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WWE Saudimoney Bloodmania, Saudimania Bloodmoney


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11 minutes ago, Al said:

If there’s one redeeming qualities to these shows it’s Bill Goldberg, Jewish mega-baby face in Saudi Arabia.

Not really. Saudi Arabia and Israël are in good speaking terms right now. Which is fitting, since they are both criminal regimes. 

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I'm not watching this but Bianca beating both Sasha and Becky to take the belt over to Raw wouldn't have been the worst salvaging of her sputtering momentum. You could sort of frame it that while Becky got the drop on her at Summerslam, she actually was able to beat two of the Four Horsewomen, etc. Ah well.

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9 minutes ago, sek69 said:

Heyman being the coach that goes to the other team and spills all the secrets could be a fun angle. 

You got to respect how no matter how many times he loses favour, he always finds a way to get right in the middle of whatever is the biggest thing going on in WWE. 

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