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[1992-10-17-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express and Mama Cornette


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The surprise is that the Rock & Rolls have found a picture of Mama Cornette! They will unveil it later on the show. Cornette is on Down and Dirty later and says no way will they show a picture of her. Later, Morton reveals a picture of a dog in curlers. Cornette sells this big time, and his ridiculous reaction saves this, but whaaaa...

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RNR promise finally delivering a picture of Mama Cornette. Then Dutch interviews Cornette, who says its illegal to show a picture of his mother, and that they'll be collecting the bounty on Brian Lee and taking RNR out as well. Pritchard was definitely underrated on the mic and more than held his own there. The payoff is a photo of a dog with glasses and curlers as Mama Cornette. Bodies & Cornette chase them off and want a match with the RNR, Armstrong says they can have it but it has to be a title match. Cornette says its fine and Bodies object a bit. This was basic, great booking. Then Cornette backstage. You know what you get when you cross a pig with a woman from Beckley? Nothing, there are some things even a pig won't do.

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Ricky Morton says that throughout the history of the Rock & Roll Express and the Midnight Express and now the Heavenly Bodies, it's always been Mama Cornette putting the money up. He got to thinking, who is she as he's never see her. Well, he just found out that she has recently got her picture taken by a famous photographer and he went down to his office and got a copy of it. Later on today he's going to show the whole world who Mama Cornette really is.


On Down and Dirty Cornette says that he heard the Rock & Roll Express come out and say that they've got a picture of his mother. Well it's not true and it's not legal, you can't just possess a picture of somebody and show it on TV! He tells the Rock & Rolls that they've got nothing of his mother as she's a fine woman and wouldn't allow them to have a picture of her!


Ricky unveils the photo of Mama Cornette and it's a picture of a dog wearing a wig, glasses and a dress. The Rock & Roll Express leave the photo with Bob Caudle and then the Heavenly Bodies, Jim Cornette and Killer Kyle rush out and start to tear up the photo. Cornette says that his mother is not a dog and tells the Rock & Rolls to get back out and they'll fight them right now. Stanfield is not happy as they clearly have no respect if they can do that to a man's mother, whilst Dr Tom says she's the sweetest old lady he's ever met in his life and tells them to get back out here. Bob Armstrong comes out and says how he guesses that they want a match with the Rock & Roll Express? Well they can have it one condition, and that is that it's for the tag team titles. Cornette is fine with that, the Bodies not so much and an argument erupts between them. They say what about the injunction, but he tells them they've humiliated him and his mother ('they called her a female dog!'), that they're the best tag team in the business, that's what he pays them for and it's their job to beat the Rock & Roll Express up. Cornette doesn't care about the injunction and signs the contract, much to Armstrong's pleasure.


Well I was expecting Mama Cornette to be James E. in drag so at least we were spared that! Cornette is the saving grace in this whole angle, although after everything he went through in order to get the injunction and to stop the Rock & Roll Express get another title match, this was a pretty weak premise to go back on that and give them one.

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Corny and the Bodies are great here, but there's something a bit off, just like there was with the Fultons. Look, we all know how mean and nasty Corny can be when he has the chance, but it seems almost heelish (not to mention childish) for Rock 'n' Roll to bait him into signing a tag title match by insulting his mother. I like heels getting a taste of their own medicine as much as the next guy, but that's in the ring during a match, not like this. Bullet Bob's just as bad for turning this to Morton and Gibson's advantage so blatantly. If they want a tag title match, they should have to earn it by winning a non-title bout on TV.


I actually found the teased dissension between Corny and the Bodies a lot more interesting than the picture. The MX and Corny were a complete unit; he did the talking and called the shots, and Dennis, Stan, and Bobby did the wrestling. That's not quite so with the Bodies, and though we all know they'll show up and wrestle this time, the fans can certainly start to hope that one day one side will push the other too far and the titles will be easy pickings for Ricky and Robert. Dr. Tom in particular wasn't too happy with Corny, and as it stands now he's the "outsider" of the group. Maybe he's not too thrilled with dancing to Mama Cornette's tune, eh? Definitely a situation for the fans to keep their eyes on in the coming weeks.


In all the years Corny was a featured player, we always heard about his mama and her money. It leads me to wonder: Did he ever ask his actual mother to appear, even briefly? He might have thought it would have killed the character if the real Mrs. C wasn't good on the stick, and it was probably more fun imagining her than it would have been seeing her in the flesh, but I have to believe that he at least thought about bringing her on camera, even if he dismissed the idea.


They could have at least picked a dog that wasn't on a (presumably) readily available "Get a life" poster. Didn't anyone in the back have a dog that they could have dressed up for the occasion?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1992-10-17-SMW-TV] Rock & Roll Express and Mama Cornette
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