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[1990-07-07-NWA-Great American Bash] Lex Luger vs Mark Callous


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There are a lot on youtube, and probably popping up all the time as the WWE wipes them off. Anyway, he's one of the match in one piece:




Haven't watched it in ages, but recall it was pretty decent.


Lex in 1990 through roughly the 5/91 match with the Steiners was pretty damn solid. He might actually have been pretty decent as the heel champ after the 91 Bash, but people were so annoyed by the Flair stuff that they didn't give him a fair shake. But maybe the matches with Simmons and Steiner aren't so bad in hindsight. We usually only think of Lex as being solid in 1989, but he might have had close to a three year run where he was decent against a wide variety of opponents.



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I thought Luger did have a good 3 year run. His heel work to me was his highlight. In 91 his character was done well, but again people wanted Flair. It also didn 't help that he was switched from face to heel abruptly, thus he had no real opponents set up for him except Sting. Windham same problem as Luger, quick turn. Simmons not ready, Rick Steiner not ready. Steamboat doesn't show up till late 91. We know they could have had a hot feud. The sting match came to late in the game.

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I knew that Lex won the match with the clothesline before I sat down to watch this, and I thought that he might be using the clothesline because he was afraid of putting the Rack on someone with his bad knee. But then he racked Taker pretty easily, so there went that idea. Still, you don't want monsters like Sid and Taker submitting, so the clothesline is a good way to beat them while still keeping them hot for the future.


Just thinking out loud here, but the heart punch might have been a good finisher for Taker in the WWF. Call it the "casket sealer" or whatever cheesy death-inspired name you choose. But the tombstone appealed to Vince's puntastic sense of humor, so there you go.


What's next for Luger? He's running out of otherwise unbooked monsters to tame. Windham, perhaps?

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Last three minutes of the match. Luger no sells a suplex and hits Mean Mark with three clotheslines before getting him up in the torture rack. Callous’ legs kick the referee in the face knocking him down, and Paul E. then jumps in the ring and nails Lex in the ribs with his phone. The two of them fall to the canvas whilst Heyman is doing his best to try and wake up the referee. Mean Mark crawls over to cover the champion but Lex kicks out at two. He backs him up against the ropes ready for heart punch, but when he comes charging at him Luger gets a foot up. He decks Paul E. (who’d climbed up on the apron), another clothesline to Callous and then makes the cover and a quick looking count sees him retain the title.


Good action here and you can see the potential in Callous and his athleticism with the way he was bumping for Luger. Amazing how little charisma he has here compared to The Undertaker though.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1990-07-07-NWA-Great American Bash] Lex Luger vs Mark Callous

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