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[1992-08-08-SMW-Fire on the Mountain] Heavenly Bodies vs Bobby & Jackie Fulton (Barbed Wire Cage)


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Cornette's pre-match promo is GLORIOUS. He is adamant that there will be no barbed wire cage match tonight and he will tie this up in court for years if he has to. The Fultons take exception to that and we have ourselves a match. Pretty decent brawl with Pritchard especially looking fantastic. Lane's head gear falls off, and he seems to be wrestling pretty cautiously so the toupee doesn't go flying off. Fantastics win the match and SMW tag titles, which makes Cornette livid. The fans end up pelting him with trash when it's over. The Bodies do a promo afterwards, and Lane's bloody wig is pretty funny.

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Cornette delivers a great promo before the match about women giving up their husbands & children for a night with the Bodies, Lane's busted eardrum & Armstrong. Cornette is ejected from the building which likely spells his return for the finish. Everyone blades, Cornette predictably returns but Armstrong cuts short his attempt to interfere with the racket and the Fantastics roll up Pritchard for the title change. Along with his pre-match promo, Cornette's post-match tantrum is the highlight here. This probably reads better than it was as the match felt unnecessarily long and didn't live up to any of the clips setting it up.


SMW featured better storytelling both going into and coming out of Fire on the Mountain than it'd shown throughout the year so I'm really looking forward to seeing if it can get on a roll.



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A tornado tag match in a cage probably needs a WWF-sized ring and the ability to climb up on the cage to be really good--honestly, this didn't stand up to Santana/Bruno vs. Savage/Adonis which is probably the standout match of that type. It was just too crammed to really tell a compelling story. There were still some nice spots and a few near-falls, and they found a way to have Cornette involved without it seeming super-cheap. And the post-match is satisfying as all hell, from Cornette's tantrum to the taunts from the fans picked up on the camera, climaxing with the 1996 Nitro-style ending. And the post-match promos are great, too. Not really a great match but I'm looking forward to more from this feud.

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This was jip on the TV set. Cornette throws some powder in Bobby's face when Armstrong spots it and then ejects him from ringside. He later sneaks his way back to ringside and throws his racket to Prichard to use. He swings back ready to nail Jackie, when Armstrong grabs it off him and Jackie rolls him up for the pin and title change (I'd point out it was also a fast count from Armstrong). I am imagining from the comments that this match was better in edited form, whilst I dig Prichard's back elbow off the top rope (even though he rarely hits it). Post match in the dressing room Prichard says how Bob Armstrong was going to make sure that they lost the titles regardless of what it took and they're not standing for it. Cornette then cuts a great promo about how they understood from the start that Armstrong meant for them to lose the belts but they thought they could do something about it. He let the Fantastics do everything they could and the one time Tom Prichard got his hands on something, he stuck his nose in. He tells Armstrong to sign a rematch between the teams within 24 hours otherwise he's getting his lawyers involved and will sue both Armstrong and SMW until they are flat broke.


The main thing that I didn't like about this was that it is the second time that a face has won a belt in SMW, and on both occasions it was down to Bob Armstrong getting physically involved in the match (firstly with Brian Lee and now here). I'm not sensing a long reign for the Fantastics, but it does no-one any favours when they can only beat the champs by Armstrong's interference (and let's be fair he's no youngster either). Prichard is clearly the driving force on the wrestling side of the Bodies now and I can't imagine Stanfield was too happy having to blade and cut his forehead when he is so precious about his hairline!

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This was a decent match, but nowhere near the classic some people have it tabbed as.


I might as well get my biggest objection out of the way first: After making a big deal about how Corny's racquet was banned from ringside, what did he have in his hand, in fact interfere with to no response whatsoever from Bullet Bob? You got it. I'm not talking about the finish; I'm talking about the spot in the middle where Corny nails Jackie. Not only did Bullet Bob ignore the "racquet is banned" stip, but so did Phil and Les. The powder eventually got him tossed, but that's nowhere near good enough.


For whatever reason, Corny often felt free to ignore stips that (I'm guessing) he felt would lessen the heat in a match, or that he simply couldn't get the wrestlers involved to agree to even after they'd been announced (more on that as we go along).. This was a prime example of the first. The crowd obviously didn't care (if they could even see it happen), but when I'm not in the moment and sitting at my computer nearly twenty-four years later, it really pisses me off. Come on, Corny, you know the racquet's a big part of your act. If you feel you need it, fine, but don't advertise that it's been banned for a match, have Bullet Bob specifically mention it, then come out with it like nothing was ever said. It takes a lot of the surprise from the finish, which should have shown that you and the Bodies were so desperate to win that you'd knowingly ignore a stip you signed for right in the ref's face. It's just bad form, and you know that if you caught Vince doing it you'd be all over him on TV like one of your cheap suits. Don't be a hypocrite.


Moving on, the tornado style of the match and the poor lighting weren't exactly helpful, but you could still tell that these four were bleeding gushers and letting it all hang out. The Fultons bled the most, but the Bodies did their share too, even Stan with his toupee, which looks even more ridiculous with the headgear off than it does with it on. I liked Les saying that as many match types as he's been in, he doesn't feel that he's missed anything by not being in a match as brutal as this. What a way to put this over. Two matches and a clip, and he's already my new number one color man (sorry, Jesse) By the way, I would have loved to hear how Corny convinced Stan not only to take the headgear off, but to bleed while he was at it.


The pre- and postmatch stuff was wonderful too. Corny throwing a tantrum after his teams lose never gets old, and the interview was something too. Dr. Tom stole it, though, when he accused Bullet Bob of taking the belts from him as if Stan wasn't even there. Bobby was great in his rebuttal as he vowed to make the Bodies wait for a rematch the way he and Jackie waited while Jackie's knee healed. But two moments stood out.


First, there was Corny loudly protesting that there would be no match if he had to tie SMW up in court for five years. The Fultons came out, and after a merry chase, where did the Bodies go for sanctuary? Right into the teeth of the barbed wire that Corny wanted to keep them out of. Second and even funnier was Corny threatening to go into the crowd and slap every fan in the face after the Bodies lost, which is how I think the trash throwing got started. Who knew that Corny could actually use a tennis racquet on anything that isn't human?


It'll be interesting to see how the rest of this feud plays out, especially with the Bodies and Rock 'n' Roll on a collision course. You know the Bodies will get the belts back in time to start that feud; the only question is how Corny will manage it with everyone in SMW from Bullet Bob on down trying to stop him.

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