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WWE TV 08/24 - 08/30 HUGE News!


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43 minutes ago, Burgundy LaRue said:

I see him keeping the vest for a number of reasons: merchandising, cover his hernia belt (if he still wears it), he's physically self-conscious. 

But they didn't play any music for him to close Summer Slam, which was interesting.

Maybe he has the vest as entrance gear and takes it off? Dude is wayyyyy too jacked.

25 minutes ago, MoS said:

I want to know what @KawadaSmile thought of the Neymar Crying meme

Man, I found those memes delicious. Pundits hyping him as best in the world in 2020 was absurd, so it was nice to have the hype die down a little. Fantastic player who once was a legit top 3 player in the world but way too pampered by the media.

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I'm guessing Orton gets a rematch at Payback because...I don't know...but I'd actually be in favor of Keith Lee challenging him after that or maybe turning Owens heel. Aside from that, who else is there on Raw that's even a possibility? 

I haven't watched much programming recently, but I thought Garza and Andrade had good chemistry last night. I'm not sure why they weren't given the gold. At this point, I'm not even sure who else is in the division and the idea of the Street Profits being some sort of dominant team doesn't gel with me. Its like if the Bushwhackers had been given a 9-month title run beating the Rougeaus, the Hart Foundation, and the Brainbusters. 

Reigns' return was an injection that SmackDown desperately needed, so I'm optimistic that Vince recognizes that the Red Brand needs something big too, namely a fresh challenger for Drew once this Orton feud is over.

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2 minutes ago, KawadaSmile said:

 But there's no reason to presume they completely overhauled his attire.

Not at all...

...except years and years of NXT acts getting fucked on the main roster, complete with unnecessary and detrimental character makeovers.

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