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[1992-08-29-USWA-TV[ Tommy Rich vs Bill Dundee / Interview: Bill Dundee


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Highlights from 8/24 at MSC. The match gets thrown out when the ref gets attacked and they have a big pull apart after it's over. Dundee comes into the studio and delivers this gem:


"We do this for money. That's right, that's the main thing in your mind when you get into the wrestling business or any kind of professional sport -- it's for money. And sometimes you do it for belts, and sometimes you do it for titles, and sometimes you just do it."


Dundee is missed when he's not around.


We wrap up with a Rich video that is mostly 1986-1987 footage during the Lawler/Idol feud.

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A Dundee/Rich MSC match gets out of control when Mike Miller and the RUSSIAN UNIFIED TEAM come in, followed by babyfaces. Good action but this sort of feels like the WWF suits randomly trying to keep Elizabeth from ringside, considering how many crazy brawls Memphis sees.


Dundee vs. Rich in a cage this week. Dundee emphasizes the "one-on-one" nature of the match which makes me think someone is going to find their way inside the cage.


Rich phones in a promo over top of a music video, channelling Axl Rose: "You gonna DIE!"

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The action here looked tremendous. I don't know what moved Papa to bring these two back all of a sudden, but it was a great decision on his part.


I loved the reverse atomic drop on the floor, which is a spot I've seen rarely if at all.


Dundee's promo was tremendous; very ;pw-key, but still incredibly focused and intense. Two things stand out for me. First, he says that he didn't mind Rich hanging out with Eddie and Doug as long as he didn't do anything to Dundee himself. This is a bit of a surprise, since most of the time faces and heels are presented as two separate units who would never dare mix outside the ring, since there was always the chance that there could be an incident. Second, he says that he wanted a cage match with Rich so their feud wouldn't drag out like Lawler/Jeff-Dogs, then says "And they just wrapped that up." Was he just wishing on Lawler's behalf or was there a stipulation in a match between the two teams somewhere that they weren't allowed to wrestle each other again, at least for a while?


Rich sounds like a psycho threatening to kill Dundee, and in a whisper yet. Will someone please update these music videos a little? I like 1986 as much as the next guy, but these two guys have done a thing or two since then.

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