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Antonio Inoki = WWE Hall of Famer


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Yeah, even if Hogan was on good terms with Vince, he probably would try to duck doing the speach for Inoki.


Hansen... is really freaking strange. He jumped at the end of 1981, and was strictly loyal to Baba over the years. One would have thought the if the WWE asked him to do Inoki that he'd say that he'd only do it if it was for Baba as well as Inoki.


I'm not sure who could do Inoki. Very few of Inoki's big gaijin rivals are folks that you would think that the WWE could use. Dusty probably would be a decent one, since he was pretty damn loyal to Inoki even though the NWA was associated with Baba. He wasn't a big rival of Inoki's, but could bullshit his way through a speach.


Sort of a strange thing, and I look forward to Dave explaining why the WWE is doing it. One would think making an annual tour of Japan with Inoki doing some PR for it.



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I wonder if that means they'll acknowledge him as a former champion now.

They do from time to time. I remember reading WWF magazine several years ago where it was acknowleged. Then again I just checked the official history here And he's not on there, so I guess it varies.

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Guest tomelliott

I think this got announced in Japan, so I guess I'll wait to hear it directly from WWE to believe it. I'd like to think it's true, but it's a little out of character for WWE.

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