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[1996-05-19-WCW-Slamboree] Ric Flair & Randy Savage vs Arn Anderson & Eddy Guerrero


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Short match, kinda Russo-ish in booking, but still really fun, with a really good build to Savage decking Flair, getting a huge pop for doing so. The Flair/Savage feud was going well, but dropping the title to The Giant and the NWO coming in kinda killed it in its tracks before they could pay off the feud.

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Eddie should stick out like a sore thumb here but he acquits himself nicely with some fun stuff. Arn DDT's Eddie, thus solidfying himself as a walk-behinder 4 life, giving Flair and Savage the win. Then an awesome post-match beatdown, complete with Liz slapping Savage and Arn dropping him with a DDT on the floor.

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This felt like the continuation of the Abby/Sting partnership from Starrcade 91. I never think these matches are good from a quality standpoint but they do provide fun storyline vehicles. The post match here was the highlight with Liz slapping Macho and Arn giving a nasty DDT on the floor. *1/2

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Just saw this for the first time as I'm watching Slamboree 96'.


The poster above gave it 1.5 stars and I can totally see that when looking at this match out of context, but as someone watching the show from beginning-to-end, I'd notch it up to an 3-stars compared to the other Battlebowl matches (which are all really short and save for a move here or a move there or a short segment [for example, the Steiners facing eachother], mostly atrocious). This match, though, is interesting and engaging from even before the bell rings as Flair refuses to come out until Savage has already made his entrance (and been jumped by Double A). From there, the match just never slows down, contradicts itself, or betrays the blood feud that Savage and Flair were having at the time. So many little things executed properly and so few things to criticize aside from the match being very short (which makes total sense). When I rate matches, I tend to think anything 3.5-or-higher is something worth revisiting and while I won't put this match up at that level, it is, by a wide margin, the best thing on the show up to that point.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-05-19-WCW-Slamboree] Ric Flair & Randy Savage vs Arn Anderson & Eddy Guerrero

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