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Loss is awesome for doing the yearbook stuff


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I just took a glance at the number of threads in the yearbook folders and, well, damn. It's almost 5000 threads! To say nothing of the length and detail of many of the posts. Loss has really gone above and beyond with this, and it gives the rest of us a place to comment on the content in the sets, whether we're watching the yearbooks in order or randomly seeing individual segments. I really hope the board doesn't suffer a DVDVR-like crash, because this will be a valuable resource for years to come.


Kudos, Loss!

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When I'm watching random things from the 90s, I often jump in to see if it was covered on a yearbook to see everyone's thoughts (because even in the ones with not a lot of people commenting, you still get Charles' and I value his on this stuff). In that regard, it's an amazing resource.

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I don't buy the yearbooks since it's not really how I like to consume wrestling, but I think five, ten years down the line, when the next generation comes into things, they're going to be really valuable. Not perfect, but really valuable in order to help educate the kids in a way they wouldn't get otherwise.

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