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[1992-10-17-SMW-TV] Dirty White Boy and Tim Horner


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Ron Wright is a great pity seeking old dirtbag, and DWB is up to the task too. Gotta give credit to Horner too, he had good facials when he's hold back by Bullet Bob, and his straight punches look great. The piano shot was pretty sweet. I'm liking these Horner vs DWB angles a lot better than anything that had involved Brian Lee.

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DWB seems to having fun listening to these Wright interviews. Wright claims video of Horner threatening him was edited off TV. DWB runs his mouth about Horner who shows. When it looks like he will be restrained he goes on the attack against DWB. Great segment with Horner finally getting some of the physical advantage against DWB.

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I love how Anthony essentially cuts a babyface promo garnering sympathy--it's only a heel promo because of what we know DWB and Wright have done. Anthony goes to the ring to egg Horner on some more, and for the second week in a row Horner surprises DWB when he thinks he's not in the building. TOMMY YOUNG is sighted! He and Armstrong cut Horner off from the ring, but when DWB goes back to the interview set that allows Horner to run over and make his attack. As over-the-top as parts of this feud have been, and for as much as they've repeated themselves, I officially want to see this title match.

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Ron Wright is in such a weakened condition that he barely talk! Tim Horner hit him with beer bottles and they've told him he'll probably lose his sight and he'll be out here in his wheelchair trying to manage wearing dark glasses cause he's blind! 'Can you imagine a poor, old, broken down man like me, can't even walk, having to be rolled up to ringside and going blind?' It breaks his heart , he's said lots of prayers, asked for help and been to the smartest doctor in the world and he just doesn't know if anything can be done as that glass got in his cataract implants! Horner has come out and attacked him numerous times because he hasn't got the guts to get on the champ, so he picks on poor, crippled Mr Wright. The Dirty White Boy wipes a tear from his eye and tells Horner what kind of man is he? All he's doing is trying to do is make enough money to get Mr Wright out of his wheelchair, but every time Horner gets in his way. Everyone says he's a good down to earth man, but how can he be when he keeps attacking a crippled man? He tells Horner to pick on him instead, he isn't hard to find, just come down and step in his face, but implores him to leave Ron Wright alone. Bob Caudle says that he didn't see it like that, but Wright claims they edited the video of Horner threatening to kill him. Anthony then says that he has an announcement to make, but wants to make it in the ring and heads over to it. He says for weeks Horner has been begging him for a SMW title shot, well if he was here now he’d give him one, but he’s probably not got enough guts and is sat at home, at which point Horner makes his way to ringside (flanked by Bob Armstrong). Dirty White Boy is all shocked and starts telling Wright ‘you said Horner wasn’t going to be here?’ Anthony starts goading him, but Horner is under doctor’s orders not to do anything as he has a concussion, and whilst he wants to get in the ring to get him, Armstrong holds him back. Dirty White Boy returns to the interview position and says that Horner is crazy, he’s got a concussion and the best thing he can do is to stay out his way. Horner eventually breaks free from Armstrong and goes straight after Anthony, beating on him and they fight around the arena until the show goes off the air.


This was just a superb segment. Poor old, pitiful Ron Wright, then the Dirty White more than holding his own and playing his part, even Tim Horner was great. I’m sure it won’t last when he is back in the ring, but the angles at least, are making me get behind Horner for a bit. Anthony’s facials and shock when Horner comes down to ringside with him thinking he wasn’t there were tremendous.

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As great as Ron always is, this segment belongs to Tony. He did something here that I've never seen before: cut two promos during the same segment, one about as pure babyface in tone as possible, the other a hundred percent tough guy heel. Both were believable, both were well-done, and each could have drawn money on its own depending on what the booker (in this case, Corny) had in mind. It took an effort for me to remember that it was Tony who escalated this mess by breaking a beer bottle over Horner's head; that's how good he was here.


I've heard it said that SMW during this time period was the best promo promotion in the English-speaking wrestling world, and now we're seeing why. It's a shame that the faces couldn't really compete with heels like Corny, Ron, and Tony, although Tracy Smothers' impending arrival should balance the scales a bit.


I liked Dutch calling for Bullet Bob to fine Horner for attacking Tony when he was supposed to be on the injured list with a concussion. If Corny hadn't decided to feud with Bullet Bob himself, Dutch having to back up his criticism of the commissioner in the ring might have drawn some good money.


Kudos to Horner for using what was handy (in this case, musical instruments) during the brawl. By the way, what was the instrument that he broke over Tony's back? It sounded like a guitar or something similar.

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