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AEW Dynamite - February 2, 2022


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Is Punk vs MJF still an unofficial n°1 contenders match? I remember Punk really pushing the narrative of him going for the belt before the MJF feud but I haven't watch the past 2 weeks so I'm kinda lost on the status of the match.

There's gotta be a Keith Lee appearance right? seems like the perfect time for that kind of "surprise".

With Danielson being so interested in Mox matches, I wonder if Kendrick gets destroyed and he goes for the safe. Or if he swerves and continues to be a heel by beating the shit out of Kendrick for losing to Mox :lol:

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3 minutes ago, Tenese Sarwieh said:

Tony did what he had to do but I'm curious if he ever saw a shoot interview with Brian Kendrick and Paul London? The dude says crazy shit. 

I'm sure he knew about the wacky stuff like most of us did. The "Jews harvest eyeballs from disaster victims" was news to everyone. 

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