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No Mercy 2017

Ricky Jackson

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I can't think of two bigger flops in recent memory than Apollo Snooze and Jason Jordan. Both are phenomenal athletes but neither have that "it factor." Maybe it's because they're Swiss? I dunno...


You've got that right. Jordan has all the tools physically, and then some...but he is the proverbial "black hole of charisma." Giving him a storyline father who does actually have a personality hasn't helped.


It seemed like the longer that match went, the more the fans got behind Miz and turned on Jordan. Not a terrible match though, all things considered.


EDIT: LOL right as we're discussing this, JR tweets that Jordan has "it."

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I never thought I'd see the day when a Miz match would unironically receive "this is awesome" chants.


Really good opening match, but that Jordan promo was so bad I thought it was an attempt to plant the seeds for a heel turn for a second.


I thought for sure he was going to turn on the crowd, seemed planned after the reaction he got. Then he cut that promo and I understood why he got booed out of the building.

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