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House Show Loop 

July 6th, Municipal Auditorium in Columbus, Georgia

Jose Lothario defeats The Mongel in 8:37

Terry Daniels & James Earl Wright defeat Ben Alexander & Steve Pardee in 6:53

Ben Bassarab and Les Thornton go to a 20 minute time limit draw with Kim Duk & Tojo Yamamoto

Arn Anderson defeats Jules Strongbow in 8:14 after interference by Ole Anderson, leading to Arn hitting a Gordbuster

Ole Anderson defeats Joe Lightfoot in 11:32 when he Low Blowed Lightfoot when the ref was distracted with Strongbow and Arn at ringside

“Hacksaw” Butch Reed defeats Sifi Afi in 5:14 with a Press Slam

AWA World Tag Team Title Match: The Road Warriors of Hawk and Animal defeat Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley in 8:21 when Hawk pinned Austin after a Top Rope Clothesline


July 7th, Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta, Georgia

The Gladiators (Terry Gibbs And Gary Royal under masks) defeat Johnny Rodz & Mark Regin in 7:41

Yokozuna defeats Pete Doherty in 3:28 with a Savate Kick. Post Match Yokozuna is heading to the back at the same time Giant Haystacks was making his way to the ring, and they had a minor standoff

Giant Haystacks defeats Scott Farris in 2:02  via ref stoppage after a running elbow drop

Iceman King Parsons defeats Swede Hanson in 9:44 with the Butt Bump

Harley Race defeats Jerry Gray in 7:21 with a Piledriver

AWA Superstation Television Title Match: Stan Hansen defeats Hiro Saito in 13:51 after hitting  the Lariat

AWA World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan & Ted DiBiase defeat Heaven’s Angels (Vines and Sword) in 9:27 when Hogan hit Vines with the Ax Bomber


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Couple of house shows to get the vibe in Georgia going. 

Liked that Bassarab/Thornton-Duk/Tojo draw.

The Andersons are united and are going to cause some havoc

Road Warriors come to town and defend against Pez and Norvell. 


UT OH! seeds are planted with Yoko and Haystacks.

Hogan is set to defend against Dibiase but tonight they work well together and get a win over Heaven's Angels. 

Cant wait for your first TV and watch what you do with this roster. 

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Welcome to the game!

Great job on seamlessly picking things up where they left off while still putting your spin on things.

A couple of really solid shows here....good to see Butch Reed back on the winning side of things.

Yoko in '84 wasn't nearly the massive man he would go onto be later....but a collision between he and Giant Haystacks will still be quite the clash!

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Georgia Championship Wrestling, WTBS Studio, July 8th

Georgia Championship Wrestling opens with an odd scene: Someone other then Gordon Solie at the main booth. 

Schiavone: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to Georgia Championship Wrestling! My name is Tony Schiavone and we have a loaded card tonight, with Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley, as well as Iceman King Parsons in action! And in the main event Stan Hansen will defend his Superstation title in a match with newcomer Tojo Yamamoto! And the AWA Champion Hulk Hogan is in the building tonight!

Now, let me address something with everyone right out of the gate, Gordon Solie still works for the AWA, but as we have talked about in recent weeks, a new member of the AWA family, known as Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. Gordon has opted to work up in that area and you guys can watch him right on this channel as well! And speaking of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling, we are having a co-promoted show tomorrow night at the Omni, and it might be the biggest night in Georgia Wrestling History! Ted DiBiase will be challenging Hulk Hogan for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship!    Butch Reed will try to reclaim the AWA National Heavyweight Championship against Buzz Sawyer with special guest referee, The Iceman, King Parsons! As well as the match to determine the inaugural AWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion between “Wildfire” Tommy Rich and this man, the 7 time World Heavyweight Champion, Harley Race.

*Race walks up to the podium to mostly boos*

Schiavone: Harley, you have a big opportunity tomorrow night in the Omni.

Race: First of all, you don’t call me “Harley” again. To you I am Mr. Race, and don’t forget that. I might take that from Solie, but not from you do you understand.

Schiavone: ... Yes Mr. Race

Race: That’s better. Now, tomorrow night me and Tommy Rich get to continue the war me and him have been having for years. Now, I heard that Tommy Rich has described me as the man he always ends up getting back to. And I can understand that from his perspective, since so many of his biggest moments come back to me. But to me? He’s just another great wrestler I’ve wrestled dozens of times. Tommy is a great wrestler. But I’m the greatest wrestler to ever live. And I’ll prove that yet again tomorrow at the Om


*Commercial Break*


Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley vs. The Gladiators 

A nice reaction for Pez and Norvell here, coming of a solid, but losing effort against the Road Warriors, get match against the new masked duo the Gladiators. After a brief stretch of control on Norvell, Pez makes the tag and ends up putting away Gladiator #2 (Gibbs) with an impressive diving headbutt.

Winners in 8:25, Pez Whatley & Norvell Austin

After the match, Pez and Austin join Schiavone at the broadcast booth.

Schiavone: Ladies And Gentlemen, Pez Whatley And Norvell Austin

Pez: Ooh boy, tomorrow night! Me and Norvell are getting allllll our momentum back! Iron Sheik, Ivan Koloff, you boys don’t stand a chance! We are gonna take that match, and after that, we are coming for whoever has the Tag Belts!


*Commercial Break*


Iceman King Parsons vs. Randy Barber

Parsons, usually a fan favorite, is still getting mixed reactions at best now a days with the controversy over his recent problems with Butch Reed, and Iceman seems troubled in general as of late. His usual exuberant actions are much more subdued, but it has had the benefit of him seeming to be a touch more focused in the ring. Barber barely got out of the blocks here as the Iceman seemed to want to get this one over with quickly. After a flurry of offense Parsons hit a big leaping clothesline and that’s all she wrote

Winner in 2:27 via Pinfall: Iceman King Parsons

Schiavone: Iceman, tomorrow night at the Omni, you have been appointed the special guest official for the final battle for the AWA National Title between Buzz Sawyer and your...friend, Butch Reed

Iceman: Don’t think I didn’t notice that hesitation there new guy. Fact of the matter is, the Iceman has found himself in the middle of controversy in the last couple months. It seems like every step I take, I’m going the wrong direction, ya dig it Nobody be believin the Iceman anymore. So tomorrow night at the Omni, I’m going to do what I need to do in order to...

*”Hacksaw” Butch Reed makes his way to the stage, interrupting Parsons, as they stare each other down for a moment.*

Reed: Now listen here sucka. I’m gonna just lay this out there, and that will be the end of it. You claim you are Hacksaw’s friend? You claim none of the bull you have pulled has been intentional? Fine. If you want to prove ya self, then tomorrow night, I have just one ask! Just call the match, and stay out of the way. I’m not askin for no favors, cause I don’t need em. You hear me?

*Parsons nods, surprisingly quiet at the interaction, before walking off seemingly in contemplation*

Reed: Now, as for you Buzz Sawyer, we’ve done this song and dance more times then I can count. They say this is the last one. They say that all the bragging rights are down to this. But I don’t care about any of that, I just want what was taken from me. No more talkin’, tomorrow I’m taking my title back, and sending you out of Georgia permanently. And that’s a promise, sucka.


*Commercial Break*


Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are being joined by Ole and Arn, the Andersons at this time.

*Arn and Ole make there way to the podium to loud booms*

Ole: You would think these people would have learned by now their opinions of us are probably furthest things from our minds.

Schiavone: Ole, Arn, you both have big singles matches tomorrow night at the Omni. 

Ole: That’s right son. You see, I know your new around here, so let me give you a brief rundown. Hacksaw Jim Duggan came into this company spitting fire about all he was going to accomplish here, but at the end of the day he didn’t do none of it. He couldn’t gain the upper hand against Reed, and when that failed, he ended up taking a swing at me when we’re supposed to be partners. Me and Arn didn’t take too kindly to that. So we bloodied him up and ran him out of town. This attempt at getting a final one up is only going to bring him more pain

Schiavone: If I recall correctly, the last time you and Duggan met he left you laying

Ole: If you use that lip again boy, I’m gonna beat it off you.

Arn: As for Brett Wayne Sawyer, Buzz’s little brother is exactly where he  always has been and always will be, and that’s stuck in his big brothers shadow. Buzz is a great man, and Brett could be sitting around and learning from his brother, but instead he treats him like a dog, like he’s beneath him. I’m gonna beat some respect into you, boy. Maybe then you will recognize what Buzz could teach you.

Ben Bassarab & Les Thornton vs. Ben Alexander & Steve Pardee

Bassarab has recently fallen under the wing of Les Thornton, both joining the tag ranks at recent house shows. This is the first time we’ve seen them in combo in the Superstation, and they look sharp working together, both with solid mat based attacks. Eventually Bassarab hits Alexander with a Crossbody off the top for three.

Winner in 7:26 via Pinfall: Ben Bassarab & Les Thornton


*Commercial Break*


Schiavone: Fans, please welcome, the AWA World Champion, Hulk Hogan!

*The fans roar as Hulk makes his way to the ring, carry the AWA World Title around his waist*

Hogan: Thank you Tony, and it’s great to be here in Georgia. And tomorrow night Tony, Hulkamania is coming to the Omni! Now, I’ve gone threw some of the toughest men in the Industry. Jerry Lawler. Bad News Allen. Austin Idol. I’ve been threw them all. And Ted DiBiase, you are next, brother. Now Ted, your reputation proceeds you. Everyone knows what tactics you’ve done in the past to get what you want. You claim to have became a changed man,  but you still have Gary Hart by your side, and that ain’t gonna fly Jack! 

*DiBiase with his confidant Gary Hart make there way to the stage*

DiBiase: Hulk, first off, let me just say this. I understand why you wouldn’t trust me. I understand why you wouldn’t trust Gary. We’ve both done terrible things to people in our careers. But we both have one thing in common. We were tired of that life. We were tired of looking in the mirror and thinking about what our younger selves would think about the men we became. We’ve made bad choices, but that’s not what tomorrow is about. Tomorrow is about me finally showing everyone in the world, that I am the best. And that I don’t need help. I don’t need dirty tactics. You don’t trust Gary Hart being at ringside? Fine. Me and Gary already talked about it, and we agreed that I need to do this on my own. Nobody at ringside. Just you and me. One on one. I am going to beat you Hogan, one on one. And you know what? I’m gonna shake your hand before the match, as challenger. And after that, I’m gonna shake your hand after the match, as champion. 

Hogan (Grinning): You know what Ted, I like the fire. Tomorrow night. Me and you, brother! Hulkamania is gonna run wild in the Omni.


*Commercial Break*


Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, the AWA Superstation Champion, Stan Hansen.

*Stan charges his way to the table, grabbing the mic from Tony*

Hansen: I said months ago, I would defend this title against anybody and take on all challengers! Well, after I beat that man in the ring right there, I will be defending this belt in the Omni tomorrow! I asked for the toughest man Great Lakes could throw at me. I should have known there was no way that you could resist another war Brody! No matter how many times we have this battle, it won’t ever end! You aren’t taking this belt off my waist, and I’ll be sending you back up to Michigan, or Ohio, or Minnesota, or wherever you’re going a beaten man! 

AWA Superstation Television Championship Match: Stan Hansen vs. Tojo Yamamoto

Hansen was a house of fire early on Yamamoto who is making his first appearance in the Georgia area, but Yamamoto brought a lot more fight then most expected in this one. Yamamoto would return Hansen’s strikes with hard chops and strikes of his own. In the end though Hansen would not be denied with his match with his old rival and friend, and hit the Lariat.

Winner in 13:47, and still AWA Superstation Television Champion: Stan Hansen


Card for July 9th, at the Omni in Atlanta, Georgia

Shawn Michaels vs. Masked Superstar

Arn Anderson vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer

Ivan Koloff & Iron Sheik vs. Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley

 Ole Anderson vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

AWA Superstation Title Match: Stan Hansen vs. Bruiser Brody

AWA National Tag Team Title Match: The Fantastics vs. The Lone Riders

AWA National Title Match with Special Referee Iceman King Parsons: Buzz Sawyer vs. Hacksaw Butch Reed

AWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Match: Harley Race vs. Tommy Rich

 AWA World Title Match, Gary Hart Banned from Ringside: Hulk Hogan vs. Ted DiBiase

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Great first episode!

Really looking forward to Rich vs Race, a classic encounter with the title on the line.

Reed vs Sawyer is gonna be really interesting, as Iceman could go either way at this point.

The Andersons in singles matches is all well and good, but whoever comes out with the Tag Titles had better watch out.

Bassarab and Thornton could definitely be a sleeper team in the tag division, and you've got Pez and Austin too. Anderson's aren't going to be the only contenders waiting in the wings.

The Lariat and Tojo have a nice little throw down, but the real money comes in Hansen vs Brody for the TV Title! Sign me up!!!


Like I said,  great first episode. Looking forward to the show in the Omni!


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That card at the Omni is absolutely stacked. One of the best cards I've seen in the Project so far. Every title match could be the main event, without any hesitation. I think the National tag title match will steal the show.

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Must say that the format was really easy to read.  Great first show.  You have a lot of talent to write interviews and they were all spot on.  I love how they all disrespected the new announcer.  Really would have made Gordon Solie feel good.  The Omni card is going to be awesome!

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Fun TV here. Good promo from DiBiase. Curious to see if Ted keeps his word about nobody at ringside. 

Anytime you have the Iceman on the show you can't go wrong. Curious to see how Iceman as ref plays out at the Omni.

I've never seen anyone use the team of Pez and Norvell together before, I really like it. Sheik and Koloff will prove to be a very tough opponent.

That Omni card is ridiculous with talent.

I think Hansen was being nice to little old Tojo here. I'm thinking Stan could have easily put him away in 3 minutes rather than 13. 

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Georgia Championship Wrestling &


Great Lakes Championship Wrestling Present:


AWA Wrestling at the Omni, in Atlanta Georgia, July 9th, 1984


Shawn Michaels vs. Masked Superstar

The Superstar is here working a match against the young Shawn Michaels, and he is absolutely relentless on the young man, using his size and power to keep the youngster on the defensive, eventually he locks in the Cobra Clutch, and that was it

Winner via Submission in 7:14: The Masked Superstar


Arn Anderson vs. Brett Wayne Sawyer

A good competitive match between the 2. Anderson might have had more momentum recently, but Brett is no slouch. At the end of the day, Arn ends up being just too much on this date, and puts away Sawyer with a Gordbuster

Winner in 13:18 by Pinfall: Arn Anderson


Ivan Koloff & Iron Sheik vs. Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley

Austin & Whatley are trying to reclaim there momentum here, but they drew a very tough test in this one. Austin and Whatley has some really nice momentum going early, but eventually the power of Shiek and Koloff just become too much, and Whatley is forced to tap to the Bearhug of Koloff.

Winner via Submission in 11:03: Ivan Koloff & Iron Sheik


Before the next match can happen, David Sammartino makes his way to the ring and grabs the house mic.

Sammartino: Angelo Poffo! You claimed I was like your son! And then out of nowhere, you and Lanny “worked out your differences” and left me packing! How dare you! You had a winner! And you ended it to work with your loser son who has never accomplished anything! Well I don’t need you, but I do want to send your entire family out of here! And I know your son is in the building! If you hav any guts, he will bring himself out here so I can tar and feather him out of Georgia

Lanny Poffo, it’s father Angelo, quickly makes his way out, easier to take the challenge, 

Lanny Poffo w/Angelo Poffo vs. David Sammartino

Sammartino is trash talking Angelo on the outside, as the bell rings, actively leaning over the rope, paying no attention to Lanny. Lanny quickly comes up behind him, and jumps straight into a crucifix pin. The ref makes the count, and gets the 3!

Winner via Pinfall, in 13 seconds: Lanny Poffo


Ole Anderson vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Ole has been growing tired of Duggan ever since Hacksaw attacked the Andersons when he was their partner in a 6 man tag, and wanted this to be him sending Duggan packing as a loser. But there are no many men that can match power with Duggan. And Duggan is just throwing out power moves early, and Ole is heavily on the defensive. But if few can match Duggan’s power, even fewer can match Ole’s craftiness. As Duggan was trying to get in the ring after some ringside brawling, Ole took out his leg leaving his other leg tied in the ropes, and Ole took his opportunity and went to town.

After the leg was finally separated from the ropes, Ole did hIs best to keep Duggan neutralized, doing everything he can think of to keep Duggan grounded. Eventually Duggan managed to find some breathing room, and even with one proper leg was managing to throw Ole around. Late in the match though, Arn makes his way to the ring, and is arguing with the ref in the apron, Duggan is going over to try to get Arn off the prom, but Ole tries to attack behind. Unluckily for the Andersons, Duggan knows who he is facing and how they work. Duggan moves out of the way, and Ole and Arn collide! Ole is looking to th floor in shock, and doesn’t see Duggan going down in the 3 Point Stance. When he turns he walks into a nasty surprise, and that’s all she wrote for this one

Winner via pinfall, in 12:56: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Post Match, while Hacksaw is celebrating, Arn runs in from behind and clips Duggan in his bad knee. Arn keeps stomping the knee, as Ole stands to also continue the assault. Ole is calling for locking I a Figure 4 when Terry Taylor comes and, and is a house of fire! Ole and Arn retreat, as Taylor helps Duggan to his feet and raises his arm in victory.


 AWA Superstation Title Match: Stan Hansen (c) vs. Bruiser Brody

There is a buzzing before the bell even rings for this one, and this one goes absolutely crazy at the bell, with both men charging and fists a flyin’! Brody actually gains a brief advantage early, booting Hansen enough for Stan to lose his footing, which gets a big pop. Brody wastes no time, and looks for a King Kong Knee, but Hansen rolls out of the way, and quickly Lariats Brody as Bruiser stands, which causes Brody to roll out of the ring. Hansen follows, but is met with Brody throwing a ringside chair straight at Hansen. From there this goes full wild crowd brawl, with Hansen and Brody causing a sea of people to move away from everyone raving mad men. Eventually the ref has to call the match

This Match Has Been Ruled a No Contest


AWA National Tag Team Title Match: The Fantastics vs. The Lone Riders (c)

This two teams have had all sorts of matches for months now, but every time it seems like the Fantastics have there grasp on the tag belts, the Irwin boys have managed to escape with their gold. It seems early that this match will not be a long one: The Fantastics come out pushing the pace, and this feels more like a straight up fight then a match, and there is no feeling out process to any degree. Rogers and Bill are actively brawling on the floor for a lot of the early going, while Fulton has Scott clearly on the defensive in the ring. Unluckily for the Fantastics, Bill manages to get the upper hand on Tommy on the floor, and hits Fulton running the ropes in the back of the head to gain control for the Riders.

The Riders make an interesting choice and try to keep the match more simple and start working over Fulton while Rogers gets to the corner to try to get the crowd fired up. But the Irwin’s are just giving Fulton very little room to breath, and hit him with a Lariat for a long 2. The crowd is really getting fired up, as Fulton keeps firing back, but Bill manages to send Bobby out of the ring and, distracts the ref long enough for Scott to hit a Swinging Neckbreaker on the floor, and Bobby looks out! Tommy checks on his partner briefly, and Fulton ends up barely beating the count. Bill makes the tag and senses the end, and starts to try to hook up Bobby for a Superplex, but Fulton fights him off, and Bill falls off the 2nd to the mat! This gives Fulton the time to finally make the tag to Rogers, and the crowd goes nuts!

Tommy is a house of fire, firing back on the Bill, and sending him packing. Even Scott trying to interject gets nowhere, as Rogers has the momentum fully on his side. He hits a big Dropkick sending Scott out of the ring while he’s trying to interject. Bill tries to take his moment, and whips Tommy off the ropes, but Bobby makes a blind tag. Irwin ends up trying for a reverse waist lot, Rogers runs to the ropes, and Fulton goes for the sunset flip, and it gets the three, as the crowd goes wild!

Winners via Pinfall in 21:17, and NEW AWA National Tag Team Champions, Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton, The Fantastics


AWA National Title Match with Special Referee Iceman King Parsons: Buzz Sawyer (c) vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed

Iceman is out first, and seems to be treating his role as referee incredibly seriously, wearing full gear. Reed seems to be partially distracted by everything, where as Sawyer just seems amused at the entire conflict his 2 enemies find themselves in. This starts out more slow then recent matches with the two. Butch seems like to be wrestling like he’s expected to be jumped from behind in the early going, and while Parsons does force some clean breaks, but it’s tense, while Sawyer just seems amused. Finally, Parsons went to break up a hold Reed had on Sawyer, and it leads to a staredown,  but Sawyer takes advantage quickly with some hard strikes to take the momentum.

Buzz takes advantage, using his power to control Reed. Sawyer starts to take more and more liberties with the rules, and Parsons starts to get in Sawyers face, which just seems to amuse Sawyer. Parsons looks like he wants to deck Sawyer, at this point. Reed keeps finally gets some a moment to breath after a few moments of Sawyer actually being pulled out of the corner by Parsons, and Reed fires back with hard punches and a Lariat that gets a 2.

Sawyer and Reed basically forget about Parsons at this point, and this just becomes a bomb throwing contest. Reed hits a gigantic Lariat and gets a close near fall, and it looks like he is going to be able to finish him off. Reed go for an attack in the corner, but Sawyer pulls Iceman in the way to slow him down. Reed stops, and Sawyer attacks with a hard forearm, and throws Reed off the rope and hits a Powerslam! The cover







Reed’s foot goes onto the rope....



Sawyer starts to celebrate, but before Parsons immediately notices that Reeds foot was on the ropes. He looks out to the crowd who are shouting and booing that Reed has made it before the Pinfall. Sawyer is raising his arm, and Parsons literally throws his arm down, and calls for the match to continue, as the crowd goes wild. Sawyer threatens to deck Parsons, but before he can, Reed hits the rope by him and hits a Jumping Lariat! Reed with the cover.










Winner by Pinfall at 18:29, and NEW AWA National Heavyweight Champion: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed


Post Match, Sawyer jumps Parsons and starts trying to beat him down. Reed quickly makes the save, though Sawyer is answering back with shots of his own. He goes to whip Reed in for another Powerslam, but Reed counters. After he bounces back from the ropes, it’s straight into a Parsons Butt Bump! Reed and Parsons have a brief staredown, but shake each other’s hands, and Parsons raises Reeds hand to signify his victory.


AWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Match: Harley Race vs. “Wildfire” Tommy Rich

Rich seems pretty emotional going into the match, having spent so much time working Georgia and knowing this might be his last time working in the area. Race in the other hand has the feel of “been there done that” to him. That said, Wildfire is living up this nickname in this match and is brawling all over the ring and ringside area, having Race heavy on the defense through 5. However, Race is crafty, and when Rich is turned to get encouragement from the fans, Race shoves Race into the ring post to the gasps of the crowd. Rich can barely gets back in the ring at an 8 count, but he’s busted open. 

From there Race has taken solid control from a beaten down Rich. Harley focuses on the head, with punches, stops, and some well aimed knee drops, and Rich is clearly in rough shape. However Wildfire still has a heart of a lion, and when Race tries to put him away with a Piledriver, Rich fights out, and turns the tables with hard shots, leading to a running forearm for a 2 count. Race rolls out to the ring, but Rich chases him down. In a crazy moment, Rich actually catches an unaware Race with a Thesz Press on the floor! Race is clearly feeling the hurt now, and struggles to make it into the ring at the 9 count, Rich wants to continue on offense, but the ref is worried Race might be in no condition to continue, as it appears he hit the back of his head on the floor, and is doing a check on him.

Rich is waiting it in in the corner, taking a breath and waiting for an all clear, when suddenly the Masked Superstar runs out to the ring, to Tommy’s blind side. And WHAM, Superstar hits him right in the head with a punch, that decks Wildfire. Superstar immediately clears the ringside area, appearing to be taking something off his hand in the process. Race finally returns to his feet, still holding the back of his head, but knows enough to take advantage of the opportunity. Race picks up Rich, who is now gushing blood, as the shot punch appears to have opened up the cut even further. Race wastes little time, and hits Rich with a Piledriver. Cover.... 1...........





Kickout! Rich somehow kicked out of the Piledriver after the weapon shot! Race seems to be in disbelief, but quickly the shock turns to anger, and Harley gets vicious. His offense is now much more grainy, like scrapping at the cut with his forearm, with some sharp blows to the head  with his elbow. Rich is just dripping blood now, with many female fans screaming at the image. Race even resorts to raking Rich’s forehead against his boot laces, and now there is blood all over the ring and the mat. The doctor at ringside is trying to get involved, but the ref gives Rich a chance to stand to defend himself. Rich achieves the feat, but keels over almost immediately, and the ref and doctor have seen enough, and call for the bell

Winner, at 22:40 via doctor stoppage from blood loss, and NEW AWA Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion: Harley Race



AWA World Title Match, Gary Hart Banned from Ringside: Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase

A very mixed crowd here early, as Hulk is beloved, but DiBiase is the man the fans at the Omni are more used to seeing, and it’s easy root for the home towner. DiBiase is a man of his word, and extends a hand to Hulk as the match gets going, and Hulk shakes it, which gets some applause from the crowd. In the early going it’s a match more focused around Hulks power vs. DiBiase’s craftiness, though Hogan’s power seems to be winning out. DiBiase has to go outside to regroup and get his focus back multiple times, leading one to wonder if he misses Gary Hart’s presence at ringside. Eventually DiBiase gets a little desperate, and when Hogan grabs DiBiase by the hair to drag him back in the ring, DiBiase drops Hulk throat first over the top rope, a move that gets some boos from the crowd. 

DiBiase jumps on his opening, realizing an opportunity doesn’t come often against Hogan, and shifts his focus to grounding him. Multiple strikes, from stomps to fist drops, followed by more moves to ground Hogan and keep the wind out of him. DiBiase actually gets some power moves in as well, hitting a Vertical Suplex for a 2 count. Hogan isn’t the champ because of lack of heart though, and he seems to hit a second wind when DiBiase goes more high risk with a 2nd rope Knee Drop attempt misses. Hogan is firing up now, putting real pressure on DiBiase with strikes that has Ted covering up. DiBiase is doing a decent job weathering the storm, and even ducks under an Axe Bomber attempt. However DiBiase runs the ropes behind Hogan after the miss, only to run into a Hogan Big Boot! Thankfully for Ted, he manages to roll out of the ring before Hogan can hit the Legdrop. 

DiBiase gets up at 6, and takes a second to revaluate before heading back in the ring. It seems a DiBiase has either changed his strategy or just gotten desperate, because as he gets in, he goes after Hogan aggressively, really pushing the tempo. Hogan actually seems moderately caught off guard at DiBiase throwing dropkicks and hitting him with flurries of strikes in the corner, and it feels like Ted has really kept the momentum swung his way, and tries lifting Hogan up for an Over Shoulder Powerslam, but Hogan strikes him off. Ted throws some more strikes to stagger Hogan, and hits the ropes to hit a bigger one. Hogan puts up the Boot, but DiBiase was prepared for that, and ducks under, and when Hogan turns, DiBiase lifts him for a Powerslam again, but Hogan slides out the back, and shoves DiBiase forward... straight into the referee in the corner, who gets sandwiched. DiBiase seems alarmed, and tries to check on the ref, not wanting to lose his title opportunity to Disqualification, but the ref seems out. DiBiase turns and WHAM! Hogan was ready in wait with the Axe Bomber! The impact takes DiBiase to the outside, face down, as Hogan seems to just now realize the referee is out, and goes to check on him. The crowd starts yelling at Hulk in warning, which he hears in time to turn around straight into...



Hogan is shocked, but immediately is ready to fight with the Crusher. Both men are appearing ready to throw down when the crowd starts trying to warn Hulk again, but he’s not quick enough to stop... 



And Patera catches Hogan off guard by going straight for the Full Nelson. Hulk tries to fight it off, but is rapidly also overwhelmed by punches from Blackwell, which let’s Patera fully apply the hold. He’s swinging Hogan heavily, and Blackwell is adding extra punishment with additional punches, and Hogan starts to fall limp. Patera literally rides the Full Nelson all the way to the ground with Hogan face down, he lets go, only for Blackwell to hit a running splash on Hogan’s back as well! The crowd boo mercilessly, and trash is starting to hit the ring. Patera and Blackwell, seemingly happy with the damage they’ve done, start to leave the ring as the ref starts to stir. 

At this point, DiBiase is starting to emerge from the floor, and slides into the ring slowly. Miraculously, Hulk is starting to make his way to his feet as DiBiase is, as the ref is starting to shake out the cob webs. DiBiase starts throwing shakes strikes, with Hogan offering little resistance. DiBiase goes for a big running forearm again, and Hulk tries to get up the Big Boot up, but his back is just too beat up. DiBiase stopped in the middle to try to avoid the Boot, but quickly reacts, lifting Hulk up for the big Powerslam... and hits it! He covers













DiBiase has done it!

Your Winner, via Pinfall at 21:57, and NEW AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Ted DiBiase


DiBiase is over the moon celebrating, but the crowd in Georgia seems incensed. Trash is now being pelted into the ring, which seems to confuse DiBiase. After celebrating with his title, he goes to seemingly help Hogan to his feet, but Hogan shrugs him off, clearly beyond upset. DiBiase let’s this go, and after Hogan stands, extends his hand. This seems to anger Hogan further, as starts throwing rights quickly to escape the assault. DiBiase looks at Hulk angrily, while Hulk yells out calling Ted a cheat, as the show comes to an end...


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No need to apologize.  You guys have done an amazing job in such a short period of time.  

What a card!  I hope you two continue to do some work together as this was awesome!

Can't pick my favorite match...

Love the Reed-Sawyer match with Iceman as the ref.

Rich vs Harley delivered as expected.  Hope Wildfire gets rematch.

The title match was great!  Dibiase will be an awesome champ as he can do it all!

Brody-Hansen was perfect.  Those two could fight every night and the fans would keep coming.

The Fantastics get the win over the much bigger team but they got some real heart.  Hope they continue to roll as they always make the fans happy.


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Well, definitely paid off to have you two join in the game already! Great joint show! Loved the National Tag Team title match. And all of a sudden, The Fantastics rendez-vous with Bill White & Johnny Weaver in Logan, WV at Battle of the Belts just became much more interesting! :)

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Masked Superstar makes short work of some young punk in the opener, nice win for the masked man!

Double A and Brett Sawyer have a nice little go round, but in the end Arn picks up the win. Looking forward to seeing what the Andersons do under the new regime.

Sheik and Koloff pick up a nice win and stop the momentum of Pez and Norvell. Koloff and Sheik is a very dangerous team, and whoever leaves with the tag belts had best be wary of them.

and finally the inexplicable David Sammartino push is over!! Go Lanny!!

Very interesting contest between Duggan and Ole. Hacksaw manages to get one over on the Andersons, then immediately pays for it, only to be saved by Terry Taylor. This sets up what should be an awesome feud, and just gave the tag team division one hell of a boost.

Brody and Hansen brawl to a wild no contest.... that seems unlikely!

The Fantastics finally picked up their long coming win over the Long Riders in an awesome match. But man do they have a lot of challengers waiting in the wings.

Reed regains the title, after Parsons proves that everything was accident. Buzz Sawyer is going to be an angry man, and the follow up to all of this should be fun.

Race and Rich put on a classic as expected until Masked Superstar shows up and costs Tommy the match, but Harley Race being the champion in Georgia is things as they are supposed to be!

Didn't expect The Sheiks to show up and cost Hogan the title, but it's a good way to get the title on Dibiase, put some doubt on everything, and give the Hulkster some people to fight next time he is in town!

Fantastic show all around, and no worries on being a couple days late. Picking up the pieces of someone else's story lines, and sorting all this shit out can't be easy. Awesome job!

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Great show! A joint show is an awesome way for both promotions to hit the ground running and you guys certainly have!!

Solid card from top to bottom....but perhaps my favorite match was the Fantastics getting their long awaited win over the Long Riders!

Great job on picking up with what was already happening in Georgia and playing off that as well as tying up some loose ends.

Nice win for Harley over Rich for the title but I'm sure Tommy Rich will be looking for revenge on not only Race but Superstar as well!

Great work implementing the Sheiks into Dibiase's title win...Hogan's vengeance may become focused on them allowing Dibiase to slip off of Hogan's radar as champion.

Great job guys and again welcome to the game!!

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First off, awesome debut TV show! I love how the heels really welcomed in Schiavone LOL. Great build to the big Omni card.

Outstanding Omni card! 

Masked Superstar wins the opener in brutal fashion. 

Arn beats Brett Sawyer with the classic gordbuster.

Pez and Norvell were fired up but Sheik and Koloff walk away with a strong win.

LOL, David was so upset he lost focus and Lanny takes advantage to get the very quick win. 

Duggan beats Ole and solidifies himself as a face. Andersons do a post match beat down but Terry Taylor comes to Duggan's rescue! This should be a fun feud.

Hansen and Brody had to end this way. These two always have epic brawls and I hope to see more of them.

Fantastics finally beat the Long Riders for the belts! What a chase and it finally pays off here.

I liked all the intrigue surrounding the Reed/Sawyer match. I thought for sure Parsons was turning on Reed but NO! he calls it fair and Reed walks away with the title! Great stuff! 

Race vs. Rich was epic. Rich had things going until his old rival Masked Superstar comes in and helps Race destroy Rich. Creative ending that keeps Rich strong.

What a main event! I didn't know where this match would end up and I never expected this. Patera and Blackwell work over Hogan while Dibiase is down. Poor Dibiase, wins the title but the fans and Hogan really give it to him. Did Dibiase know about this? We'll find out. Dibiase is the new AWA World Champ! 

Superb show from top to bottom!  


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Georgia Pro Wrestling Live, July 13th in Columbus, Georgia

James Wright & Terry Daniels (Now going by the team name “The Patriots”) defeat Ben Alexander and Johnny Rodz in 6:12

Hiro Saito defeats Buck Zumhofe in 9:11

David Sammartino defeats Jose Lothario via pinfall after hitting a Low Blow in 11:57

Ben Bassarab & Les Thornton defeat Swede Hanson & Tojo Yamamoto in 14:16 when Thornton rolled up Yamamoto

Norvell Austin & Pez Whatley defeated Heavens Angels  in 12:59 when Whatley pinned Vines.

Giant Haystacks defeats Jerry Grey in 2:12 via ref stoppage after hitting an Elbow a Drop. Post Match, Haystacks hit a second elbow drop, and Grey had to be stretchered out.

Butch Reed, Iceman King Parsons, and Stan Hansen defeat The Anderson’s & Yokozuna in 22:41 when Hansen pinned Arn after a Lariat.

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Great card in Columbus!

Awesome way to establish Haystacks as a dangerous competitor with the ref stoppage and the stretcher job after the 2nd elbow

What a main event....I love the idea of Reed/Parsons/Hansen as a team....I still cringe every time I see the name Yokozuna in 1984 but regardless you can't go wrong with the Andersons in the main event.

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Like the Patriots name for Daniels and Wright

David Sammartino pulls off the classic heel  lowblow to defeat Lothario.

Bassarab and Thornton continue to stack up wins.

Great job in establishing Haystacks as a monster heel. 

Awesome hard hitting main event that sends the fans home happy. 

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Georgia Championship Wrestling Television, WTBS Studios, July 14th 1984

*The Show opens with highlights of the Omni show from the 9th, with brief footage of the finish to the AWA National Title Match And the AWA World Title Match.*

Tony Schiavone: Welcome to AWA Georgia Championship Wrestling Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Tony Schiavone, and we are coming off a monumental event at the Omni that saw 4 titles change hands! And we have tons of fallout on the show tonight, as the new AWA National Champion, Butch Reed is in the building, Stan Hansen has an open challenge once more for his Television Title, The monster from Japan, Yokozuna will be in action tonight, the official Georgia TV debut of former AWA Light Heavyweight debut “Rock n’ Roll” Buck Zumhofe, the Georgia return of “Magnificent” Don Muraco, as well as an appearance from the two men everyone in the AWA is talking about, the men who cost Hulk Hogan the AWA World Championship, Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera. But first, we have someone who requested some time, the manager of the new AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Gary Hart.

*Gary Hart makes his way to the desk, to a very mixed reaction. It seems like the boos are winning out*

Gary Hart: Schiavone, thank you for the time. And, quite frankly, I know you have questions, but I think my statement will answer most of them, so I will get straight to business. Now, first off, Ted DiBiase is not in the building today, because he has already started making the rounds around all the territories in the AWA, and is already preparing for multiple big title defenses. But Ted cannot wait to get back here to Georgia, and he will be back in 2 weeks. And he will address Jerry Blackwell and Ken Patera himself. But I want to give my 2 cents before then.

Let me put it quite simply. Ted DiBiase had no contact with Blackwell or Patera before that match. I did not have any contact with Jerry Blackwell or Ken Patera. We did not even know they were in Georgia, let alone in the Omni. We agreed to have me not be at ringside because Ted wanted to do this on his own, win or lose. And as excited as he is to be AWA World Champion, once he saw what you guys did in that match, he felt sick. If you wanted to make an ally, you did it in the exact opposite. That good enough for you, Schiavone?

Schiavone: I think it’s about as I am going to get until the champ gets back... Let’s take it to the ring, with the re-debut of Don Muraco!


“Magnificent “ Don Muraco vs. The Mongol

The Mongol is not a small man, but he just seems to be thrown around effortlessly by the power of Muraco. Muraco somewhat surprisingly seems to be playing to the crowd and getting positive reactions. Mongol gets some brief control, but Muraco hits some big Clothesline, and ends up finishing the match with an awesome Inverted Piledriver. 

Winner by Pinfall in 6:24: “Magnificent” Don Muraco


*Commercial Break*


Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen please help me in welco....

*Stan Hanson comes storming in, bull whip in one hand, the AWA Television Title in the other and Schiavone leaves the mic on the stand and runs off*

Hanson: Brody!!! Me and you are gonna go at it again sometime soon, and when I do I’m gonna stomp you so hard you will be feeling it for the rest of your life! But you couldn’t take this belt off me, could ya!? I keep tellin everyone that nobody can take this belt from my hands, and I wanna know who is next, cause I ain’t afraid of NO ONE!

*To the shock of just about everyone, David Sammartino comes out storming to the stage, and stares down a bemused looking Hanson*

Sammartino: You look here, you big hick! My old man sent you packing more then once and I’m twice the man he is! So if you call yourself a man, you better accept WHAM

*Hanson straight up decks Sammartino with one punch. Hanson then grabs Sammartino by the hair and throws him in the ring, demanding a ref get down to the ring right now. A ref gets down the ring and the bell is wrung.*


AWA Superstation Television Title Match: Stan Hanson (c) vs. David Sammartino

As soon as the bell rings when Sammartino is standing, Hanson Lariats his head off. The pinfall is academic.

Winner via Pinfall in 9 seconds, and still AWA Superstation Television Champion, Stan Hanson

Schiavone: I do believe that was the quickest match in GCW history! Hanson keeps his momentum going!


*Commercial Break*


Schiavone: Everybody please welcome, head of the GCW athletic committee, Jim Barnett 

Barnett: Thank you Tony, and thank you for agreeing to become our new lead announcer. The show at the Omni was a rousing success, but there is a situation that has to be resolved. The AWA National Tag Team Championships were won by Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers, but both have moved up to Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. We have decided the best solution to this is to debut the AWA Georgia Tag Team Championships. And we will be doing a one night tournament for the Belts in 2 days in Columbus! We will announce full brackets later tonight.

*Iceman King Parsons makes his way to the table, followed by the AWA National Champion Butch Reed*

Iceman: Now, Jim Boy, I want to make things clear. Me and my friend over here Hacksaw, we have put our differences aside, and all is right in the world, with him having the National Championship around his waist. But what you were selling there was something I call opportunity, and me and Hacksaw are ready to buy. For that tag team tournament, we want in.

Barnett: Well Mr. Parsons, I think that can be arranged. How about as a precursor to your appearance, you two get some work tonight in the Main Event? 

Iceman: That is what a I like to hear!


The Great Kokina w/Siva AfI vs. Joe Lightfoot

Siva Afi during the match joins commentary to announce that Yokozuna has requested to stop using an alias, and wants to to be his true name with his real heritage. Doesn’t affect much in the ring though, as the now Kokina physically dominates Lightfoot, putting him away Lightfoot with a Thrust Kick.

Winner via Pinfall in 4:19, The Great Kokina


*Commercial Break


*Before Schiavone can even reintroduce the show, David Sammartino storms back on the stage* 

Sammartino: HANSON! How dare you jump me before the match! That was a sham, and you know it! I demand a rematch, except this time, I want it No Holds Barred! You don’t mess with a Sammartino!

*Sammartino storms off, passing by Ole and Arn Anderson, also on there way to Schiavone*

Schiavone: Now for the actual scheduled interview time... Ladies and Gentlemen, the Andersons.

Ole: First of all, I would like to say that Jim Duggan And Terry Taylor are very very lucky they don’t work in Georgia anymore after the crap they pulled at the Omni. The fact that match isn’t being stricken from the record books is a crime. But, to more pressing matters, the Georgia Tag Titles. For one thing, this tournament is a sham, as they should have just been handed to me an Arn. But since we do have to do this tournament, I want to address something regarding the inclusion of Reed and Parsons in the tournament. How many tag matches do they have together? Certainly not enough to warrant being called a tag team. And Arn, you said you had a thought about the team.

Arn: Well the one thing that’s clear as day to anyone with eyes, is that Parsons is playing Reed like a fiddle. Parsons cost you that belt around your waist right now Reed. And the only reason he gave you that belt back is because if Buzz took it, it was leaving the promotion. And  you know he handed you the victory, because Buzz pinned you clean in that match. You are trusting the wrong man, and we want to be there when it bites you. So, we want to officially request to meet you two in the first round. We have something to prove.


Jose Lothario vs. Gary Young

The Veteran is here to send a message that he still has gas in the tank against the talented up and comer Gary Young. And this was a nice competitive match that got about 11 minutes before Lothario caught th young man with a Small Package


*Commercial Break*


Schiavone: Ladies and Gentlemen, May I introduce the former AWA World Tag Team Champions, Ken Patera, and “Crusher” Jerry Blackwell, The Sheiks.

Very loud boos as Patera and Blackwell make there way to the table, with Blackwell taking the lead

Blackwell: Well Tony, how was the Omni for making an impact in your first night in the promotion? But, there is something that needs to be addressed. The Sheiks was the name we went under when we were being paid by a very good man, but we do not anymore. We work for ourselves now, so just address us by our regular names, please.

Schiavone: Very well. Let’s start with the obvious question: Why did you attack a Hulk Hogan, leading to him losing the AWA World Championship.

Blackwell: Because we wanted too, obviously. 

Schiavone: You really expect me to believe that’s all.

Blackwell: Look, I know what you are thinking. Someone, paid us to take out Randy Savage, we took him out. Someone paid us to take out Hogan in Calgary, so someone obviously paid us to do it here, right? Hate to break your heart, but no. This wasn’t about money, this was about power. Someone made it very clear to us that if we took out Hogan, the road to power of AWA just goes through Ted DiBiase.

Schiavone: One last question: Was this “someone” you were talking too Gary Hart or Ted DiBiase.

Patera: Heh, Tony, I’ll give you this. The guy who wanted us to do this? It wasn’t Gary Hart. But now, for our goals. There are these new tag titles forming, right? Well, we are the best tag team in wrestling. So we are going to dominate the tournament and hold those belts till they decide they need new ones again.

*At this time Pez Whatley and Norvell Austin make there way out.*

Whatley: Now look here you two. You come in here to Georgia talking like you own the place while you ain’t accomplished nothin’ here. I know you think you are big players here, but the only thing big about you is Blackwell’s gut! So, you want in the tag tournament! Well we want to welcome you to Georgia the old fashioned way.

Blackwell: Oh, really? Well, I accept that. Just remember Pez, you asked for this.


*Commercial Break*


Main Event: “Hacksaw” Butch Reed And “Iceman” King Parsons vs. Hiro Saito & Kim Duk

A good competitive match with Saito and Duk actually holding there own with the 2 more established names. Duk and Saito started relying on more underhanded tactics as the match went in, raising the crowds ire. Eventually, Ole and Arn Anderson make there way to the ring, serving as a distraction, but don’t interject, as finally Parsons puts away Saito with the Butt Bump




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Gary Hart as a babyface is just nuts to me, but you are pulling it off. I fully expect the swerve to come, but I almost hope you swerve the swerve and have Dibiase double cross Gary.

There is definitely potential in Muraco as a face. I always liked him as the tye dye'd bad ass, but with Hogan and friends around didn't think he got a fair shake. Excited to see what you do with him!

Loved "The Lariat" embarrassing Sammartino! Now that I have Brody, if you need to borrow him for a fight with Hansen, just let me know!

Barnett announces a tournament for new Tag Titles, and Reed/Parsons appear to be back on the same page and want in. Interesting.....

1984 Yokozuna is finally dead!! Thank God!! Long Live The Great Kokina!! Thank You Dragon!!

Sammartino is an idiot!!

Ahh, The Andersons stirring up shit, I love it.

Lothario pulls out a win over "The Gorgeous One." That one surprised me!

Blackwell and Patera drop their name, and a few hints! Pez and Norvell may have just bitten off more than they can chew.

Iceman and Butch take on some formidable Japanese talent in the main event and pick up a nice win. Still wouldn't want a first round match with Arn and Ole!


Great Show!




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