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  1. Memphis Mark

    Is Impact the best promotion in wrestling history?

    Impact/ TNA just kicked NJPW off AXS TV a year early because they refused to be partners. The odds of NJPW and Impact being partners have to be slim and none. In the long run I would not be shocked if NJPW buys ROH from Sinclair and broadcast ROH / NJPW on Sinclair 's multiple platforms. Anderson and Gallows may work some NJPW dates . However I seemed to recall that 4 talents quit NJPW after Wrestle Kingdom with no notice. Might be some heat .Might not be. Only Gedo knows.
  2. Memphis Mark

    Global and SMW primers - help sought

    I agree about the Tracy vs. DWB chain match being the best SMW match . The build up to the match was amazing. DWB burned Smother's Confederate flag on TV . The outraged Smothers vowed revenge at the Blue Grass Brawl. Adding to the greatness of this program was the wheel chair bound Ron Wright . DWM was wrestling to earned money to pay for Mister Wright's operations. These operations were needed to save Ron Wright's life. However sometimes Wright was filled with the holy spirit and was able to walk again . Of course Ron was only filled with the Holy Spirit when the DWB was in peril. Throwing gasoline on the fire DWB and Wright renounced the South and moved to NYC . Great stuff.
  3. Memphis Mark

    RIP Johnny Walker, aka Mr Wrestling II

    Great talent. Johnny was a Memphis regular for years. I saw him live in 1970 . He replaced Jerry Jarrett as Tojo's partner against Dr. Ken Ramey 's Interns. Walker also had a great series of matches against Don Greene for the US Jr. title. Then he went to GA and put on the hood and the rest is history . Rest in Peace Mr. Walker.
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  5. Memphis Mark

    RIP Scott Bowden

    Scott Bowden was the pride and joy of Germantown. He was the only honest ref in the USWA , Coach Bobby Bowden 's favorite nephew , the Founder and Leader of Operation : White Trash , he bought Trailer Park Pillow Talk to Memphis Television and he was the manager of Champions . Men like Eddie Gilbert , Doug Gilbert , Tommy rich , the Dream Machine , Tracy Smothers and Brian James Armstrong were molded into champions by Bowden Whenever you are having a bad day , just remember what Scott said to Downtown Bruno during their feud . " Bruno , you got the height of Bill Dundee and the body of Randy Hales " . Scott Bowden was a tremendous talent, may he rest in peace.
  6. Memphis Mark

    NWA Powerrr

    The Revival should work for everybody . Why lock yourself in right after you escaped the clutches of VKM. These guys could work the Crockett Cup , work with the Briscoes in ROH , work with GOD in NJPW , do a few shots in MLW , work a PWG show and still work for AEW . After about six months , then sign with AEW .
  7. Memphis Mark

    RIP Dick Steinborn

    Great talent. He was Mr.Wrestling in Memphis . Rest in Peace .
  8. Memphis Mark

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Ok. The XFL has losses of between $ 10 -50 million , Wrestlemania without fans bombed , their is no income from live events and NXT has lost $ millions over the past two years . HHH causes the NXT losses an investment. Hunter should have listen to Jon Moxley . Mox pointed out the the over harvesting of US and UK indies was totally unnecessary , he said that the WWE should just pull the top 2 or 3 talents out of the indies every year . Do the likes of Roderick Strong , Chris Hero and Tommy End really need to be trained at the Performance Center ? The WWE will survive , but they are going to have to cut their costs. They can no longer pay talent to sit at home or stock pile talent at the PC . I wonder how many wrestlers are going to be released by the end of the year . I don't know maybe 25 to 40 releases in the near future The end result is that NJPW, AEW , ROH and even MLW or Impact are going to be able pick up some top talent. McMahon should have sold to either Disney , Comcast or Fox years ago. Now that the economy has been hammered, I don't think anyone is in the position to pay a premium for the WWE.
  9. Memphis Mark

    Perfect Opponents

    What wrestlers were the perfect opponents for each other ? I listed mine picks. Would like to become aware of matches I may have missed along the way . May watch a few , I seem to have some time on my hands. Leaving Japan out on purpose. Hopefully someone else will wise me up to Japan . Also I don't watch the WWF /E . That why they are not listed . Never enjoyed the product. Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee Freebirds vs. Von Erichs Ted Dibiase vs. Jim Duggan Roddy Piper vs Buddy Rose Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer Jake Roberts vs. Ronnie Garvin David Von Erich vs. Jimmy Garvin Tully Blanchard vs. Terry Allen Wahoo McDaniel vs. Greg Valentine Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat Ricky Morton/ Robert Gibson vs. Bobby Eaton / Stan Lane and Dennis Condry Ron Fuller / Robert Fuller/ Jimmy Golden vs. Bob Armstrong and sons. ( Brad , Scott , Steve ) Dusty Rhodes vs. Kevin Sullivan Funks vs. Briscoes Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero Tommy Dreamer vs. Raven RVD vs. Jerry Lynn AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels CM Punk vs. Samoa Joe Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuiness Mark and Jay Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen and El Generico I needed to added a few matchups. I been watching wrestling on and off since 1070 . So many good memories . Jerry Lawler vs. Jackie Fargo Bob Armstrong vs. The Mongolian Stomper Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka Vader vs. Cactus Jack Super Crazy vs. Tariji vs. Little Guido
  10. Memphis Mark

    PWO Appreciation Thread

    My friend's son works for FedEX. Someone in their office building tested positive for Covid 19. He and his family are home bound for 2 weeks. I send him a large amount of WCW footage to help him thur the next few weeks. He is in he early 30's and was a big WCW fan as a kid. If you know a wrestling fan , causal or hardcore , send them some wrestling if they are home bound for a few weeks .
  11. Memphis Mark

    WrestleMania 36

    The WWE stands to lose millions by not running WM at a later date . Just move the event to August , hopefully the pent up demand for live events will be thur the roof. Running the show with no fans and an ex- NFL player hosting the event is a new kind of stupid. All of this indy talent that the WWE has been hording should be worried about their spots. The WWE is going to have to cut cost in the near future if they do receive their normal WM revenue. You know , right sizing the company .
  12. Memphis Mark

    NWA Powerrr

    The NWA is suspending operations until June . Crockett Cup to be rescheduled . A wise choice and the only choice.
  13. Memphis Mark

    NWA Powerrr

    I hope that the NWA books the Briscoes for the CC. Also I would book the G.O.D. if they are available . If they want to fill that building they need a couple of special attractions. Right now we have Storm / Drake , Morton & Gibson , Strictly Business and maybe Stevens / Question Mark . Who else ?
  14. Memphis Mark

    Super Dragon

    Is Super Dragon involved with AEW ? Since he helped the Bucks earlier in their career , I thought he might be working as an agent.
  15. Memphis Mark

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    ROH could be fixed . You would have to clean house. I would fire the whole booking team . Then I would find a booker that could be objective about the talent . No more wives , girlfriends , close friends and pet students. Maybe Lance Storm or Dave Lagana . The booking style needs to be a fusion of Memphis and 80's / 90's AJPW. Personal issues and work rate collide . That what ROH was built on . I would gut the bottom third of the roster . Goodbye Cheeseburger, Ryan Nova , Boys , Bouncers, Vinny , Shane Taylor Little Willie and Rhett Titus . Then I drop the whole woman 's division . If ROH is going to promote woman's wrestling , hire woman who can work . The current woman's product is not up to standards. I not against women's wrestling , I just don't want to watch any type of bad wrestling. I would add top young talent . Guys like the NJPW La Dojo students. I don't know if the Future of Honor project will ever produce guys the quality of Clark Conner, Alex Coughlin and Karl Fredricks . No more guys that have the body of a 12 year old girl . I snap up top talents when they become available. An example who be Eli Drake. Also seek out for overlooked indy guys that strong workers. Examples Joey Lynch and Alexander James . I was a ROH fan for over 10 years . The G1 / Supercard was the first show I watch this year . I dropped Honor Club at the first of the year , never watch the TV show. . Hopefully things will get better. Right now MLW is filling the void.