokina makes for a wild brawl and should be a nice feud.

Hacksaw seems to need to some big star to come and help him out as he has some bug enemies.  

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Live Event: July 27th, The Omni in Atlanta Georgia


Tim Horner defeats Jeff Sword w/ Doug Vines in 8:17 with a Rolling Cradle. Post Match Vines and Sword jumped Horner post match and beat him down, and denounced the “Heavens Angels” name, claiming it got them nowhere.


Tom Prichard defeated The Mongol via Pinfall in 7:27 when he hit Mongol with a “Superkick”.


Kim Duk defeated Gary Young in 8:50 by Pinfall when he hit Young with a Shoulder Breaker.


Gauntlet Match: Winner will receive an AWA Light Heavyweight Title Shot

Hiro Saito defeats Ben Bassarab via Pinfall in 7:17 when he hit a Top Rope Senton.

Les Thornton defeated Hiro Saito via Pinfall with a Backslide in 6:59 with a Backslide. After the match Saito jumped Thornton and beat him down.

Buck Zumhofe defeats Les Thornton with a Small Package in 4:17 to win the Gauntlet.


Non-Title Match

The Great Kokina defeated David Sammartino w/ Giant Haystacks by Disqualification in 8:38 when Haystacks hit Kokina who was pinning Sammartino with an Elbow Drop, after Kokina had hit a Savate Kick. 


Jerry Blackwell and Don Muraco fought to a Double Count Out as their brawling around ring side with seeming no interest in getting back in the ring. Post Match, Blackwell would gain the advantage, and would hit a Splash onto Muraco on the floor.


Norvell Austin defeated Ken Patera by Disqualification when the ref reversed his decision due to excessive violence in 16:18. Patera had forced Austin to pass out in his Full Nelson, but refused to release the hold, keeping it applied for over a full minute post match. Jerry Blackwell then would make his way to prevent anyone from interfering with Patera’s assault. Muraco with taped ribs was finally able to fend off Blackwell, and Patera releases the hold in order to escape. But the damage to Norvell was already done, and he had to be stretchered out.


Old Anderson makes his way to the ring, proclaiming this company is apparently very stupid, since they didn’t add arguably their best wrestler to the card. So he declares an open challenge for any poor sucker in the locker room who is dumb enough to challenge him. Much to everyone’s surprise, “I Need a Hero” plays on intercom as the crowd loses it as 


Rick Martel makes his way down to the ring! Ole tries to back track out of the match, but the ref is already in the ring


Rick Martel defeats Ole Anderson via Pinfall in 23:29 when he hit Ole with a Slingshot Splash. Highly competitive ring work in this one, with the crowd hugely behind the Canadian.


Main Event, AWA National Championship Match

Butch Reed defeats Arn Anderson in 26:42 when he hit Arn with a Gorilla Press Slam. Heavily competitive match with Arn really stepping into his role as a main player here, using his cunning to offset Reed’s power and speed advantage. Arn even hit a Spinebuster on Reed, but Butch got his foot on the ropes. Reed would eventually fight back and score the win.


Post Match, Kim Duk and Hiro Saito once again ran down to attack Butch Reed, but Reed was prepared for it on this go around. Reed hit a big Jumping Clothesline onto Duk, sending him scrambling, but Hiro Saito tried jumping him, only for Reed to Clotheslineing him over the top rope. Reed looked like he would leave with the upper hand, but did not see the attack from behind from...




Mr. Saito. Before Reed can even react, Saito grabs Reed and hits him with a Saito Suplex. The crowd boos, as Saito proceeds to lock on the Prison Lock, while Hiro Saito And And Duk put the boots to Reed as well. Ben Bassarab and Les Thornton try to run in and put a stop to the assault, but to no avail. Finally Rick Martel runs out to a huge pop, and sends the Japanese contingent scrambling. Reed is clearly severely beaten up, but does manage to stand with some help from Martel, Bassarab, and Thornton.

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Big night at the Omni!!

Sword and Vines get over that Heaven's Angels crap and beat down Tim Horner!

Pritchard, Duk, and Buck pick up a couple nice wins.

Kokina has Sammartino beat, but Haystacks stops that from happening. Kokina is gonna need a friend.

I assume the next match is supposed to be Blackwell and Muarco (it says Patera, you might wanna change that) Muraco eats the splash on the floor, and that'll rearrange your insides!!

Patera forces Norvell to do the stretcher job! Yeesh, it's a bad night for the babyfaces already!

Well, Ole got more than be bargained for when Ricky Martel shows up!! Heck of a match and Martel picks up the win.

Reed manages to retain the title against Double A, but he isn't going to get a moment's rest, cause after the match a new challenger emerges! Saito comes and dumps on his head and Reed is gonna have another fight on his hands.

Good Show Man!

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Just like tonight, cards at the Omni always delivered. 

Will Vines and Sword bring back the Devil's Duo name? 

Prichard arrives and gets a strong win.

Rock n Roll Buck wins the gauntlet and now gets a shot at Brad's title. 

Kokina and Haystacks is boiling and ready to explode!

Patera and Blackwell are causing havoc for Muraco and Norvell. Norvell even does the stretcher job! 

Ole issues the open challenge and none other than RICK MARTEL accepts! What a way to debut with a win over Ole. 

Reed looks great tonight as he defeats Arn then goes to work on Hiro and Duk. All is good until Saito shows up! Oh man a Reed/Saito match is going to be hard hitting and brutal! 

Great show! I love the direction you're going. 


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Great show here with many angles continuing and some great knew ones getting started.

Martel really gives you a nice fan favorite who can do it all.  Great way to get him over with a win vs Ole.  Say what you want about Ole, he knew how to make $$$

Hacksaw vs Saito would be one of my favorite match ups of all time.  They were some big thick dudes who could really go.

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What a show!! 

Count me in as being thrilled the 'Heaven's Angels' experiment is over with...hopefully they'll be back to the Devil's Duo.

Absolutely loved the way Martel was brought in over Ole, great way to get him over right out of the gate!

Saito is a great challenger for Reed....this title match is money!

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Martel over Ole was an excellent piece of business as a way to introduce Ricky.

Reed vs. Arn for 26 minutes? Yes please! I wish Doom and Horsemen had done more in their 1990 feud.

Good to see VInes and Sword being renamed. 

I'm enjoying almost everything here, the only thing I can't get behind is Zumhofe winning, but only due to his real life actions. 


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*Shortened AWA GCW TV taping results*



Georgia Championship Wrestling, WTBS Studios in Atlanta, July 28th, 1984


*Show Opens with highlights of events from the Omni, specifically Butch Reed defeating Arn Anderson, and being attacked by Mr. Saito*

*Schiavone welcomes fans to the show, and welcomes the man who will be assisting him on commentary for the NXT while, Mr. Gary Hart*


AWA Heavyweight Champion Ted DBiase makes his way to the interview desks, and talks about how proud he is to not only represent the AWA, but also Georgia Championship Wrestling as champion, and briefly talks about all the men he’s already fought with to keep his title. But he admits right now here in Georgia, the title is secondary, as what should have been the proudest moment in his career was partially tainted by the actions of Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera. Now no matter where he goes, he hears people talking about how he stole that title off Hogan’s waist, how he’s not a real champion. So now he is trying to keep up as busy as a schedule as possible to prove himself. But now that he’s back in Georgia, he has one goal in mind: Making Blackwell and Patera pay. And luckily for him, his friend Gary Hart has been around watching as they have been running rough shot over Georgia, and have taken out both Pez Whatley and Norvell Austin. And while he wishes he could have helped stopped it, it does leave him one man who is willing to trust him and be his ally, one Don Muraco. Muraco joins the champ, and Ted announces GCW officials have already told him that on August 15th in the Omni, both DiBiase and Muraco have Blackwell and Patera in a Steel Cage!




Butch Reed comes storming the announce desk, absolutely livid at the actions of Mr. Saito and his apparent cronies of Kim Duk and Hiro Saito. He says him and Iceman might have had some problems, but the attack on him was cowardly, and he isn’t gonna stand for it. He outright demands any of the three in the ring, tonight!




Rick Martel defeats Gladiator #1 (Gary Royal) in 4:17 with the Slingshot Splash


Martel comes to the desk and talks to Schiavone and Hart about how he had been all over North America, but he has heard from everyone that Georgia is the place to be. He happily goes into details that he was in the building at the Omni to officially sign the paperwork to become a full time member of the GCW roster, and he couldn’t resist Ole’s challenge. He says he has one goal in coming to GCW, and that is winning championships.


The Andersons make there way to ring side, seemingly livid at the events of the Omni. Arn Anderson claims that the only reason he lost his National Title match against Butch Reed was due to a fast count, while Ole claims that someone pulled the wool over his eyes, because he had no idea Rick Martel was in the state, let alone at the Omni that night. The Andersons are reminded that Ben Bassarab also pinned Ole this last weekend, and the AWA have granted Bassarab and Thornton’s 2/3 Falls Match for the Georgia Tag Titles in Macon on the 31st. Ole replies that the “dumb rook” has bitten off more then he can chew, and he better remember he earned what the Andersons are gonna give him.







Main Event

AWA National Champion “Hacksaw” Butch Reed vs. Kim Duk w/ Hiro Saito

Reed seems to knowingly be walking into an easy ambush here, with Saito at ringside, and Mr. Saito actually making appearance joining Schiavone and Hart on commentary, though he never utters a word. That said, as talented as Duk has proven to be recently, Reed, or at least a Butch Reed this angry and focused. Reed is setting up for a Gorilla Press Slam, when Hiro Saito has seen enough, and gets in the ring and charges Reed to cause the DQ

Winner by Disqualification in 7:14: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed

Reed continues to power his way through the Japanese contingent, as he eventually takes over on Hiro too, leading to Mr. Saito making his way down to the ring, with Reed preparing. For the fight. This led to Saito and Duk getting the jump on Reed from behind, and the 3 start putting the boots to Reed. To the surprise of everybody, 2 large black men would run down, and attack Hiro and Duk as Mr. Saito bailed. Longtime fans would identify identify the two as the former Elijah Akeem and Kareem Muhammad, and as Saito walks away, those 2 and Butch Reed proceed to stand tall as the show ends.


Additional Matches and segments on the show:

”Rock n’ Roll” Buck Zumhofe defeats Randy Barber in 4:17. Post Match he cuts a brief promo hyping up his AWA Light Heavyweight Title Match against Brad Armstrong at the Omni on August 15th

Tim Horner defeats Johnny Rodz in 3:42. Post Match Doug Vines and Jeff Sword attack Prichard, and reintroduce themselves as the Devils Duo, and day Prichard better pray he can find himself a partner, because they are going to make his life miserable.

David Sammartino came out with his bodyguard Giant Haystacks to talk about his first successful, defenses of the belts, when The Great Kokina make his way down to ringside to brawl with Giant Haystacks following the attack on his friend Siri Afi. While Sammartino is stunned by the brawling, both Joe Lightfoot And Jules Strongbow sneak up behind Sammartino and attack, leaving the Superstation Champion Down And Out!

Tom Prichard defeats Tojo Yamamoto in 8:17 with a Savate Kick. 

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Live Event, July 29th, Marietta, Georgia


Doug Vines w/ Jeff Sword defeats Tim Horner vis Pinfall in 8:14 after Sword hit Horner with his belt behind the refs back.


“The Patriots” of Terry Daniels and James Wright defeat David Sammartino And Giant Haystacks via Pinfall in 7:18 when Daniels pinned Sammartino with a Leaping Clothesline. Haystacks was distracted by The Great Kokina making his way to ringside, and the Patriots took advantage.


Ray Candy And “Bad” Leroy Brown (The Former Zambuie Express defeat The Gladiators (Gary Royal And Terry Gibbs)  in 5:12 seconds when Leroy Brown pinned Gladiator #2 with a Running Splash


Ken Patera and Jerry Blackwell defeat Jose Lothario and the Italian Stallion in 9:14 via Pinfall when Jerry Blackwell pinned Lothario with a Splash. 


Rick Martel defeats The Mongol in 11:52 via Pinfall when Martel hit a Slingshot Splash


Les Thornton and Arn Anderson fought to a 20 minute time limit draw.


Ben Bassarab defeated Ole Anderson vis Disqualification in 8:17 when Ole Anderson hit Ben Bassarab in the leg with a Steel Chair. Anderson would continue the assault post match until Thornton ran him off.


Main Event

Butch Reed and Don Muraco defeat Kim Duk & Hiro Saito w/ Mr. Saito in 17:12 when Reed pinned Hiro Saito after hitting a Gorilla Press, keeping his eyes on Mr. Saito the entire time. Mr. Saito did not utter a word at ringside, spending the majority of the night just staring down Reed.


Live Event Results for July 31st in Macon, Georgia


Tom Prichard defeats Swede Hanson in 7:41 when he hit a Top Rope Splash onto Hanson


Buck Zumhofe defeated Hiro Saito w/ Kim Duk by Disqualification when Duk interested in the match, starting a 2 on 1 assault on Zumhofe. Ray Candy and Leroy Brown would come down and run the heels off.


Rick Martel defeats Gladiator #2 in 9:31 when Martel pinned Gladiator #2 with the Slingshot Splash


Non-Title Match

Joe Lightfoot defeats David Sammartino via Pinfall in 8:29 with a School Boy rollup. Giant Haystacks was not at ring side for this match, apparently preparing for his match later on in the night.


Tim Horner defeats Jeff Sword w/ Doug Vines in 8:14 when Sword accidentally hit Vines with a strike on the apron, and Horner rolled up Sword with an O’Connor Roll.


Giant Haystacks defeats The Great Kokina via Pinfall in 6:18. Kokina actually had the advantage early, and actually managed to Clothesline Haystacks over the top rope, leading to what looked to be a count out victory. However, a mystery man would hit the ring and hit Kokina with the ring bell with th referees back turned. Haystacks would barely beat the count, but cover the knocked out Kokina for the victory.


Don Muraco And Butch Reed fought Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera to a Double Count Out in 14:32 when Muraco and Blackwell were too focused brawling outside the ring. Post Match, Mr. Saito would make his way into the ring behind Butch Reeds back, and hit him with a Saito Suplex.


Main Event, AWA Georgia Tag Team Championship 2 out of 3 falls match

The Andersons defeat Ben Bassarab and Les Thornton via Pinfall in 34:40 2 falls to 1.

The Andersons won the first fall in 17:06 when Ole Anderson made Ben Bassarab tap out to the Figure 4 Leglock. Bassarab would spend most of the next 15 minutes out on the floor with his injured leg.

Thornton and Bassarab won the second fall in 26;18 when Thornton rolled up Arn with a Backslide rollup.

The Andersons won the third and deciding fall when Bassarab tagged in and attempted a Top Rope Crossbody on Arn, but his legs gave way leading to him taking an awkward fall in the ring, which was immediately capitalized on with Arn locking on another Figure 4, with Bassarab tapping out.


Post Match, The Andersons continue putting the boots to Bassarabs bad leg, with Thornton being too exhausted to stop the assault, unit Rick Martel ran out and ran both the Andersons off.


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Dibiase and Muraco versus Blackwell and Patera in a cage is gonna be a HUGE main event!

Martel is definitely a huge acquisition for GCW, and is going to contend for all the titles here in no time.

Though pissing off The Andersons may not have been a smart first move for him!

Oh! The Zambuie show up to assist Butch Reed against the Japanese Trio! Those are gonna be some wars!!

Kokina/Haystacks can't stop fighting and it allows the Indians to take out Sammartino, I like it!

The Devil's Duo causing a little trouble now that they are done playing nice is good to see.


Mystery Man attacking Kokina? Well, whoever he is, he has some guts!

Muraco and Reed is one hell of a team! Saito gets another shot in on Reed. That match is gonna be nasty when it goes down!

Anderson's retain in a 2 of 3 falls match and do it the Anderson Way by taking out Bassarab's leg! Love It!

Martel had better keeps his nose out of Anderson business, or they may take it off his face!


Good stuff man, don't worry about the short results. It happens!

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Yeah, like Bleh said, you don't need to always go in depth with your results. Sometimes, we might all have a different interpretation of what happened. Makes it even more fun ;)

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Dibiase calling out Patera and Blackwell could be dangerous.

Love the quick build of Rick Martel in Georgia

Give me more of angry Hacksaw Reed and Grumpy Ole.  They are both great on the mic and really do a good job of hyping up their opponent.

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I love the pairing of Reed and Muraco as faces! Saito slides in and takes advantage of the situation and gets a suplex in on Reed...he could take the title if Reed isn't careful.

Martel is quickly in the mix and on the Anderson's radar....interested in seeing how this pans out for him.

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Dibiase is a very smart man, making sure he has a strong ally like Muraco before going into battle with Blackwell and Patera.

Like the boiling build up between Reed and Saito. Reed now has some strong friends for back up. 

LOL, David remains TV champ but is taking a lot of pins. Great job portraying him as the cowardly heel. It's going to be a big moment when somebody finally gets the title off him. 

Martel is rolling and will be a big star here.

Andersons turn back the strong challenge of Thornton and Bassarab. 

Happy that the Devil's Duo has returned. 

Haystacks gets the win over Kokina but who attacked Kokina??? 

Cant wait for that Dibiase/Muraco-Blackwell/Patera cage match! 

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Live Event, August 2nd, Columbus, Georgia


Tom Prichard defeats Ron Slinker via Pinfall in 8:11 with a Top Rope Splash.


The Italian Stallion defeats The Mongol in 6:42 via Pinfall with a Running Crossbody.


David Sammartino & Giant Haystacks w/ Brutus Beefcake defeats Jules Strongbow and Joe Lightfoot in 8:58 when Haystacks pinned Strongbow with an Elbow Drop, after Beefcake distracted Lightfoot. It was apparent Beefcake was the main who attacked Kokina in Macon.


Arn Anderson defeated Jose Lothario via Pinfall in 14:18 with a Gordbuster.


“The Devil’s Duo” of Jeff Sword and Doug Vines defeat Tim Horner and Buck Zumhofe via Pinfall in 9:23 when Sword pinned Horner while holding the ropes.


Rick Martel defeats Ole Anderson in 27:18 via Disqualification when Martel was attempting to hit a Slingshot Splash and Arn Anderson ran to ringside and pulled him off the apron and attacked him. Both the Andersons proceed to bloody up Martel and leave him laying.


Six Man Tag

Butch Reed, Ray Candy, and Leroy Brown defeats Mr. Saito, Kim Duk, and Hiro Saito in 12:18 via disqualification when a woman from the crowd came down and hit Reed with what appeared to be a loaded purse. Post Match the Japanese trio best down the babyfaces, with the woman getting in the ring taunting Reed and his allies


Main Event: Grudge Match

Don Muraco defeats Ken Patera w/ Jerry Blackwell in 12:46 via Disqualification when Blackwell attacked Muraco when he had Patera up for an Inverted Piledriver. Blackwell and Patera looked to continue the assault, when Brett Wayne Sawyer returned and helped defend Muraco, sending the heels running!

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Butch Reed certainly has some serious back up in Ray Candy and Leroy Brown....it will be interesting to see who the woman was that attacked Reed!

Martel pays for that previous victory over Ole.....you may pull ONE over on the Andersons but Martel couldn't expect to get away with it again....he better make a friend fast.

Beefcake goes from one great heel trio in Texas to another here in Georgia.....looks like he's not going to miss a beat.

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Prichard is piling up wins.

Beefcake is one sought after wrestler. His time with Garvin paid off as he now joins up with David and Haystacks. This could be a dangerous faction to deal with. 

Amazing what going back to your roots can do as the Devil's Duo picks up another win. 

Ah yes, there's the Andersons we all know. Like Gene said, Martel needs a friend and fast! 

I wonder who's the woman who attacked Reed. Whoever it is, she's got guts! 

Blackwell and Patera play the odds game with Muraco until Brett Sawyer runs in to even things up. 

Fun card here. 

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Georgia Championship Wrestling, WTBS Studios, August 4th, Atlanta Georgia

Main Stories


1. Patera and Blackwell agrees to DiBiase and Muracos Cage Match challenge

Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera defeat Steve Pardee and Mark Regin in 2:41 when Blackwell pinned Pardee with a Splash


Blackwell: You know Gary, You are putting a lot of faith in your boy, who so far hasn’t so much as touched us. And now you are misleading that stupid muscle head Donny Muraco straight into a Cage with the most dangerous tag team in wrestling. Ask those boys up in Canada! Ask Hulk Hogan! Ask Pez Whatley! Ask Norvell Austin! Just realize old man, what is going to happen to your boy on the 15th is on your head! See you on the 15th Ted. You know what you need to do.


2. Butch Reed introduces the world to Leroy Brown and Ray Candy, The Ebony Express, Announcement of Six Man Tag at the Omni on the 15th

Candy and Brown defeat Randy Barber and Scott Ferris via Pinfall in 3:41 when Candy hit a Corner Avalanche. Butch Reed joined Schiavone and Hart on commentary for this match.


Reed: These two men are two of Georgia’s baddest men, and they have both made some wrong turns before to get here, but at the end of the day, they are willing to fight right along side of me against a d*** tough enemy. Saito! You, your boys, and whoever that hussy was that hit me with that brick in Columbus better know what you signed up for! Cause we are coming for you suckas at the Omni!


3. Mr. Saito introduces Miss Doll, his personal translator. 


*Mr. Saito, as well Kim Duk and Hiro Saito make their way the the booth, as well as a tall blonde woman in a business suit. When Schiavone goes to ask Saito a question, the woman steps in front.*

Miss Doll: First of all Mr. Schiavone, you should be more respectful to by client, as he did not come out to answer any of your questions. My employer has came out today so I can release a pre-planned statement, not deal with the accusations you have made against him and dangerously put on television. First off, I would like to introduce myself as Miss Doll, his new personal translator for all interviews. 

Gary Hart: Now hold on just a minute. I’ve worked for you Saito off and on for years. I know you can speak English. I’ve heard it before, as have many of these people. What’s your game here?

Miss Doll: We would like to remind you we are not here to answer questions. Now, the statement. And I quote “Dear Mr. Reed. I, Mr. Saito, have came to Georgia without any sort of personal grudge against you. I think you are an extremely skilled champion and honorable man. However, you have something that I desperately want, and that is the AWA National Championship. My associates Mr. Duk and Mr Hiro helped resolve your issues with one Mr. Parsons, to make sure you are squarely focused on my challenge. While I understand you are not willing to defend your title against me at this time, we will pin you at the Omni, and according to pre-established rules in GCW, pinning the Champion means you are entitled to a title shot. Signed, Mr. Saito, Future AWA National Champion.”

*Saito and his “Associates” proceed to walk off, leaving a seeming more confused and frustrated announce team then came to begin with*


4. The Andersons

Ole Anderson with Arn Anderson defeats James Wright with Terry Daniels with the Figure 4 Leglock. During the match Schiavone and Hart bring up that Terry Daniels got a Pinfall over David Sammartino And has a Superstation title shot tomorrow night.

Ole Anderson: Well Tony,  not as cocky as usual with us, are you? Bassarab and Thornton? Beat. Not only beat, but Bassarab had to fly back up to Canada because he has a tear in his knee. So our biggest threat at these Tag Belts are officially no more. And then there’s the pretty boy. Rick, let me give you a little piece of advice, man to man. Follow the other Canadian now. Get out while you can. You wanted a highlight for your career? You pinned me. It took surprising me completely, but you beat me. I’ll let that off. But if you continue to work down here, it’s going to very very badly for you.

Schiavone: I hate to break it to you, but not only is Martel still committed to staying... he has requested, and has been granted, a match tonight with Arn Anderson.

Arn Anderson: WHAT!? I didn’t agree to this! This company seems to hate the Andersons, and sooner or later someone will pay!


5. Harley Race’s GCW return

Schiavone: Welcome back Me. Race.

Race: Good to see you have a sharp memory Tony. It’s good to be back in Georgia, though it seems like this place has been going to hell in a hand basket lately. Last time I was here was before Sammartino was hiring himself a goon, before Mr. Saito was here and taking out wrestlers, and most obviously, before Patera and Blackwell came in and started wrecking shop. Now, first and foremost, my goal here is simple, and that is the AWA World Title. That said, Gary, you and your boys are on the right here. So, I have a simple request to Georgia officials. I want to ref that Cage Match. I’m sick and tired of how many people are being taken out left and right. I want to be in that cage, because these attacks need to be countered.


6. Main Event: Rick Martel vs. Arn Anderson go to a 15 minute draw.

Just an impressive technical display from both men. That said, as the time limit draw bell is run, Ole immediately gets in the ring to jump Martel. The Andersons once more look to be beating down Martel and might leave him bloody, when Les Thornton runs down, and sends the Andersons 


Other Notes

Brutus Beefcake w/ David Sammartino & Giant Haystacks defeats Italian Stallion

Bret Wayne Sawyer w/ Don Muraco defeats Swede Hanson




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Patera and Blackwell vs Dibiase and Muraco in a cage is going to be a war!

I like the Ebony Express name for the former Zambuie's. A six man with Reed against the Japanese team at the Omni should be a nice little fight!

The Baby Doll segment was great! Having Gary Hart calling out that Saito can speak English only made it better. Well Done!

Still digging your portrayal of The Anderson's

Harley's back and looking to put himself right back at the top of the pack, even if that apparently means playing all sides. Him reffing that cage match, only makes it more interesting, and potentially more dangerous!

I could watch The Anderson's beat up Martel all night, stupid Les Thornton getting in the way. The boys need to break his leg!

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Love this format.

Ted Dibiase is doing a great job as champ as he is able to play both good and evil which makes for a great traveling title holder

Reed has picked some big dudes to help protect him which makes this fun.

Love Miss. Doll

Race as a ref could go either way!

Martel and Arn would be pure magic in the ring



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Damn, I cant wait for the Dibiase/Muraco-Patera/Blackwell cage match! 

Smart move on Reed's part to bring in the Ebony Express as back up.

Great segment with Miss Doll. Aligning her with Saito and company is brilliant. 

Ole Anderson makes ominous comments towards Martel. Ole was the master of calm threats.

Harley Race returns! Looking forward to seeing what he does in this hard hitting territory. 

Arn and Martel put on a 15 minute classic. Looks like Martel has an ally in Thornton. 

GCW is really coming on strong! 


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