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  1. MVZ

    WWE TLC 2016

    Didn't he kill his parents though? Or was that Kane? Seriously though, the KO example is a perfect one. Everything he does, he does for his family. It's not unreasonable that Alexa Bliss is also more complicated than "total bitch." Shouldn't we be happy that WWE has progressed beyond "catty" as a personality trait for every single female? With that said, yeah, she broke kayfabe, and yeah, it was jarring. But Bryan and Renee encouraged her, so that's obviously what they wanted. When it came time for her to turn her game-face back on, she did just that and heeled it up with relish. I think the quick flip was really what felt jarring. Felt like it missed a step rhetorically - she's overcome with emotion, and then immediately flips back to being unpleasant. It needed a more gradual transition or the announcers calling it out - "Wow, you really put your game face back on." I was actually fine with the flip because it happened right when the announcers brought up Becky. Alexa conveyed her animosity and resentment toward Becky by turning on a dime like she did. She also seized an opening to go back into her heel character. As many of you have discussed, I'm also fine with Alexa being happy and emotional for winning the belt.
  2. MVZ

    WWE TV 11/28-12/4

    I'm going to assume that it's because someone must have finally realized who would want to buy a book about some silver spooned rich girl's life experiences and the details of the career she has due to nepotism. A million stars for El Boricua
  3. MVZ

    Mike Jackson

    I am getting through the TBS stuff on the WWE network and his match vs. Tully on 2/22/86 is a lot of fun. He seemed to bring out Tully's dickishness which made it very entertaining.
  4. MVZ

    Territory Wrestling Bingo

    "I'll tell you what" "The name on the marquee"
  5. MVZ

    Worst wrestler/manager combination ever?

    I share your admiration. Garvin was especially terrible around this time in the ring but they were writing an encyclopedia of getting cheap heat: mascara one week, confederate flag make up the next; total cowards one week, heartless limb destroyers the next. Plus gold records, attacks on Bob Armstrong, tomahawk chops, Badstreet as a third member. Every trick in the book, including these terrible managers.
  6. MVZ

    Things in WWE you want to see more of?

    Agree with much of what is said but wanted to highlight the point about secondary finishers. Last week it seemed like a waste to have Kofi kick out of the sit out power bomb by Reigns. The match had built to a climax and this would have been a perfectly viable finish and made Reigns even more dangerous.
  7. MVZ

    Greatest Tag Wrestler ever

    Thanks for the reply Truth. In those terms I found myself picturing Arn and Eaton, bumping around(albeit in different ways) and then cheating creatively before unloading their offense which always looked great.
  8. MVZ

    Greatest Tag Wrestler ever

    I always think of Eaton and Arn. I sometimes forget Dustin, but he is in that class for sure. And while Morton did not do it with a variety of partners he is amazing at what he does. This is not a slight on the Japan guys, I just haven't watched enough to comment. I've been thinking about this and want to ask: when we talk about skills that stand out in tag matches, what are we talking about? I have some ideas, but I want to hear from you all so as not to frame the discussion.
  9. MVZ

    WWE Talk September 28 to October 4

    I am with goc that they would have thrown Bryan vs. Rollins out there on Raw by now, but with no build or long term consequences. I agree with Loss that there would not have been a Rollins-Bryan program. I was excited for a Bryan IC title run but was this a way to rebuild the title or a way to occupy Bryan and placate his fans while still keeping him away from the main event? Wrestling fans who like Bryan value the IC title more than the WWE does I think. This was their way of satisfying his fans while moving on to a main event scene that did not include him.
  10. I remember being surprised that Sheamus won the Royal Rumble in 2012. Jericho had just returned and seemed to be the likely winner. Based on the build, I had trouble determining who a second choice would even be. The win by Sheamus surprised me more than the Benoit or Del Rio victories.
  11. MVZ

    Dumbest foreign object ever

    In the spring of 1996, Woman tossed utterly unconvincing "hot coffee" at Flair's opponents for weeks. This annoyed me so much WCW got me to the point where I didn't want to see Woman on my TV screen, which I didn't think was possible. I agree with any and all hatred directed at the sledgehammer, but man do I hate the hot coffee.
  12. It was really cool to see Andre as an ornery heel in this setting. And Killer Khan as a determined underdog? I was obviously surprised to see him in the role and he was pretty effective. Andre was the star of the match though, a great performance: cool variety of moves from him compared to what I'm used to, good selling and screams, and lots of prickish behavior. So many great looks of disdain. As si oem pointed out, Andre chinlocking the referee to show that his move is not a choke was a really great spot. Before I watched this the only heel work of Andre's I had seen was in the wwf after the turn on Hogan. Can anyone point to other good heel showings when he's closer to his physical peak? Really glad I got to see this, thanks for writing it up on the board.
  13. MVZ

    Top 5 Living WWF Hulkamania era Wrestlers?

    After Hogan, I would list DiBiase, Steamboat, and Jake. I'm inclined to say Sargent Slaughter belongs. He was missing from the WWF for much of this time period but he had the legendary feud with the Iron Sheik on one end, the Iraqi sympathizer storyline at the other, and I think he is ahead of guys like Tito, Valentine, and Orndorff in terms of mainstream name recognition. But much of his fame comes from outside of the WWF or wrestling in general so he might not be the best for for this question.
  14. I watched Capitol Combat on the network and didn't remember Bam Bam Bigelow showing up around this time to team with Kevin Sullivan and Cactus Jack. Looks like he was gone shortly after.
  15. Hi everyone, My name is Michael and I'm a 38-year-old wrestling fan who lives in New Jersey. My earliest wrestling memory is Hulk Hogan and Mr. T hosting Saturday Night Live. I kept tabs after that but I was not hooked until I came across Ric Flair slapping Road Warrior Hawk across the face while Flair's friends held him and taunted him. I felt that was my first taste of how great wrestling could be. From then on I loved watching Jim Crockett promotions on TV, especially when the Midnight Express and the Four Horsemen were squashing guys and then bragging about it. I equally loved watching the tremendous storytelling WWF was pulling off around this time, and would tune into whatever else I could find: World Class, AWA, UWF. 1986-1987 offered so much to wrestling fans. I am really lucky to have grown up at this time. My all-time favorite matches are Bret-Austin at Wrestlemania 13, Flair-Steamboat at Clash 6, Magnum-Tully at Starrcade 85, RnR Express-Andersons at Starrcade 86, and the original WarGames. Nothing beats a great match but there is so much more that makes wrestling great: the interviews (Cornette, Flair, Arn, Heyman), the characters (Doink, Goldust, Jericho at his best), the angles (the best of them involving blindness, people's families, or cake). I found this board a few months ago and just started reading all of your comments on the 1990s yearbooks. Then I just kept checking in and seeing what else was going on here. I've learned so much in such a short period of time. Getting to see Carlos Colon vs. Stan Hansen, watching Eric Embry be a total asshole in 1991, revisiting Buddy Rose and finding out what I was missing, being able to look for stuff like this with your guidance has been amazing. I thought I ought to be more than just a lurker. I'm looking forward to continuing to bone up on Memphis, Portland, and Puerto Rico. Then I need to learn more about lucha and Japan. I'm looking forward to using this board as a resource for bridging my knowledge gaps while also contributing comments on both the current product and my favorites from the past.