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RIP Blackjack Mulligan


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A good Tv brawl in WWWF

Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan vs Dominic Denucci & Johnny Rivera - 06/1975


There is some clippings of him versus Flair.



He was a great promo guy - I like the stuff when Flair came to see him in 1984 to team against Wahoo and Tully.

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I'd recommend checking out the promos a few weeks previous to, and then the 1/15/84 St. Paul match with Bockwinkel and Mulligan against Vachon and Crusher. The promos are excellent all around--Mulligan put over as a monster very well by all, then a really good take-no-prisoners style promo by Mulligan--and then, during the match, Lanza coming out and getting Mulligan to abandon Bock and reform the Blackjacks...excellent story told there with Mulligan as the centerpiece.


Also in April 1984 he had a St. Paul match against Crusher Blackwell where he thoroughly dominated him like nobody else. Worht checking out just to see Blackwell really put Mulligan over.


I'm sure the Blackjacks were getting the AWA tag titles from Patera and Blackwell before Mulligan bolted for whatever reason. His build was really, really strong in the four months or so he was there.


Mulligan on the Luce films with Lanza and Heenan is also fun to check out.



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I think we all knew it was coming, still sad to hear.


Blackjack falls into the category of a guy I liked because of his look and charisma when I was a kid. Great talker that doesn't seem to get recognized enough for that. Really big guy in his era as well which made him stand out.


Another legend gone. RIP Blackjack Mulligan.

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