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[1992-03-21-SMW-TV] Interview: Jim Cornette


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Jim Cornette is in a limo ready to introduce his new tag team. Cornette's limo driver is a lousy driver named Herd. Cute. Cornette is unable to debut his new team because they are being mobbed by Hooters waitresses. He's going to try again next week.

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Cornette is in the back of a limo with some chap (BIll Rainey?) and he promises to introduce him to the greatest tag team in the universe. He's taking them to their training location where the next tag team champions are working out and planning strategy; their training location transpires to be a Hooters bar. Cornette gets the limo driver, called Herd (a lousy driver!), to pull over and tells the guy that they're going to have a quiet little interview as he's rented out the whole place so that they won't be disturbed. They go into the room to see a swarm of Hooters girls all crowded round his team and someone has clearly spilled the beans! Rainey says he can't see anyone, isn't risking going into that melee and they'll have to do the interview some other time.


Back in the studio Cornette claims it's so long since the women in this part of the area have seen a real man that their hormones went South. He promises to try again next week in a special location that will be a little more private so all these women won't harass them anymore. Fun stuff.

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Lousy driver named Herd, huh? Corny 500, WCW 0.


Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don't think either Phil or Bob really believe that Corny even has a tag team, at least not yet. Of course, he'd have one hell of a team soon enough. Meanwhile, as cheesy as this vignette seems to be, it really does do a tremendous hype job. If the Hooters waitresses are going this crazy over whoever this is supposed to be, they must really be a couple of heartthrobs. Corny may have run out of booking steam eventually, but he was always a masterful promoter.


I'm wondering how many fans thought that this just might be a reunited Rock 'n' Roll Express, since Ricky Morton was a heel now. A sustained Rock 'n' Roll partnership with Corny (more than the handful of matches they ended up being together for in '94) might have been enough to really pop the territory, if Corny could have found the right faces to oppose them.

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