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In terms of working WWE style, he has good punches, good bumping ability, and has been one of the stars of Velocity. His March 2005 match against Doug Basham was a really good 5 minute match. I can try to upload it when I get home if people need to see it.


He isn't out of this world but I am sure matches against Rey Jr., Eddy, Doug Basham would be more than worth the time to watch, if he wasn't doing nothing on Raw.



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I never get to watch the "B" shows, so I just assumed that he was still boring and bland. If that's not the case, it's news to me. I thought he stood out the least out of all the Natural Born Thrillers in WCW. I didn't think he'd improved since then. I liked Palumbo, Stasiak, O'Haire, Sanders and even random Reno more than him.


If he's getting better, fucking A, I hope WWE capitalizes on it. Of course, I didn't think Garrison Cade was that bad and they sent him back to OVW.

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Damnit, I don't give a shit what anyone says, Maven was good! Just look at what he has done in the four years that he's been in WWE. I mean, physique wise and wrestling wise. He had got a lot better. In fact, he was even my most improved wrestler.


This really disappoints me. Moreso because I don't think any Indy fed will be interested in him, so he'll probably get out of the business. He even played his role with Simon Dean well, and that was a dead end gimmick. He started using the Lung Blower as a finisher but no one watches Heat so no one got to see it. It even seemed as if he was improving on the microphone.


He never really got a fair chance. He could've been something. He had a good look.

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Guest teke184

Of the six, the only ones I give a shit about are Kidman, Shannon Moore, and Akio.



Shannon Moore's career has been DOA since the Mattitude gimmick was scrapped as part of Matt leaving SD for RAW.


Kidman's been in career hell since he landed wrong on a SSP and put Chavo out with an injury. His match with Tajiri at Backlash 2002 should have made him a player in the Cruiser division, but he never really went further than having a good tag team with another cruiser.



Akio never really got a chance to show his stuff in the WWE because he's been on Velocity almost exclusively for the majority of his run.



Maven's window of opportunity appeared to have closed about 2-3 injuries ago. He never seemed to regain his momentum once he came back, although an ill-advised heel turn probably didn't help.


Gangrel, IIRC, was brought back in along with Viscera and Mideon as part of the angle JBL did with Undertaker but never did anything once Taker killed him. I like the guy but his career's been on life support for a long time because he's so injury-prone.





What I'm wondering is why these guys got cut yet Kenzo Suzuki seems to still have a job.

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Wow, the WWF has to be hurting really bad.  This is close to 30 guys they've released in under a year.  I've never seen such massive roster cutbacks.

Yet this was right after Linda pooh-pooh'ed investor concerns at the conference call.


Yep, everything's gumdrops and rainbows in Stamford, that's why they're making more cuts than a slasher film and signed a new TV deal that gives them zero ad revenue.

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