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[2005-04-08-WRESTLE-1] Jun Akiyama vs Katsuyori Shibata

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This was Aja Kong vs Hotta level of uncooperative stiffness. Shibata kicks Akiyama in the face twice within the first minute which busts the former NOAH champ's forehead open.

I can't believe that this attack was planned because Jun attempts to kill Shibata on the outside. Seriously...he's pissed and recklessly is driving down chairs upon the shoot stylist. 

Heck maybe they said, let's just go out there and hit each other very hard. But shit got real there for a while.

I can't say they tone it back but, both guys get to working a match...a very stiff BattlARTS type of match. It was great although its no surprise that Shibata, who based his career on these types of bouts, is now retired.

This is up on YouTube so, if you're a fan of either guy - check it out!

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