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  • 3 months later...

Mike Rotunda is making business decisions left and right because he's boss like that. He really looks frightened the whole time he's talking to everyone at the table. I think we caught him in the middle of some insider trading! Maybe that's why he left. Alexandra York announces that they have created a program for each and every wrestler. They review a bunch of charts and graphs while loud classical music plays. Tremendous.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Rotunda turns down a children's charity request from a "Mr. Finkle in New York." Wallstreet has an all-seeing video monitor board consisting of stock tickers and activity as well as WCW wrestling (and, later, a Lou Holtz press conference). Oh yes. Then he stops to cut a promo on us, the viewer, while Ms. York takes notes. They don't even hide the fact that this guy is a Gordon Gekko ripoff as he straight-up lifts the catchphrase from Wall Street. York punches a few keys on multiple keyboards after being given the name "Lex Luger" and prints out a single sheet that's a perfect plan to defeat him. Random bar graphs and charts are present for verisimilitude, while a Jimmy Hart-esque knockoff of the Superman theme plays.


Cheesy as all hell but oh so much fun. I don't know what separated this from WCW's other '90s attempts at sports entertainment--it could be Rotunda's commitment to the role, the fact that this apparently isn't far off from the way Rotunda is in real life, or the fact that this gimmick was the suggestion of one Tony Schiavone. This makes one nostalgic for the days when portable phones and computers could double as deadly weapons.

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The debut of Terri too, which really didn't dress like she should have. Horrible early 90's fashion sense.

I'm all for seeing Terri Runnels in a hot business suit but somehow WCW fucks that up, which is the only negative about this gimmick. Bizarrely, the Dirty White Girl pulled the look off better.

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  • 4 months later...

A personal idiosyncracy (if thats how you spell it) is I find rings disgusting. I also find long nails gross and tacky.


So here we have the talentless, shrill makeup girl/rat slapping on more makeup than Demolition plus about six rings AND blood red Lee Press-Ons and just puke me out!

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  • 1 year later...

Solid beginning for an interesting gimmick. We really get into how computers will help Mike win matches and titles, and it's the reliance on computers that sets him apart from DiBiase. Terri does her part well, and I think I like what I see better than IRS at the moment. It's a shame Vince's ginmicks had to be so "lappy", to use an old vaudeville term (if you don't dump a joke right in the audience's laps, they're too dumb to get it), because this could have gotten over in the WWF with no changes at all.


So Tony came up with this, huh? That man might deserve a chance to run a wrestling company someday, don't you think? (Insert irony smiley here.)

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  • 2 years later...
  • GSR changed the title to [1990-12-01-NWA-World Championship Wrestling] Michael Wallstreet vignette

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