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[1996-10-18-ECW-Plymouth Meeting, PA] Mikey Whipwreck vs Shane Douglas


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This feels like that "Teddy Bear" Coliseum Video match with Sherri, as the cameraman seems more interested in Francine in the beginning than the match. This is still fun. It feels more old school than most ECW because of the crowd passion and really clearly drawn heel/face line in the sand in the way the match is worked. I can appreciate that. Give Douglas credit for selling a lot for Mikey. He seemed to get just the right amount of offense based on where they both were on the card at this point.

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I was surprised to see Mikey take so much control early on, clearly focusing on the neck and do some cool shit like the choking, counter DDT, reverse Mutoh death lock. Sahne counters with a neck breaker and now Shane is working on Mikey’s neck. Right on. Awesome spot with MIkey outside on the apron facing the fans and getting dropkicked off and landing throat first on the rail. Sweet. I could have done without the chair spot and Mikey kicking out. However. It did kickstart a nice but brief stretch run with Mikey trying to take Shane out in desperation. Shane turns the tables and catches Mikey with a tombstone and then hooks on a full nelson. Wow! He mercifully ends it with a belly-to-belly.

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Decent enough match with Mikey taking a beating. I liked the king of the mountain spot that Shane did and the bump that Mikey does throat first into the guard rail was great. Shane is really taking a lot of directive from Francine throughout this match. Shane did at least focus on the neck here throughout the match. A good house show ECW title match. **3/4

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Really good match, a nice mix of traditional wrestling with a strong heel/face dynamic and a more traditional match layout, and still being very ECW where a powerbomb through two chairs feels like as significant a spot -- probably less significant -- as a full nelson. Mikey is really good in the beginning with some especially good looking punches. I really like Shane trying to get over the full nelson as a killer move.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-10-18-ECW-Plymouth Meeting, PA] Mikey Whipwreck vs Shane Douglas

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