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Where the Big Boys Play #91: Clash of the Champions 23

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Chad and Parv review Clash of the Champions 23.

Wrestling Observer roundup [0:01:15]: Booking Dory Funk Jr like The Undertaker in 1988, mid-year picks for best wrestler in the world, random boxing talk, JYD subs for 2 Cold Scorpio.

Clash of the Champions 23 Review [1:12:31]: Paula Orndork, Tom Zenk is still employed!, Meltzer consigns Regal to the 1950s, and debate over the main event.

End of Show Awards [1:56:33]

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Next to Frankie Lindor's grand slam this is the second-best thing that has happened to me today.


The antics of Front Row Section D (which included Scott Hudson and other newsletter types of the time) I think are well-documented in the Observers of this time. They latched onto Tex Slazenger as some sort of cult hero. But as Hudson pointed out in a letter to Dave, they didn't break kayfabe, they didn't chant guys' real names or past identities, and they weren't derogatory. They were enthusiastic but not cheering who WCW wanted people to cheer for, so they were threatened with ejection.

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This was a great way to end a pretty crummy week! I agree with Chad on 1993 WCW's TV being really good, but the overall direction of some of the main stars that year kind of bugged me. Sting pretty much spends the whole year doing nothing and just hanging around and none of Vader's feuds really interest me.


This was the first WCW I THINK I might have ever seen live. Was this show the debut of the Beach Blast mini movie or was that on an Saturday Night episode around this time?

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It was really good to hear you guys again. Hopefully the gap before Beach Bash is a shorter one!


I have to say I agree with Chad regarding 1993 WCW. It gets remembered for the mini-movies, Horseman Roma and The Shockmaster but on the whole, it really isn't that bad of a year. The top of the card is very good - a totally stacked roster. Sting, Vader, Flair, Rude, Rhodes, Steamboat, Windham, Scorpio, Arn, Austin, Pullman, Regal, Davy Boy, Orndorff, Cactus and co make up one of the better upper card rosters in history. When you consider how successful WWF was in 1998 with a really thin roster, it really is amazing. Even Sid, who was never the best in competitive matches was good this year. He was able to have his trademark squashes and then have his shortcomings hidden in tag matches.

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