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Resident Evil Quits the Board


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PM I recieved from RE. A sad day indeed...


Hey GH


Please delte my account or ban me permanately please. I have to concentrate on various things in life and I can't be distracted by various message boards. So I gotta quit them. If I don't have an acct that that takes away the tempation. Thanks.


I'm pretty much done message board posting. I haven't been properly abel to post anyway due to being so busy.


Enjoy the wrestling. Enjoy your day.

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It appears he took out DVDVR with himself. I liked this go round of crazy, myself...


Jerry Lawler making fun of Stu and Helen Hart to their faces during Bret's match with Bam Bam from the 7/26/93 RAW still fucking rules. I still maintain that a lot of fans who hate Lawler and worship Bret, if psycho-analyzed, would be boiled down to being kids at this moment and being traumatized by Lawler being so "mean" and the fued that followed.

edit: Dr. Sidney M. Basil ain't got shit on me!



That was soooo phony. Bret vs Lawler was easily my worse Bret feud ever. I couldn't wait for it to be over so Bret could stop playing in the mid card and get back to main event status again. It was "go away (kiss my foot anyone?) and let Bret wrestle where he is supposed to again heat" Of course, on a board like here where everyone has to be super negative against everything and everyone, I suppose people could relate to Lawler making fun of somebody's parents and think it rules. Because making fun of people is just sooo cool! (sarcasm)


I suppose Bret feuding with the evil Pirate Jean Pierre Laffite over him "stealing" Bret's jacket is more realistic to you?

Making fun of people is what heels do. That was the point, that maybe some of your Lawler resentment goes back to how he talked to the Famous Hart Wrestling Family in this angle.


That was soooo phony. Bret vs Lawler was easily my worse Bret feud ever. I couldn't wait for it to be over so Bret could stop playing in the mid card and get back to main event status again. It was "go away (kiss my foot anyone?) and let Bret wrestle where he is supposed to again heat" Of course, on a board like here where everyone has to be super negative against everything and everyone, I suppose people could relate to Lawler making fun of somebody's parents and think it rules. Because making fun of people is just sooo cool! (sarcasm)


Man, could you just go away? This whole thread has been full of everybody talking about how fun these early episodes of Raw were, and how well all the matches hold up. Nobody is being super negative against anything. You're being a fucking doofus.


I have 3 posts in this thread. One was I how loved Double J's gimmick. The other was that Kid vs Razor was classic as it's one of my fav Raw memories. Fun memories.


Srry if my mindset doesn't allow me to think insulting someone's parents is cool. Srry that I don't put up with bs. My other point was that Bret in 95 was away from the top of the card and it was annoying for fans of his to see this. Hakushi and Jean Pierre made for some awesome matches but we Bret fans still suffered through a Kiss My Foot match that we didn't want to see. The Kiss Your Foot match was even agreed to be stupid in this thread. Has there ever been a worse stipulation in wrestling?


And yes, this is not a negative thread but it is true that this is the most negative board in existence. THINK ABOUT THAT for a second. ThisThat's just not wrestling but any board that has to do with any subject matter. This has been pointed out by others as well. It is a bunch of nerds having to take down people in order to make themselves feel good. I hate it when people have to tear down others in order to pump themselves up. It's the wimpy way out and I will call people out on it for doing it or liking it. I've always been the one to defend people against bullies. No ifs ands or buts about it. There are people who make up lies or distort the truth just to be negative here and than talk like it's fact which is a whole new level of patheticness. I don't want to be part of this board. Ban me please. I don't want to be tempted to stay here. I've never had time anyone to properly discuss anything and there's just too much stuff to correct people on anyway .


--- Last post ever here ----





There are people who make up lies or distort the truth just to be negative here and than talk like it's fact which is a whole new level of patheticness.

Like people who make up mythical surveys and consensuses to be negative about Jerry Lawler and Memphis wrestling?

Does this mean he's going to start reviewing Korean movies now?

I know it's mean to pile on the rabbit, but I really don't care. He annoys the shit out of me, but I read every crazy thing he says.


Fare thee well, young man. May your killing spree be a grand one.

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I'm taking this as a sign that I should buy a gun.


Anyway, if we're talking about WildPegasus-related Internet-quitting moments (at this point, I see no reason to remember him by his self-imposed slave name...in his heart, he was always WildPegasus), there was that one time he freaked me out so badly that I temporarily swore off responding to his posts ever again.


It's kinda late over here, so I can't go as in depth on this as I'd like to right now. For now, I'll say this: I fancy myself something of a narratologist, and I think on a certain level, one of the big reasons wrestling appeals to me as much as it does is because it's probably the simplest form of storytelling in existence, appeals blatantly to our most basic emotions with almost no subtlety whatsoever, and yet, it's still incredibly captivating and the genre is still incredibly diverse. I think a lot of people have certain ideas about art and storytelling that are actually self-defeating, eschewing the fundamentals of storytelling because art is supposed to be "different" and "original" and "innovative", forgetting that art is really just supposed to be "good", and that all that other stuff is gravy. When you apply that kind of logic to wrestling - where fundamental storytelling is all they have - you get the kind of problems that you have with certain indy wrestling, or that I had with WWE workrate style matches earlier this decade, or that just about everybody had with Vince Russo over the years (and yes, they are basically the same problem, they just manifested in different ways). You take that away, and you break the back of the whole medium.

The Japanese summed it up best with two words


Fighting Spirit


Wrestling is not so much about one person vs one person but rather yourself against yourself. It's the battle within oneself. The same battle we go through every day. The exact same battle you find yourself in the weight room. A battle someone can find themselves in if they're scared to go up a ladder but they have to do so to save a cat. Pushing yourself beyond the limits to achieve something. You against you.




The reason fancy spots or moves or innovation works is because they show the fighitng spirit of the wrestler. It's shows strength both physically and mentally that's superior to an opponent. In a match structure that's basically the same, the match with the fancy spots/moves/innovation will be "better" because of this.

The problem with this is that if fancy spots are used too much they can lose meaning and the effect of seeing strenght physically and mentally in the wrestler is nullified some. Believability can becomes less for some wrestlers doing this.




Wrestling is part make believe but believability is actually a big part of it. Storytelling in wrestling to be at its strongest has to make the individual person buy into what's going on. How much someone buys into something is different for everyone.

I disagree. While self-conflict is present in some degree in pretty much every dramatic story ever, it's not always the focus, it's not often the main focus of a genre based around a combat sport, and it's almost never the main focus of said genre to the exception of a conflict between two people. "Fighting spirit" is an aspect of wrestling storytelling. It's not the entirety of it.




Bullshit. Dusty Rhodes had fighting spirit - as you define it - coming out the wazoo. Where were his fancy spots? Where was his innovation? Where is the direct correlation between "fighting spirit" and fancy moves? Is it not possible that there are other effective ways to convey that, as Dusty found?




Again, it's one tool they can use. It's not the only tool they can use. Where is the direct correlation between increased match quality and increased fancy moves?




Every work of fiction has to make you "believe" on a certain level. Wrestling isn't any more or less different in that regard than any other genre, except that wrestlers seem more self-conscious about it than other artists, and that's not a good thing. Suggesting that big moves are the only answer is the kind of self-destructive line of thought that I was talking about before, and you should know that as well as anyone, WildPegasus.

It's the basis of it. The foundation of the house. Your own personal fighting spirit is why you fight. To solve the conflict inside you by fighting against others. If one wasn't uneasy and satistified with themselves than they they wouldn't fight.




Who said there's only one way to show fighting spirit????


Innovation or some hard to pull off devestating move or a well thought out sequence/spot/strategy in a match is a way to show intelligence which is a show of fighting spirit by demonstrating how hard someone is working mentally. It is a way to show fighting spirit just like there are other ways.




Take what I believe to a classic match -- Kobashi vs Marafuji. Or take a million of the great classics from Japan that have sound or better match structure. We all know they're filled with great fancy moves that weren't found elsewhere. You can follow the match structure and dumb it down with lesser offense and the result will be a lesser match in 99.9% of the fans eyes.

All things being equal, a match with higher end offense is usually better.




Who's suggesting big moves are the only answer to wrestling's problems?


Big moves used in the right context (say for example the highflying in Bret vs Hakushi from Raw) add to the match. A crossbody over the top rope doesn't work as well there.


It is sef destructive to want big moves in wrestling but there is no getting away from the notion that people want it. They help matches and everybody wether they deny it or not wants it because it's human nature. Matches that have similar match structures but the ones that feature bigger moves done properly will always be the better match in the fans eyes.

The entire premise of professional wrestling as a genre of fiction is that a large assortment of people compete in an organized combat sport for fame, fortune, personal pride, and presumably, fun. A number of these characters are portrayed as uneasy or unsatisfied with themselves, because everyone is uneasy and unsatisfied with themselves to some degree.


No professional wrestling show in the history of the world has ever made this it's focus.


How you came to this conclusion is a mystery to me. Is it a tool that they have at their disposal that they use from time to time? Certainly. Has it ever been the foundation of the show? No. Never. Not even in Japan.




You didn't say it, but you strongly (perhaps inadvertently) implied it, and never thought to mention any other method. You also drew a direct correlation big moves and match quality, and while I'm no mathematical genius, I'm pretty sure drawing equal correlations between other methods and match quality would screw up the equation in such a way as to make big moves less important than you were making them out to be. Which means you placed a higher premium on big moves than any other possible method of showing fighting spirit.


But I hate talking about wrestling like it's a math equation. Point is, I don't think you thought this through all the way.




Kobashi had that match with Marufuji, and he had a match with KENTA the month prior, and I loved one and hated the other, and for the life of me, I can't remember which was which.


That said, worth noting that I liked Kobashi a lot during this period, expressly because he had become less focused on big moves, and more focused on chopping the fuck out of people while generally carrying himself as the man. But late 90's-early 00's Kobashi was someone I did not care for at all. And while that's a minority opinion, I don't know of anyone who thinks Kobashi was at his best when he was at his most moves-heavy.


Marufuji is a guy I've always had mixed feelings about. One match of his from that period that I know I loved was his match against Taue, a somewhat awkward dude not known for his moves, where the big memorable spot was Marufuji pinning his larger opponent with a small package. That was probably the most memorable single move Marufuji has done in his entire career.


What about the other great classics from Japan? Well, what about them?


Mitsuharu Misawa's big move was an elbowsmash. He found plenty of ways to do it, and of course, he had bigger moves than that that he busted out with regularity, but is that really what we think of him fondly for?


Toshiaki Kawada's big move was a kick. He had a lot of cool ways to kick you, and he also had a powerbomb, the Stretch Plum, and he even did the Ganso Bomb in a couple of matches. Do we really praise him because he's a moves guy?


None of the great heavyweight gaijin were really moves guys.


Jumbo Tsuruta is considered the greatest worker ever by a number of folks. He had some moves that were pretty darn big for his era. But people today, who have seen far more advanced moves, still think really highly of him. If what you were saying was true, would it not logically follow that Tsuruta and everyone else from his era or before should be brushed aside in favor of the Marufujis and KENTAs of the world?


Jushin Thunder Liger had some big moves. Then he got injured, got cancer, otherwise got broken down, and couldn't do those moves anymore. He kept being great. And personally speaking, my favorite Liger memories aren't about shooting star presses or moonsaults to the outside. They're about him getting pissed off and beating the fuck out of El Samurai, Masao Orihara, Dick Togo, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, and a host of others. Most of your better juniors are that way. The flashy moves were nice, but there are much, much bigger factors at play.


The first time I watched joshi, I was let down, because the moves-heavy stuff didn't interest me the way I thought it would. I became an Aja Kong fan real fast because of that. When I started watching 80's stuff, I generally liked it better, because it felt more psychologically sound. It was still moves heavy, but that wasn't exactly a bad thing. There were just more important things to me.


Your better death match workers naturally relied on big, impressive spots. So did the shitty death match workers. The difference between the two usually wasn't how impressive the spots were.


Hashimoto and the better New Japan heavyweights weren't exactly move guys.


Your better worked shooters were more about impressive execution than high-end offense. Some of them had it, but again, it's not as big of a factor as you make it out to be.


I'm not seeing it. The moves were there, but they're not what made the matches great.




It's the only answer you're giving me. It's the one you drew a direct correlation to match quality with. It seems to be the answer you feel strongest about.




Hulk Hogan is the most popular wrestler ever, so, yeah, there is. It's actually really apparent, and has been bemoaned by workrate fans for years. If you really can't see it, I'm inclined to question your sanity.




I don't necessarily dislike it, but I certainly wouldn't say I need it. The simple fact that there are people who aren't wrestling fans at all, and people who don't like to watch violence - even of the simulated variety - shoots down the notion that it's part of human nature. And I don't exactly have a high opinion of humans, but we're not that low.




No, they'll be the better matches in YOUR eyes. I'm sure some of them will be better matches in other fans' eyes, too. Some might even be better in the eyes of the majority of fans. But as a whole, they will be the better matches in YOUR eyes. I won't deny you your opinion. I'd hope you wouldn't deny me my reality.

See, this is what annoys me. I like you but you misinterpet everything. I'm not saying there are promotions that are promoting with the words "This is you against you" Although now that I think about it , there actually have been a couple who promoted with different words basically saying the same thing.

But that's not the point anyway. Why do you think people wrestle? It's to clinch the thirst of the you vs you battle. Things are derived from that. Listen to the song "Burning Heart" from Rocky IV. It explains it as clear as day. "

Warrior's code there's no surrender. Knows it's you against you. It's the paradox that drives us all".

That's what wrestling represents to me.

To you too, I think it's what it represents as well. You're all justifiably about the hero overcoming the odds to stand triumphant at the end. To do that, he has to conquer himself more than his opponent. That's why I watch wrestling. For struggle that is within everyone, the villan included.




Match quality is dependent on a ton of things. There are a lot of ingredients that go into a recipe. Believability is essential. You got to make the fans buy into it.




Hogan's one of the most popular ever but how does that get away from the fact that people like and want dragon suplexes, powerbombs, superplexes and so on? People just don't want to see guys thumb wrestling. People like more speed in track, intense drama in movies, intense action in hockey, harder hitters in boxing and they want more hardcore action in wrestling. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. It's just the way it is. Just because one wrestler didn't do a shooting star press and was super popular doesn't mean the fans don't want some superior action in their matches.




There's a part of us as wrestling fans and humans that gets more intrigued when we see for example Sayama do a space flying tiger drop or someone else does something insane. We can't help it. It's the same concept (but on a different scale) as say the reaction people have to blood or doing surgery or helping giving birth. Some people don't like helping to give birth or stitching someone up. Some can but the point is intrigue and interest has to be present otherwise nobody would care about the situation and someone could have trouble giving birth or they could die if they're not given help. The strong reactions that are necessary can backfire at times but it can't be any other way.




Good matches tend to build and build to a climax. Better moves in a similar blueprint structure allow emotions to be higher and the climax to be greater thus giving you a better match. A match can't exist without moves. As a bare minimum answer here -- If you have two matches that are basically the same but one ends with a superplex off the middle rope while the other ends with a superplex off the top rope than people are going to pick the match with the top rope superplex as better. Why wouldn't they?

See, this is what annoys me. I like you but you misinterpet everything.


If I misinterpret you, it's only because you're not stating things very clearly.




Hmmmmm...."Victory Through Guts"? I suppose. It was still only part of the equation.




I will not deny you your opinion....




....yet you continue to deny me my reality. I've said multiple times already that this is an aspect of wrestling, and an aspect of all storytelling, because it's a universal aspect of humanity. Whether or not it's the focus of any given work depends on how much the author chooses to emphasize it. Some stories emphasize it a lot. Some stories barely emphasize it at all. In professional wrestling, where the focus is always primarily on the conflict between two individuals, internal conflict is a much smaller focus than it is in other genres. Is it there? Yes. Is it actually played up to any significant degree? Sometimes, sure. Is it the focus of the whole damn genre? Fuck no, no matter how badly you want to believe it is.




Good for you. Just stop assuming your opinions are universal truths.




Because they paid more money more often to see guys do leg drops, a crossface chickenwing, a figure-four leglock that never semed to work, punches, elbows, powerslams, iron claws, scorpion deathlocks, stunners, an especially goofy elbowdrop, and a big fireman's carry takedown than to see dragon suplexes, powerbombs, and superplexes.


In your vaunted Japan, they paid to see a kicks, lariats, elbowsmashes, and karate chops to the top of the head. They paid to see bigger moves, too, but I'm less than convinced that the popularity of Tatsumi Fujinami rode entirely on his doing the dragon suplex, or that the popularity of Jumbo Tsuruta rode entirely on his doing the powerbomb. Tiger Mask probably wouldn't have been nearly the star he was without his moves, but Sayama seems to have been a unique case.


In Mexico, where there allegedly is no psychology and everyone just does highspots, people were paying to see a camel clutch, a double stomp, a gorilla press, and majistral cradles.


It's very easy to get away from the fact that people like and want dragon suplexes, powerbombs, superplexes, and so on, because it's been demonstrated time and time again that they like and want other stuff a lot more.




Of course not, but there's a demonstrable middle ground that's existed as long as wrestling has. Why you can't see it is beyond me.




With the exception of Jushin Thunder Liger, no wrestler who has done a shooting star press has been super popular.


As for your examples of what people like, one of those things is not like the other. Track, hockey, and boxing are sports. Movies are a medium of fiction. Professional wrestling is not a sport. Professional wrestling is a medium of fiction. Wrestling fans want more intense drama. The nature of the genre means that drama might come through more hardcore action. It also might not.





Alright, you've just gone completely off the rails into certifiable insanity. We, as human beings, perform surgery because we like gore? We witness childbirth because of the gore? You know, I always thought you were an idiot, but I at least thought you were a harmless one. I pray to God that you're a gimmick poster, because if not, you need to be locked up far, far away from decent society. The rest of your post doesn't matter. You're a sick, sick man.


This is not what I'm saying. I'm not saying any promotion focuses on all their individual wrestlers having Raven like problems as a marketing tool which is what you seem to want to think or to believe.


I'm talking more about what at the very core drives a wrestler to wrestle. They wrestle for themselves. Bret sums it up exceptionally well here with one of my fav most truthful quotes of all time .





Aren't you guilty of this?




Too much to talk about here.

First off, I assume you think all those moves are silly as they're examples of how people got by without using great moves. Well, I kind of like the leg drop, the crossface chickenwing is awesome and beliebable, elbows are terrific, slams can be great, scorpion deathlock is an excellent move, stunner is ok. So a lot of those aren't good to use a point there. The elbow drop is a clear cut comedy move used in dramatic situations and the fireman's takedown has backlash against it to the point where it turns people off the product despite all the marketing hype behind it.


Moves don't make a wrestler complete. Of course not, but they help an awful lot and they're a big part of what wrestling is. That Dynamite Kid guy did okay for himself. You're downplaying the importance of moves in wrestling. If we just wanted charisma we'd be watching something else or hanging out with a charsmatic friend. Is charisma important?? Yeah you better believe it is as it's all important but there's a reason people watch wrestling. It's to you know -- watch some wrestling in a well constructed format that manipulates our emotions. Moves are a signifigant part of the equation.




And here I am trying to get you to realize that there is middle ground.




Track, hockey and boxing fans want more intense drama too. Wrestling fans want more drama too. Everyone likes drama unless they just want to rest or somthing. What's your point there?


Wrestling is different than movies and it's different than sport. It's kind of its own thing. Anyway, hardcore action in wrestling just like in other sports is where the foundation of what everything else has to come from. So I don't see where else you're going to get the intense drama at because it all has to come as result of the sporting like action. Unless we just watch invisible WWE backstage cameras all day long. Maybe they'll have debates over what type of pop is best. That'd be fun.




I'm using an extreme example here to make a point. I was just thinking of the times I've helped to give birth before.


Now you're saying I said we like to preform surgery because we like gore. You're also saying I said we witness childbirth because of the gore. Well, I wouldn't say I really said that but there is actualy truth to it.


Ok, for stuff like surgery, open wouds, gore, childbirth or other extreme situations out of the the ordinary. People have reactions to this. They have biiiig reactions to this and it has to be this way. If there was no big reaction to stuff like this, than how could a woman get help if she was having trouble delievering? How could someone have surgery preformed on them? Nobody would care if there was no reaction. The child or the person who needs medical help could die if nobody aissists them.


There is a very high interest levels from humans for extreme situations like this. Like is a tricky word. Can you call that high interest level "like"? I think you can call it both "like" and "dislike" to be honost. It depends on the person. But there's no doubt that some people like that interest level. If they didn't, than we'd have less surgeons.


While I'm talking here, I may as well take some more. Sometimes people like these high interest situations too much imo. There are actually a lot of people who like gore. Maybe you live in the city so you don't realize this. I live in a rural community. A lot of guys like gore. They like killing. Myself, I don't. I'm actually a vegetarian.


But yeah, when someone like Sayama does something extreme like a space flying tiger drop back in the day it gets the same kind of heightened reaction that other extreme situations do just obviously on a much smaller scale.


And now to finish. You of all people shouldn't be talking about gimmick poster stuff as you yourself can come off as one at times. I remember you backpedalling in one thread on this board, you getting caught on DVDVR in one thread or your Vince Wrestlemania haircut thoughts. A lot of your wrestling opinions are way out there compared to the average folk and can be very easily thought of as gimmick or trolling stuff. Some of your statements here to me feel like trolling. Not that I feel there's anything wrong with those opinions as I was the one who invited you elsewhere. It's just that you don't have any legs to walk on if you're going to bring out the gimmick card.

I'm not sure how someone bleeding as a signal that they need help is like big moves being attractive unless you're saying that people are drawn to hemmoraging vaginas because they get off on the danger or something. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you don't mean that.

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Guest jaedmc

I noticed his account became a Guest on DVDVR..... I was sad. I kind of had a weird fascination with his posts. Such a bizarre individual. I was hoping he'd go out with a bang instead of a PM whimper. SLL should definitely purchase a fire arm.


I think his best trait was whenever some one was talking about what good matches a wrestler had, he'd always have a vs. Chris Benoit match ready. And he'd recommend it so wholeheartedly for us to watch. And I love that anytime he got caught up in a discussion all of his posts ended with a variation on "I really gotta go, I'm too busy to post more." But he'd still post stuff for the next hour or two.


Anyone know where Davey Richards is? Because if he's not careful he may be in some one's basement being told to put the lotion on his skin.

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RE is a muscled up dude, and while he has shown signs of mental illness, I doubt that anything of circumstance will occur to anyone, even those that chose to ride him into the ground on several occasions.


For all his faults, he was a nice guy. The kind that'd give someone the shirt off his back. But you'd have to listen to his thoughts on pro wrestling afterwards. :)

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I only started posting here recently, but I've been a lurker here and at DVDVR for a while now, so I'm pretty familiar with him and his oeuvre. However, I've only seen references to the weight bench ejaculation story. Can anyone post a link?


I've come to view him as the Ric Flair of forum trolls. He works a formula based around a few signature spots (casual misogyny, love of jacked-up vanilla midgets, hatred of Jerry Lawler, obsession with fighting spirit and masculinity, citations of imaginary surveys), but it was an effective formula that always got a reaction. And every now and then, he'd throw in a few new wrinkles that would catch seasoned observers off-guard (like in the Ayn Rand thread).


Goodnight, sweet prince. May no more of your idols commit rape and/or murder.

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Aw, man, the Ayn Rand thread is gonna go down as my last interaction with him. And I didn't even get to read his last post in it before he took it down. Johnny Sorrow, you read it, right? Do you remember what the gist of it was? I'd hate to think I'd have to go the rest of my life never knowing.


Really, there are just so many unanswered questions that look like they'll remain that way. What were his views on homosexuality that he was so squeamish about revealing? Why did he always write "magic" with a J instead of a G? What was his actual defense of Ayn Rand? I always thought that if I kept digging, I'd find out someday, but now....


I've seen fire and I've seen rain

I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end

I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend

But I always thought that I'd make fun of WildPegasus again

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Guest jaedmc

WOW. I went back to enjoy the the madness of the Ayn Rand thread and he went in and edited nearly EVERY post he made in there. I thought it was just the one post, but it's all of them and if SLL hadn't quoted him you'd have no idea what he said in that thread.


I'm trying to find that post he made trying to find some type of meaning behind wrestlers adjusting their tights.




What bugs me is little things like selling inconsistencies (guys rearranging their masks, trunks, etc. instead of selling damage) and when guys getting pinned are caught blatantly watching the referee (or for someone to break the pin) instead of giving the illusion they're actually in a predicament. I've seen so much wrestling in my lifetime that nowadays I can't help but be detail-oriented while viewing and tiny stuff like that can drive me bonkers.

The rearragning your mask and trunks bit comes (well not including a mask moving around on ya) comes from I believe at least in part of a need to relieve tension. I think it also comes from habit once it starts being done. I believe it's also a natural habit for some people while doing extremely hard work.


have no idea what jeggings are, lol. But there were plenty of times that Buck's pants looked really tight, thin, and had no pockets

I assume there are no pocktes because it would make it easier to get injured if you did have them.


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Aw, man, the Ayn Rand thread is gonna go down as my last interaction with him. And I didn't even get to read his last post in it before he took it down. Johnny Sorrow, you read it, right? Do you remember what the gist of it was? I'd hate to think I'd have to go the rest of my life never knowing.

Seriously, I was at work, saw it..my mind flipped and when I got home it was gone. And I can't recall what it was. It's the "Tommy Rich/ Buzz Sawyer: Last Battle Of Atlanta" of message board posts.

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I can't even begin to describe how bummed I was when I checked that thread and only saw RE's edited post and the shell-shocked reactions of those who got a chance to read the original. I felt like Bart Simpson watching all the other kids talk about the Itchy & Scratchy movie. It's also what leads me to believe that he's more of a troll than he's generally given credit for. He at least has enough self-awareness to cover his tracks when he really goes off the deep end.


In any event, here's some more of the wit and wisdom of the man himself:


Guys, what I'm saying is truth. I can tell you what makes a woman fall in love and what makes her fall out. What makes her cheat and what makes her loyal and happy. Why strippers are looked down upon. I understand just about every contradiction (at first glance) or puzzling aspect there is about women and why those contradictions actually makes sense. I can tell you the impact social conditioning has on all of this.


I can even explain the actions of the males as well. Stuff people don't really know conciously. Message boards in particular including this one are fascinating to view.


As far as women goes, I love them even though I know a couple of truths that are very hard for me to accept. On the opposite of the coin, I know the absolute thrill it is to have a women call you her hero. I have been flat out told by multiple women that I can have any women fall in love with me. I have been accused of being a ladies man several times. I have been given gifts, offered free rent and vacation time for my whole family. I have been told (in more provacative words) by women who pride themselves on being not easy that I can seduce any woman. Sometimes, I actually have to hold back. Others can do this too. I'm out of here now though. I don't think by the way people are talking that they are open enough to discuss this. If that was tough, than the other things I know might be too much of a burden to take on. I have to go help someone now who is going through a difficult time so I won't be around for awhile. In a rush.

We really owe him a debt of gratitude. Just imagine all the poon he left on the table to grace us with his insights.

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He was the only thing that made the week after the Benoit murders/suicide tolerable. Not saying that to be cute. Seeing his title changed to Fairweather Fan genuinely made me laugh. Later that week he got really pissed about the movie Knocked Up. Someone asked if something had happened to put him in a bad mood.

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RIP WildPeg, may you continue to have unexpected sexual releases on weight benches in heaven homie. *pours contents of 40 oz on ground*

I remember him talking about that as far back as 2004. IIRC, he tried to make it sound less embarrassing than it actually would be. Why he would share that in the first place is...beyond me, but it wasn't in the same light as when Taz mentioned his orgasm after being slammed on the mat really hard. I mean, Taz laughed about it, but he was obviously embarrassed by it, and it was a funny story because there is medical science to back it up and it happened in pro wres -- but having orgasms while working out? Yeah. Never heard of that until RE brought it up. I've seen dudes get injured -- like the powerlifter whose ass literally blew out from squatting -- I've heard about powerlifters shitting themselves because they strained too much -- but I've never, not one singular time outside of RE's declaration heard about anyone having an orgasm while lifting weights.




RE Quotes as ordered by Will:

Wrestling is a tough occupation. Overall, you're going to have to look long and hard for something that's tougher. It's the realism of the toughness of wrestling which allows us to have feelings for the wrestlers combined with the drama of the fake aspects of wrestling that make a lot of us fans. Wrestling can only be done by people with the strongest will and the strongest hearts. Those who have the eye of the tiger. No wimps allowed. So it comes to no surprise that you will find many of the strongest hearts ever in wrestling. This is a "sport" for true men.

Thoughts on Kobashi


I don't know where I'm going with this at all but I felt it warrented a thread. Kenta Kobashi is back from cancer. I'm happy for him on two accounts. That he was able to get by the cancer and that he was able to wrestle again. In reality, he shouldn't be wrestling anymore because of injuries but it's obvious this is what makes him happy so I guess in reality he actually should be continuing to wrestle.

He didn't have much body fat at all and was hosting a muscular physique. Perhaps being away from the ring actually helped in that regard as it would've let some injuries heal. He can still move well enough but you can tell the injuries are still there.

...was highlighted by a Kobashi moonsault on those poor knees.

Random thought -- One of my favourites memories from Kobashi is video highlights of him training for the 1/20/97 match. In it, he was on his side and he had someone stand on the side of his head. Kobashi than impressively proceeded to move his neck up and down working the side neck muscle. This is actually the most neglected body part in overall fitness training by a long,long shot.

Toyota and Davey Richards are different wrestlers with different styles with different things with different match structures that make them unique.

My brain works in funny ways.

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Most of RE's posts are edited, but you can get the gist of what he said through other people quoting him.

Read that whole thing, kind of wish I hadn't.


I'd gone my whole life without knowing who Ayn Rand was or even hearing her name mentioned before today actually. Also gone several years not paying THAT close attention to Resident Evil or thinking the stuff I did read of his was that out of whack.


I was a tinnier bit happier before today.

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He was the only thing that made the week after the Benoit murders/suicide tolerable. Not saying that to be cute. Seeing his title changed to Fairweather Fan genuinely made me laugh. Later that week he got really pissed about the movie Knocked Up. Someone asked if something had happened to put him in a bad mood.

Oh fuck, the "I'm offended by this movie/ No one knows who Judd Aptow is" thread was a hoot and a holler. I wish I could find the original thread at DVDVR where he first started going on about how evil and awful Memphis Wrestling is. I know it was based around "realistic punches.", but it was at least 4 years ago.

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He was the only thing that made the week after the Benoit murders/suicide tolerable. Not saying that to be cute. Seeing his title changed to Fairweather Fan genuinely made me laugh. Later that week he got really pissed about the movie Knocked Up. Someone asked if something had happened to put him in a bad mood.

Oh fuck, the "I'm offended by this movie/ No one knows who Judd Aptow is" thread was a hoot and a holler. I wish I could find the original thread at DVDVR where he first started going on about how evil and awful Memphis Wrestling is. I know it was based around "realistic punches.", but it was at least 4 years ago.


One of his biggest complaints about Knocked Up:


This here shows why movies like this shouldn't even be made because they give kids here on the board ideas and bad influences. If you're not offended by filthy words, than that is truly scary. There's a reason why dirty words are dirty words. It's because they are supposed to be offensive. It's from watching junk movies like this where you become jaded. Knocked up is only a term that has come to be because of misogyny so yeah, I have a right to be offended by the title. The word is pregnant.

Several years later, guess who he outs himself as a huge fan of?



I mean, I'd like to chalk this up as personal growth, but given his track record...yeah, integrity vs. hypocrisy.


As to the original Lawler thread, it starts with this....


Jerry Lawler is probably my worst wrestler of all time and represents everything I despise about wrestling. As heel or face. That is because almost everything he does comes off as fake and unbelievable.

And quickly spirals out of control from there.


I'm not going to quote the whole thing, but one bit in particular I want to bring up is his exchange with Jamieslan. Earlier in this thread, smkelly mentioned that for as awful as WP's wrestling opinions were, he basically was a really nice guy. And well, he definitely had his moments where he carried himself as a well-meaning, decent dude, and I can see where one gets that impression of him, but....


Jesus Christ, WildPegasus is the biggest idiot on this board.

He offered a different opinion....


Like calling those who like Lawler bandwagon cheerleaders that want to have sex with him? I don't think the problem is with his different opinion, just his childish " people like something I don't so obviously they must be following a trend, etc..." attitude.


That was a compliment for all the Lawler fans as some kind of peace offering. And DVDVR is well known for its trend following. Not that it is a bad thing. See Regal and Finlay for instance. DVDVR has helped their standing a good bit in the IWC and that is a definite plus

How in the world is "I'm just not a bandwagon cheerleader who wants to have sex with him like everyone else here" a compliment, much less a peace offering ???

....he really wasn't a nice guy. At all. And the fact that he had no comeback to the above question really speaks volumes. As I alluded to in the Rand thread (and said outright in the Tough Enough thread a lot of that stuff carried over from), Pegasus seemed to like the idea of being a traditionally good person, and liked projecting that image of himself, but that's all it was: an image. He's a nice guy to the same extent that the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers loved America. He'd give you the shirt off his back, but only if it was a shirt he didn't really like, and if you gave him your awesome pair of pants in exchange. And if you pointed out the problems with that, he wouldn't just not give you the shirt. He'd lecture you for hours on end on why his offer was actually a generous one, how you don't understand generosity the way he does (likely supported by an imaginary survey), how your refusal to give up your pants even without a shirt in exchange is an act of selfishness, and how his "generosity" makes him a better person than you.


And then, of course, he would rape you, but I think that goes without saying.

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To be fair though, and you might disagree, but movies like Knocked Up, or a new one I keep seeing in previews (has Kate Hudson) - movies like that are conflicting. And it is being directed at the wrong kinds of audiences; i.e. younger people. I can see that, which I do, but I'm not going to lose my mind about it nor get into arguments of nonsensical drivel over it. That was one of the things that RE never got. He never learned to have a filter (which I am often guilty of too, but not as severely {not even in the same state}) and would argue things that if he had only looked at them without bias would have understood why he was wrong. He just never did that. And he never learned from that mistake either. It is why I am able to pull up posts of his from 2007 - he has always been that way. So yeah, he is either a long-lasting and extremely dedicated troll or...he is not of sound mind. And it is a good thing that he has left in my opinion.

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