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Brock appears to be in a bad, career threatening way beyond the original mono:




Major surgery adds a new thing to the mix. The earlier nature of the comments made me think it might be something along the lines of Hepatitis (since cancer and HIV were denied by Dana). Major intestinal disorder and surgery... doesn't sound like Hep at this stage. Not how one would describe kidney failure either, which would be something that's career threatening.


I'm less knowledgeable about intestinal issues than kidney and liver. Anyone know what the possibilities of what this is sounding like that could be career threatening?



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BTW... does anyone having an idea why Yahoo's UFC page has nothing on this since Saturday? TMZ had a piece this morning that's getting quoted all over the place:




The MSM is on it:


Minneapolis Star Tribune



Toronto Star



And others.


Strange. They get tons of MMA/UFC hits/traffic to the point of being proud about it. Kind of a big story.



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That's crazy. I didnt know such complications could come from mono. I'm guessing he forced himself to train or refused to go to the doctor to get treated and his immune system got shot?


I dont know cause I dont watch House. More of a "Lost" guy (which is why i'm always confused) :-)


Here hoping they find out what wrong with him and he starts getting treated and its not serious since he just had a child,

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