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Rhyming Match-ups.


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In a PWO2K thread discussing Takayama vs Akiyama, Loss posed the intriguing question: Is there a better match where the participants have rhyming names?


After thinking about it for at least 20 minutes, I think I came up with a reasonable suggestion, but since then the idea has been rattling around in my brain non-stop.


Did this one ever happen? ...because it could be right up there:


Jack Brisco vs Larry Zbyszko


Dick Togo vs Mr. Pogo


I think the following might have happened at some point, but probably would not have been as good as Akiyama vs Takayama (or Jushin Liger vs Black Tiger):


Porkchop Cash vs Kevin Nash


Black Bart vs Bret Hart


I think the following certainly never happened, but I'd like to see them:


Asian Cooger & Freddy Krueger* vs Lex Luger and Bastion Booger

*(Doug Gilbert's IWA Japan persona)


Daniel Bryan vs Raja Lion


Koko Ware & B. Brian Blair vs The Nature Boy Ric Flair & Terrible Ted the Wrestling Bear


El Felino vs Sammartino


The Garvins* vs The Marvins**

*(Rugged Ron and Gorgeous Jimmy)

**(Ricky and Rocky)


Sangre Chicana vs Colt Cabana vs Tito* Santana

*(or Ricky)

These were the worst ones I came up with:


Fabulous Moolah vs The Butcher, Abdullah


Aja Kong vs Theodore R. Long



What have you got?

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Cactus Jack vs Hardcore Hak

Eddy Guerrero vs Villano Tercero

Hansen and Brody vs (Charly) Manson and Lodi

Maxx Payne and Damien Kane vs Steven Dane and Lenny Lane

Tank Abbott vs Baby Rabbit

Insane Clown Posse vs Ted DiBiase

Doink the Clown vs Bad News Brown

William Regal vs Starship Eagle (an ECW match at Barely Legal)

Mile Zrno vs Disco Inferno

Edge and Christian vs Men on a Mission


Commentary would be handled by Stevie Ray and Mike Tenay.

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