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  1. spudz25

    2017 Wrestling Resolutions

    1) Track & Rate every match I watch this year 2) Finish my Wrestling Board/Card game that I've been working on for decades 3) Read the Observer front to back each week in a timely manner 4) Get to Long Beach to see New Japan in July 5) Watch less current Raw and more 80's Territories
  2. spudz25

    2017 MOTY Yes/No Thread

    Yes to Naito/Tanahashi. Had it been the last match on the show, the world would still be buzzing about it. Yes to Omega/Okada. Unfortunately for Naito & Tanahashi this match followed their's. Maybe best match I've ever seen. No to Yehi/Henry. Shocked about all of the love this match got. It was solid, but I thought it was rather plodding.
  3. spudz25

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Watching Elgin develop in NJPW has been one of my favorite things about this year. For me, his matches are all must watch.
  4. spudz25

    Greatest single year in pro wrestling history?

    For me it's 1989. Flair v Funk was the my favorite feud of all time. The Bash PPV is my all time favorite PPV. WWF had a stellar year with a roster that was stacked full of stars. AJPW was delivering some great matches too.
  5. spudz25


    They charged $150 as a lump sum.
  6. spudz25

    Top Matches of 2015

    Thanks for putting this up! Great reference!
  7. I was lucky enough to attend both the 1993 Fanweek and half of the 1995 fanweek. It was an amazing experience. It truly gave you a first hand experience of being in a territory. Cornette was very accessible. Brian Hitlebrand (Mark Curtis) ran the show for the fans. In 1995, Downtown D-Lo Brown was my driver. He carted me all over Tennessee and Kentucky. I was 20 (1 week before turning 21) during the first fanweek ('93) and i was absolutely exhausted by the end of it, though I would've stayed for another week it was so much fun. It seemed we never arrived "home" before 1 or 2am. Some nights were 3-4am. Then you were back up and on the road by noon to do it all over again. It certainly earned my respect for the boys who were taking bumps and doing the same drives. A few great memories for me: Sitting in a hotel room with Dave Meltzer watching Hokuto v Kandori from Dreamslam 1 and Flair v Steamboat from Music City Showdown. I realized at that moment that as big of a wrestling fan as I was (and I was), I was nowhere near the fan he was. He watched intently, pointed out things to the few of us and popped louder than any of the "hardcore fans" in the room watching the matches. Another great Meltzer memory was stopping at a Perkins at 2:30am to eat dinner with 20 other wrestling fans and one fan (Marty from New York, most well known for having Tammy Sytch and Jimmy Del Ray light his hat on fire at a BBQ) persisted to argue with Dave about how Bob Backlund was a much better pro wrestler than Ric Flair. Dave was doing his best to be respectful, but Marty's argument that Backlund would still be champ (this was in 1993) if it wasn't for Arnold Skaaland, was his #1 argument point. Lastly, in '95, we went to a USWA show at the Louisville Gardens. This was in the midst of the SMW v USWA feud. Of course, we were all SMW fans. Cheering the "heel" outsiders. We needed a police escort out of the building and out of Louisville. True story. The business was still alive and well in Kentucky and Tennessee in 1995. Saw some amazing matches and watched some amazing workers. You get a completely different view of some guys when you see them work every night. Great times.
  8. Though, I'm sure they were all struggling, I think it was more of an attempt to fill out those Monday - Thursday shows or Sunday shows where they didn't have to risk what the Gate would be on those "off" nights.
  9. Just when I start to fall back in love with Pro Wrestling, something like this happens to remind of why I hate Pro Wrestling sometimes. During his speech, I found it comforting to see him speak to his family. The admiration looked mutual. I'm always happy when I see a wrestler who made it "out", relatively unscathed. I know 54 year old men die on a regular basis, but it always seems that when they are pro wrestlers, pro wrestling is normally the main cause of death. I hope this situation is different, but I'd be surprised if it is.
  10. spudz25

    Current WWE

    Great Review. Actually makes me want to buy a ticket for the first time in 10 years.
  11. spudz25

    Royal Rumble 2014

    Just read this entire thread. I don't watch the WWE regularly anymore due to the complacency of it's angles and talent. Truthfully had Brock not had a match, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to see it. Wyatt v Bryan was just a tremendous match. It was so good, that I got lost in the match for the first time in over a decade. I didn't even realize it went 20+ minutes. DB is something special inside the ring and Wyatt is a captivating character, so different for the WWE in this day and age that you can't help but be interested in him. Lesnar v Show, in my opinion, was exactly what it should've been (minus the "too long" post match). Lesnar brings that bit of insanity to the scripted product that I crave. Show did his job well. Cena v Orton is everything all rolled into one as to why I don't watch the product anymore. It seems I've seen this match 10 times if I've seen it once. The crowd turning on it was great and made it much more intriguing than it should have been. The Rumble was fun and again once DB didn't come out, I felt the groans from Pittsburgh all the way here in cold Illinois. Knowing Batista was going to win was a downer, but on a positive note, if they can put both him and Orton in the same match at least it will give me a chance to eat dinner during Wrestlemania and know I'm not missing anything. I will tune into Raw to see the fallout, so I guess WWE has that going for them.
  12. spudz25

    Antonio Cesaro

    I bet I saw Claudio on the indy scene 20 different times. I can't remember enjoying too many of his matches. Now that he is in the WWE, I love everything I've seen him do.
  13. I enjoyed the Blaze book. No dirt was spilled, but he had a pretty good story to tell and was entertaining in the way he presented it.
  14. spudz25

    WWE acquires the Watts video library

    Just finished watching the Blu Ray set. What a great compilation. Though I'd seen most of the footage, it was still great to see it in great quality. The new commentary from Ross was a pleasant surprise and I certainly enjoyed the fact that he did it like he was there that night. I'd forgotten how great of a heel Buzz Sawyer was, Just in the two minute segment and then the wild match with Duggan. He was just dangerous in the ring. I found it interesting that Duggan said he didn't care for Buzz. They sure had a great feud. The Taylor story about Flair was hilarious. I'm not sure how I feel about Taylor. Every time I hear him talk he comes off as a such a fake, sleazy human. It seemed Dibiase was the star of the set. I've never been a huge fan of Teddy, but what's on that set sure showcases how great he was in every area of the pro wrestling business. Overall, I was hoping for a full documentary, but this set delivered in every way. I hope it sells well, so we get a volume 2. (Wishful thinking). Todd
  15. spudz25

    Summerslam Live Thoughts

    This was my first PPV purchase since Punk v Cena in Chicago. I guess I got lucky again, because this was a great show. The two main events were off the chart good and Del Rio v Christian was excellent. The rest of the card brought nothing memorable, but nothing was so bad that I'm trying to erase it from my memory. I know the Ring of Fire match is getting beaten up, but it was an angle and though it wasn't executed well, I've seen a lot worse. I guess I should probably take another 2 years off, so as to not be disappointed.