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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling- Feb 86


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MACW @ WTBS Studios Recorded 1-30-86, Aired 2-1-86

Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship, with me as always is David Crockett.


Crockett: Thank you Tony, boy do we have a great show lined up tonight. Our main event has been changed a bit, due to Mark Youngblood fulfilling some booking obligations up in Canada. It will be the Bolshevik Revolution and the Iron Sheik taking on Bob Backlund, Chris Youngblood and a mystery partner.


Schiavone: Should be interesting to see how that transpires. We will also be hearing from the United States Champion Magnum TA. But first fans, we want to show you footage from the Press Conference earlier this week.


Crockett: That's right Tony, my brother Jim put this historic press conference together to officially welcome one of UK's best, Tony St. Clair. Lets take you to it.


Press Conference

Jim Crockett: After negotiating for over a year, the NWA, Crockett Promotions and Mid Atlantic are pleased to announce the official signing of the longest reigning British Heavyweight Champion in history. Please welcome Tony St. Clair.


Tony heads up to the podium, grabs a pen and signs the contract. Tony and Jim shake hands. Jim tells him the time is his.


Tony: Thank you very much Mr. Crockett. It has been a dream of mine to come here to the United States and wrestle the very best competition in the world.


A commotion starts in the crowd. Walking through the crowd is Billy Robinson! Billy heads up to the podium. Tony offers his hand but Billy slaps it away. Jim Crockett stands up.


Billy: This whole charade is making me sick! You give this man the red carpet treatment. You hype up his arrival for weeks! Then you give him his very own press conference. Why? Everybody knows that I'm the greatest wrestler to come out of the UK. So I sign with Mid Atlantic and what do I get? Not a dahm thing! Nothing!


Jim: Look Mr. Robinson, Crockett Promotions is extremely happy to have you here but this is Tony's time. Why don't we talk about this after the press conference.


Tony: Billy, You know I have the utmost respect for you. If you want to have a match with me, it would be my pleasure.


Billy: Pleasure, is the last word I would use to describe a match with me.


Billy decks Tony then grabs his head and slams it on the table. Jim tries to intervene but gets pushed aside by Billy. Billy grabs Tony and body slams him unto the table. Security runs up and holds Billy back.


Live in the Studio

Crockett: I know that Billy Robinson has been fined for his despicable actions and my brother is thinking about laying a suspension down on him. Tony was banged up bit but will be in action soon.


Schiavone: I found it hard to believe that a class act like Billy Robinson would do something so low. Fans, we will keep you posted. Right now lets go to the ring.


Rocky Johnson vs. Tim Straw

Rocky shuffles his feet as he nails Straw with a series of punches. Rocky has the fans on their feet as he swings Straw to the ropes and hits him with a high drop kick. Johnson follows with a body slam then puts Straw in the Boston Crab for the victory!

Commercial Break

The Stud Stable (Ron and Rob Fuller with Jimmy Golden) are at the podium

Schiavone: Fans with me right now are the new United States Tag Team Champions, the Stud Stable. Congratulations gentlemen, I have to say, some unusual methods in winning the titles.


Ron: Mr. Schiavone, the Fullers are business men and our contract was perfectly legal. Now, the contract states that any two members of the Stud Stable can defend these titles.


Rob: That's right brother. Look now, the Stud Stable are gonna be fight'n champions and we're going to prove that today.


Jimmy: You said it Rob. We whipped the Loser Patrol in Greensboro to win these and today out of the kindness of our hearts we're gonna give back. Tell them Ron.


Ron: Yes, well Mr. Schiavone, you know I don't wrestle on TV so tonight Rob and Jimmy will wrestle not 1 not 2 but 3 top ranking tag teams. And if any one of those top rank teams score a win then we will give them a US tag team title shot.


Schiavone: Ok fans, there you have it, the Stud Stable will be wrestling in 3 matches later on tonight and if a team wins then they will get a shot at the titles. Lets go to the ring for our next bout.


Brett Sawyer vs. Lou Simms

Bret takes Lou down with a series of standing drop kicks. Bret suplexes Lou back then climbs to the top rope. Bret jumps off and hits a flying leg drop for the pin! Bret heads over to the podium.


Crockett: Well Brett, you've had some problems with Johnny Rich recently. You even tried to get your hands on him in Greensboro but it didn't look like he wanted anything to do with you.


Sawyer: Johnny proved he's nothing but a coward. He jumps me a few weeks ago and busts my head open. I haven't forgotten that and I'm looking for some payback. If he wants to continue the Rich, Sawyer feud then buddy, anytime and anyplace!


Crockett: I think a war has started. Fans, back to the ring.


Kiniski Brothers vs. Clyde Putnam and Bill Richards

Kiniski's look sharp tonight with some quick tags and solid teamwork. Kelly hits Putnam with an inverted atomic drop and Nick hoists Putnam back with a belly to back suplex to get the pin!


Commercial Break

Schiavone: Fans with me right now is the United States Champion, Magnum TA. Magnum, you have been nothing short of a dominate champion. Now it's official. You will be defending your title against Ric Flair at the Battle of the Belts on Feb. 22nd.


Magnum: Well it's no secret that I've been going head to head with the Horsemen and it should be only fitting that Ric Flair is next.


The crowd makes some noise when Ric Flair walks out in one of his tailor made suits. Flair walks right up and gets in Magnum's face.


Flair: WHOOO! You know Schiavone, I took time out from tearing it up in Texas and flew here in my private jet to speak with the so called US champ face to face. Now listen up punk! You heard the announcement and your days are numbered. I just gave Mil Mascaras and the Funk brothers wrestling lessons they wont ever forget and pal, you're next!


Magnum smirks and looks down. Flair gives him a little slap to the face.


Flair: Look at me when I'm talking to you boy! Now I've held the gold and you all are wondering why I'm going for the silver. It's real simple. When I beat this punk for the US title, the NWA will have no choice but to give me my world title rematch.


Flair gives Magnum another slap.


Flair: You hear me boy!


Magnum socks Flair then starts ripping his suit off! Magnum is dragging Flair around as the fans are going crazy! Tully Blanchard and the Andersons run out and attack Magnum. They punch him down and hold his arms. Flair regroups and slaps Magnum. Then slaps him again.


Flair: The 4 Horsemen are as united as ever and your US title is mine!


Flair slaps him again then Tully and the Andersons take a few more shots then throw Magnum to the ground.


Commercial Break

Schiavone: Ok fans, Magnum was helped out of here. It looks like the 4 Horsemen are back to their old ways. I wouldn't want to be Ric Flair on the 22nd, that's for sure. Lets go to the ring.


Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle vs. Gary Williams and Brad Kimber

The Blondes are looking confident coming off the post match beating they put on the Nightmares last week. Art Crews hits a few shoulder tackles then tags in Ken Timbs. Timbs works over Williams with some high knees then tags in Crews. They both drop Williams with a double front facelock drop for the pin! Riddle runs in and pushes the Ref away then raises his team's hands in victory. Riddle is smiling and yells "Where are the Nightmares?" Him and the Blondes laugh as the fans boo.


Crockett: A very confident agency but we'll see if that remains when the Nightmares return to action. Fans my guest at this time, Bob Roop. Bob, you get your TV title match against Terry Taylor next week.


Roop: Look you saw what happened in Greensboro. Taylor doesn't have the right temperament to be a champion. His temper was the reason he lost our match. You're looking at a wrestler who can control himself. A wrestler who knows exactly where he is in the ring. Next week the title will finally be around the waist of a real wrestler and that's Bob Roop!


Crockett: Ok, television title match next week, Terry Taylor vs. Bob Roop. Back to the ring.


David Sammartino vs. Aaron Arbuckle

Sammartino slams Arbuckle down and chokes him with his boot. Sammartino picks Arbuckle up in a bearhug then rams him into the turnbuckles. Sammartino hoists Arbuckle up on his shoulders and drops him down with the back rack for the pin!


Schiavone: Good win tonight...


Sammartino: Quiet Schiavone! It was a great win and from now on you and everybody else will refer to me as the Great One David Sammartino. Just ask Pedro Morales how great I am. I put that old timer out to pasture in Greensboro and I'll do the same to anybody else who wants to try me!


Commercial Break

Bolsheviks and Iron Sheik vs. Bob Backlund, Chris Youngblood and Mystery Partner

Sheik and Revolution are at the podium.


Smirnoff: Get them out here! They don't have a partner, because nobody is brave enough to fight us!


Sheik: Iran number one, Bolshevik Revolution number one!


Von Raschke: And that's all the people need to know!


They head to the ring. Sheik is waving the Iranian flag around as the fans boo. Backlund and Youngblood come out and wait. Then Corporal Kirchner comes out!! He stands beside them, waving the American flag as the fans cheer.


Kirchner, Backlund and Youngblood charge the ring and all 6 men brawl. The Ref lets them go for awhile. Finally the Ref gets control. The match goes back and forth with all the men getting their moments. Kirchner is wailing away on Von Raschke when Smirnoff runs in which causes chaos. Backlund and the Sheik end up on the outside brawling. Kirchner goes down. The Bolshevik Revolution double team Chris Youngblood in the corner. They're stomping away on Youngblood. Kirchner comes from behind and rolls up Von Raschke 1..2..3! The match is over but the fight is still going on. Smirnoff runs over and clotheslines Kirchner. The Bolshevik Revolution double team Kirchner. Backlund and Sheik are still fighting on the outside. Youngblood wobbles up and helps Kirchner. The brawl continues.


Commercial Break

Crockett: Wow that was a real barn burner! That fight is far from over and Corporal Kirchner picking up right where things left off. Ok fans its time for the Stud Stable challenge.


Match 1

Stud Stable w/Ron Fuller vs. Carl Hillman and Vic DeMarco

The Stud Stable make short work of their opponents and finish them off with a double body slam! Fuller and Golden each hold up one finger.

Match 2

Stud Stable w/Ron Fuller vs. Nate Brown and Zach Goodly

The fans boo as they see what's going on here. Fuller puts Brown down with an armbar then tags Golden. Golden jumps off the top rope and drops a knee on Goodly then wrenches the arm and gets the submission victory. Ron hops in the ring and shakes Rob and Jimmy's hands as the fans boo.

Match 3

Stud Stable w/Ron Fuller vs. The Unknowns

The Stud Stable are laughing uncontrollable as two men in masks, pants and long sleeve shirts enter the ring. Ron pats Rob and Jimmy on the back as they're still laughing uncontrollably. The bell rings. Rob pats Jimmy on the back and says he'll take care of this. Rob turns around and is hit by a double kick. The Unknowns pick Rob up and suplex him back then hop up and give Jimmy a double fist that knocks him off the apron. The Unknowns jump up and crash down on Rob with a double head butt. The Ref counts 1..2..3! The fans jump out of their seats! The Unknowns get a US tag team title shot! The Unknowns jump up then take off their masks. It's the Soul Patrol!!!! Ron Fuller is on the outside throwing his cowboy hat down.

Crockett: I cant believe it! The Soul Patrol now get a title match! Incredible! Fans we're out of time! See you next week!


Battle of the Belts- Feb. 22nd

US Title Bout

Magnum TA © vs. Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon

NWA World Tag Team Title Match

The Andersons © w/JJ Dilllon vs. UWF Champs The Road Warriors w/Paul Ellering

Mid Atlantic Championship Bout

Harley Race © vs. Wahoo McDaniel

Stan Hansen vs. Antonio Inoki

Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon vs. Michael Hayes w/Buddy Roberts



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MACW @ St. Louis, MO- Kiel Auditorium 2-2-86

Spike Huber vs. Terry Gibbs

Huber swings Gibbs to the ropes and hits the Power Slam for the pin!

Devil's Duo w/Paul Jones vs. Kiniski Brothers

Doug Vines tags in Jeff Sword. Vines hits Nick Kiniski with the backbreaker and holds him in position. Sword jumps off and stomps his boot on Nick's head. Nick flips over and Sword covers him for the pin! They continue to beat down on Nick. Kelly Kiniski runs over but Sword nails him with Paul Jones's cane.

Corporal Kirchner w/Chris Youngblood vs. Alexis Smirnoff w/Baron Von Raschke

Smirnoff gets the pin after Youngblood accidently pushes Von Raschke into Kirchner. After the match, Kirchner wasn't to happy with an apologetic Chris Youngblood.

Brett Sawyer vs. Johnny Rich

Wild brawl that ended in a double count out. Both men continued to fight up the aisle.

Hot Property (Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi) vs. 'The Great One' David Sammartino and 'Cowboy' Scott Casey (subbing for Bob Roop)

Hot Property swing Casey to the ropes and finish him off with the Hot Shot to get the pin! After the match Sammartino got on the house mic.

"You know, I came here tonight because I was going to team with a wrestler on my level. Then they put me with this guy and what does he do? He loses and makes me look bad!"

Sammartino beats down Casey, throws him out of the ring, clamps on the bear hug and rams him into the steel post!

Ron Fuller vs. Rocky Johnson

The Ref gets knocked down. Johnson body slams Fuller then puts him in the Boston Crab! Jimmy Golden runs out and nails Johnson in the back with a chair. Golden helps Fuller up and lays him on top of Johnson. The Ref wakes up and sees Fuller covering Johnson. The Ref counts 1..2..3!

Bob Backlund vs. The Iron Sheik

They both had their working boots on tonight and really went at it. Von Raschke runs to the ring and gets up on the apron. Backlund atomic drops Sheik into Von Raschke, then rolls Sheik up for the pin! Smirnoff runs out and a 3 on 1 attack happens. Chris Youngblood runs in but the odds are to much. The Bolshevik Revolution put the boots to Youngblood while Sheik has Backlund in the Camel Clutch!

The Rock n Roll Express and Terry Taylor vs. Tom Prichard and The Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle

This match tore the house down! At the 40 minute mark, Taylor and Prichard end up battling on the outside. The RnR Express double drop kick Timbs out of the ring then double drop kick Crews for the pin! The crowd blew the roof off the place.

Main Event- US Title Match

Magnum TA © vs. Mid Atlantic Champ- Harley Race

Even after the previous match, the St. Louis crowd was into every minute of this match. Race fought aggressively but stayed within the rules. Harley pulled out all of his arsenal, knee drops, diving head butts, suplexes and slams. Magnum however was able to withstand the Indian deathlock and mount a comeback. Magnum hits suplexes of his own, drop kicks and hip tosses. Magnum even gets Harley up in a Gorilla Press and slams him down. Both men go back and forth in a hard hitting match up. The bell rings as both men are trading punches. The official ruling is a draw. In the ultimate display of sportsmanship Harley offers his hand. Magnum nods and shakes it. The crowd gives them a standing ovation.

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Kudos on the St. Claire promo/conference. That was a great way to get him and Billy going. I continue my discussion saying that Magnum TA is the prime time dude right now in the NWA and if it wasn't for Martel... I would say he should be champ. We all know his window is closing but you are building him to be on top of the world right now.

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Loved the Stud Stable angle from tv, classic stuff!


I like the Rich vs. Sawyer angle with the roles reversed, fun to see.


I agree with LowBlow, Magnum is the hottest babyface in the NWA right now,loved the tv angle with Flair leading to an incredible match with Harley and what is sure to be a classic with Flair at Battle of the Belts!

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MACW @ WTBS Studio Recorded 2-6-86, Aired 2-8-86

Schiavone: Hello again everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, with me as always is David Crockett. Well David, we ended last week's show with quite a bang as the Soul Patrol earned themselves a shot at the US tag titles.


Crockett: I have to say I loved every minute of that and we will see Norvell Austin and Sweet Brown Sugar, the Soul Patrol in action tonight.


Schiavone: We also have the long awaited Television Title bout as Terry Taylor defends against Bob Roop. Hopefully this situation will be resolved once and for all.


Crockett: We also have another big match up as Corporal Kirchner will clash with Baron Von Raschke. Tully Blanchard along with JJ Dillon will be in action. And we have a special treat for the fans as the Rock n Roll Express will be in the ring tonight!


Schiavone: We will also see Jimmy Snuka, Tom Prichard, Johnny Rich and the Iron Sheik in the ring. So why don't we get....wait a minute, looks like we have a visitor, oh my it's the Assassin!


The Assassin walks to the podium holding two iconic Assassin masks.


Assassin: Mr. Schiavone, Mr. Crockett, you don't know how happy I am to be back here in Mid Atlantic. I'm sure you and all these fans remember the havoc the Assassins caused here. Right now I'm holding two familiar looking masks. These masks will be worn by two handpicked wrestlers to carry on the Assassins name. You heard me right. I'm here to serve notice to every tag team in Mid Atlantic and the entire NWA that the Assassins are coming. I'm bringing them here next week and that's when the havoc begins!


Schiavone: Ok, very chilling words from the Assassin. Wow, ok fans lets go to the ring.


The Rock n Roll Express vs. Alex Portman and Lloyd London

The Rock n Roll Express start the show with a bang as they work over their opponents with their speed and quick tags. Ricky and Robert do a double somersault and come up with a double punch on London, then get up and nail Portman with a double dropkick for the pin! The fans chant Rock n Roll as the Ref raises their arms.

Commercial Break

Crockett: Fans, with me right now is the Mid Atlantic Champ, Harley Race.


Race: That's right David, when you hear the name Harley Race then you know he's holding a title. Speaking of titles, I was just up in Canada and wouldn't you know it, Ricky Martel did an excellent job of ducking me. You can't duck me much longer Martel. I've been defending this Mid Atlantic title against all comers and believe me the NWA is taking notice. Your days are numbered Martel. Now, on February 22nd at the Battle of the Belts, I'll be defending this title against Wahoo McDaniel. Wahoo is a legend in this sport but he's just an obstacle in my way to the World Title. The NWA officials will be at this card and they will witness me wrestling circles around a legend. When I beat Wahoo, Martel is next!


Crockett: There you have it. I think Harley might be in for a bigger fight than he thinks, going up against Wahoo McDaniel. Lets go to the ring.


The Iron Sheik vs. Lou Simms

The fans boo as Sheik taunts them and waves the Iranian Flag around. Sheik puts Simms down with a throat thrust then follows with a gut wrench suplex. Sheik stomps away on Simms back then finishes him off with the Camel Clutch! The Sheik heads over to the podium.

Schiavone: Good win tonight Sheik. Now you and Bob Backlund have been going at each other in arenas everywhere..


Sheik: Mr. Bob Backlund! (Sheik spits on the ground) I despise everything about you and I will stop at nothing to put you out of wrestling. You are messing with da Sheik and I need to teach you lesson. The next time we meet I will punish you and put you in camel clutch and make you suffer!


Sheik flexes and yells at the fans.


Commercial Break

Jimmy Snuka vs. Roger Murphy

Snuka head butts Murphy then picks him up and body slams him. Snuka gets up on the top rope, flashes the 'I love you' sign then leaps off and hits Murphy with the Superfly Splash! 1..2..3!

The Ref raises Snuka's arm as the fans cheer. Snuka is attacked from behind by the Devil's Duo! Then Paul Jones leads Kamala out. Kamala gets up on the apron but Hot Property runs in and starts brawling with the Devils Duo! Jones is waving his arms and Missing Link comes out but he's nailed from behind by Spike Huber! Kamala goes after Snuka but Snuka fires away on him. Everybody is brawling!

Commercial Break

Schiavone: Fans, we're back and that was pure chaos. I've been informed that this weekend in Norfolk at the Scope it will be Jimmy Snuka, Spike Huber and Hot Property taking on Kamala, Missing Link and the Devils Duo. Fans in Norfolk, you wont want to miss that match. I've also been informed that the cameras will be rolling and we'll show you highlights of that match, next week.


Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon vs. Ken Jenkins

Dillon arrogantly walks around the ring as Tully picks Jenkins apart. Tully drops multiple elbows on Jenkins then lifts him up and finishes him off with the sling shot suplex for the pin! Tully and JJ head to the podium.

Dillon: You know Mr. Schiavone, it's hard to imagine greatness getting better but I think Tully Blanchard just proved that it does.


Schiavone: No doubt about it, Tully Blanchard is an incredible wrestler. However you will be facing Freebird Michael Hayes at the Battle of the Belts along with Buddy Roberts in his corner. I believe Michael has unfinished business with you.


Dillon: Hold on, first of all, the Battle of the Belts will be a glorious night for the 4 Horsemen. Ric Flair is going to be the United States Champion. As you know he's been tearing it up in Texas and he even found time to go to Puerto Rico to show them what wrestling is all about. Flair is more than ready. The NWA Champs, the Andersons will dominate the so called most dominating tag team in wrestling, the UWF champs, the Road Warriors. That's if the Road Warriors even make it because the Andersons have been beating them up over in the UWF as we speak. Now as for Buddy Roberts, if he tries anything then I'll have to put him in his place. Go ahead Tully.


Tully: Michael thinks he's going to come to the Battle of the Belts and teach me a lesson. Think again! He's just mad because the Horsemen are always going to be one step ahead of the Freebirds. That's why the Andersons walked out of Greensboro champs. Hayes' you're not in my league buddy. I'm going to show everybody at the Battle of the Belts what I already know, and that's your just not on my level.


Tully and JJ walk away laughing as the fans boo.


Commercial Break

Corporal Kirchner vs. Baron Von Raschke w/Alexis Smirnoff

The fans cheer as the Ref tells Smirnoff he has to leave. Baron is livid. The bell rings and Baron is yelling at the Ref. Kirchner grabs Baron, whips him around, hoists him up on his back and drops him back with a Fallaway Slam! The Ref counts 1..2..3! Smirnoff runs into the ring but just stares at Kirchner. Smirnoff then tends to Baron. Kirchner gets his flag and waves it to the cheering crowd.


Commercial Break

Crockett: Ok fans with me right now is Baron Von Raschke and Alexis Smirnoff, the Bolshevik Revolution.


Raschke: (Still in pain) Did you see what that cheating American did! I've had it! Kirchner if you've got the guts then I'm challenging you to a match next week. Whoever loses must leave Mid Atlantic! You hear me!


Smirnoff has a surprised look on his face and tries to calm his partner down but to no avail.


Crockett: Oh my I don't think Baron is thinking straight. We'll keep you posted on Kirchner's answer. Lets go to the ring.


Johnny Rich vs. Jim Davidson

Rich spends a lot of time breaking the rules as he rakes the eyes then chokes Davidson. He puts Davidson's head on the ropes and snaps it back. Rich grips the top rope then chokes Davidson with his boot. Rich picks up Davidson and slams him down. Rich gets up on the 2nd turnbuckle and comes down with a Fist Drop on Davidson's head to get the pin! The fans boo as Rich heads to the podium.

Schiavone: Questionable methods in there tonight Johnny. I'm not sure what's gotten into you. I know Bret Sawyer is still out there.


Rich: (To the fans) Shut up and respect me! I'm a Rich and I'm apart of wrestling royalty. First off, nothing's gotten into me. I just realized that in this business nice guys finish last. I'm here to win titles, make money and rid the wrestling world of Bret Sawyer! Everybody knows a Sawyer cant hang with a Rich and I've proven that. I cant wait until I get my hands on that no good Sawyer at the Scope. After I get done with him there, you might not ever see him again.


Commercial Break

Soul Patrol vs. Louis Campos and Steve Ramsey

Norvell takes Campos down with a body slam then follows with knee drops. Sugar comes in and hits Campos with a high flying drop kick. Sugar tags in Norvell. They swing Campos to the ropes and execute a double back body drop then follow with a jumping diving double head butt for the pin! The Soul Patrol head to the podium.

Crockett: (Smiling) Boys, I have to tell you, that was a genius plan you came up with last week. I can tell you're more than ready for your US Tag title shot.


Norvell: That's right David Crockett, hey the Stud Stable beat us in the finals and it might of been a little shady but the Soul Patrol wasn't going to cry about it. No sir, the Soul Patrol was going to do something about it.


Sugar: That's right Norvell! We came to Mid Atlantic to win those US tag team titles and David Crockett, that's just what we're going to do. Watch out Stud Stable because the Soul Patrol is coming afta you!


Commercial Break

Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle vs. Bill Richards

Riddle antagonizes the fans on the outside as Prichard takes care of Richards in the ring. Prichard lifts Richards up and drops him back with a suplex. Prichard picks Richards up, swings him to the ropes and clamps on the Sleeper! The Ref drops Richards arm 3 times and signals for the bell. The Ref is going to raise Prichard's hand but Riddle runs in and pushes it away then raises Prichard's arm to the booing crowd.

Schiavone: Big win for Rock Riddle's client Tom Prichard. Switching gears, fans lets take you back and show you highlights of the Tony St. Clair Press Conference.


Highlights are shown of Billy Robinson's attack on St. Clair at the Press Conference

Schiavone: Ok with me right now is Billy Robinson. Billy I don't know what your motives were but I know you were fined and I believe you were going to be suspended but Tony St. Clair begged Jim Crockett not to suspend you. Instead Tony wants you in the ring and Jim granted his request. At the Battle of the Belts, you will be facing Tony St. Clair.


Robinson: Well well well, big surprise, what Tony wants Tony gets. Be careful what you wish for Mr. St. Clair. I take strong exception and offense to all the attention he's getting. Not because I'm jealous but because the facts are I am the greatest wrestler ever to come out of the UK. The Crockett's want you people to believe otherwise. Well I'm not going to let that happen. I've worked to hard and I'm not going to let a guy who cant even lace up my boots think he's the greatest wrestler out of the UK. Yea he gets all this hype and yet not a word is mentioned about me. Come battle of the Belts, all of you will be in for a real wake up call!


Commercial Break

Crockett: Fans before we get to our main event, we have a very special guest here. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome out the Polish Power Ivan Putski.


Putski: Good to be here Mr. Crockett. I'm looking forward to getting in the Mid Atlantic ring next week.


The fans boo as David Sammartino walks out.


David: Of course, I see what's going on here. I'm not stupid Putski. My Dad sent you here!


Putski: Relax David, your Dad didn't send me here. Yes, he's worried about you, but said he wouldn't interfere in your business. I'm here because I want to wrestle some competition in Mid Atlantic, that's all.


David: You expect me to believe that. You're just like that old fool Morales. You old timers from my Dad's era just cant let go off the past, can you? You say you're here for some competition? Well here I am.


Putski: David, I think your emotionally wound up right now. Why don't we go in the back and talk.


Putski touches his shoulder and David pushes it away then pushes Putski.


David: We can talk in the ring!


David starts to leave then turns around and throws a punch at Putski. Putski blocks it then grabs David's hand and squeezes it until David is on his knees begging. Putski lets go.


Putski: Ok David, you got your match.


Putski leaves as David is on the ground holding his hand.


Crockett: (Looking down at David) Our main event, when we come back.


Commercial Break

Main Event

TV Title Bout

Terry Taylor © vs. Bob Roop

The two men start the match brawling. Roop gains control and starts to out wrestle Taylor with headlock takeovers. Roop grinds his elbow on Taylor's head. Roop swings Taylor to the ropes and hits him with a high knee. Roop covers 1..2..Taylor kicks out. Roop swings Taylor into the turnbuckles then follows with a running forearm smash to his head. Roop picks up Taylor and body slams him then covers but Taylor barley gets his shoulder up. Roop argues with the Ref. Roop picks up Taylor and again, swings him into the turnbuckles. Roop runs in but Taylor lifts his knee and Roop's head crashes right into it. Roop goes down and Taylor regroups. Roop staggers up and Taylor hits him with a Jaw Breaker. Taylor covers 1..2..Roop kicks out. Taylor gets Roop up and body slams him! Taylor drops a knee and covers 1..2..Roop gets his foot on the rope. Taylor goes to pick up Roop but Roop rakes the eyes. Both men are trying to regroup. Roop grabs the ropes and lifts himself up. Roop stomps away on Taylor, picks him up, swings him to the ropes and nails him with a back elbow smash. Roop picks up Taylor and swings him into the turnbuckles. Roop charges in but Taylor moves. Roop crashes into the turnbuckles and wobbles back. Out of instinct, Taylor gets up, runs past Roop, swings off the ropes, comes back and nails Roop with the Flying 5 Arm! Taylor covers 1..2..3! Taylor retains the TV Title! Taylor is exhausted and is on his knees. The fans boo as Tom Prichard hits the ring! Tom grabs Taylor from behind and suplexes him back. Tom grabs Taylor and body slams him then hops up on the 2nd turnbuckle and drops an elbow. Riddle runs into the ring with the TV title and hands it to Tom. Tom raises it up to the booing crowd.

Schiavone: Great match followed by a sneak attack by one Tom Prichard. Of course he attacked Taylor after a grueling match with Bob Roop.


Prichard and Riddle storm the podium.


Tom: Hey Taylor told me to wait in line for my title shot. Well here I am. Next in line baby!


Riddle: (Smiling) You said it baby! You see Tony, the Agency wants a title and the Doctor of Desire Tom Prichard is going to get it for us.


Schiavone: (shaking his head) Fans, we're out of time. Thanks for joining us and we'll see you next week.



Battle of the Belts- Feb. 22, Eddie Graham Sports Arena

US Title Match

Magnum TA © vs. Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon

NWA World Tag Team Title Bout

The Andersons © w/JJ Dillon vs UWF Champs the Road Warriors w/Paul Ellering

Mid Atlantic Title Bout

Harley Race © vs Wahoo McDaniel

Stan Hansen vs. Antonio Inoki

Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon vs. Michael Hayes w/Buddy Roberts

Tony St. Clair vs. Billy Robinson

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Great main event with Pritchard being opportunistic afterwards. I like how you left the Roop stuff open-ended after the match. Setting up Robinson vs. St. Clair using the footage is the way to go. The 8-man brawl, the Horsemen stuff, Harley vs. Wahoo, so much great stuff going on in MACW.

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I can't be the only one who totally read The Iron Sheik's promo with the Iron Sheik's accent in their head.


Definitely not.



So much to look forward to with MACW. That card on the 22nd looks like an absolute barn-burner. Every match looks like a good one. Imagine how stiff Harley vs Wahoo is gonna be. And: The New Assassins! Who will be donning those yellow and black masks?

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My favorite MACW show to date! You did a great job of getting us all excited for Battle of the Belts. So many great feuds going on as your angels are moving along so nicely. From the Sheik spitting at the name Bob Backlund to Snuka brawling it out and Tom Pritchard claiming his spot in line, this show would have my so excited for next week and that is not to mention Roop and Taylor. I think they both were underrated were two of the best around at this time!!! The NWA is on fire in the Mid-Atlantic

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MACW @ The Scope, Norfolk, VA 2-10-86

Iron Sheik vs. 'Cowboy' Scott Casey

Casey gets in some good offense with hip tosses, arm drags and quick body slams but Sheik stops him quick with a low blow. Sheik hits a body slam followed by stomps to the back and then finishes Casey off with the Camel Clutch!

The Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle vs. The Kiniski Brothers

The Kiniski's take control with some solid wrestling and quick tags. Riddle's distraction puts the Blondes in control. Crews and Timbs hit Nick with a double kick to the mid section then finish him off with a double front face lock drop for the win.

Alexis Smirnoff w/Baron Von Raschke vs. Mark Youngblood w/Chris Youngblood

This one turns into a brawl with both the in ring wrestlers and the wrestlers in the corners. After a miscue by the Bolshevik Revolution, Mark Youngblood rolls up Smirnoff for the quick pin! After the match Smirnoff and Baron exchange heated words.

Rocky Johnson vs. Bob Roop

This match turned out to be pretty fun as their contrasting styles seemed to have chemistry. Roop worked over Johnson with some hard hitting wrestling while Johnson had his moments with high flying dropkicks and fast feet shuffling jabs. These two went at it until the bell rang, signaling a 10 minute time limit draw. After the match Roop hit Johnson from behind with a forearm blast. Roop then picked up Johnson and delivered a shoulder breaker! The fans booed Roop all the way to the back.

Brett Sawyer vs. Johnny Rich

No surprise here, after a few minutes of brawling, both men were busted open. They continued to hammer away on each other. Rich swings Sawyer to the ropes and the Ref gets caught between them as their heads collide. All three men are laid out. The fans boo as Paul Jones runs to the ring and slips a pair of brass knuckles in Rich's hand. Jones exits and runs to the back. Rich and Sawyer slowly rise. Rich takes a huge swing at Sawyer, Sawyer ducks and hoists Rich up for a back suplex but Rich punches down on Sawyer's head with the brass knuckles. Sawyer falls down with Rich on top. The Ref crawls over and counts 1..2..3!

8-Man Tag Team Match

Jimmy Snuka, Spike Huber, Hot Property vs. Kamala, Missing Lin, Devil's Duo w/Paul Jones

This was a wild one as everybody got their moments. Even Paul Jones took a double fist off the apron from Hot Property (which the crowd loved since Jones interfered in the last match). Kamala looked like an unstoppable monster as he body slammed everybody and at one point body splashed Hot Property and Huber at the same time! Link almost got the pin as he flew off the top rope and nailed Travis with a diving head butt! In the final moments, Hot Property and the Devil's Duo wound up fighting on the outside. Huber and Link were going at it in the corner. Jimmy Snuka got a huge pop as he body slammed Kamala! Snuka then picked up Kamala, grabbed him by his head, jumped up and delivered head butt that sent Kamala outside the ring. Snuka then went to the top rope. Huber swings Link to the ropes and power slams him! Snuka leaps off the top and hits Link with the Superfly Spalsh for the pin! Kamala was the legal man but the Ref made the count on Link.

Mid Atlantic Title Bout

Harley Race © vs. Bob Backlund

In contrast to the last two matches, this one was a great technical match. They both used a variety of suplexes on each other. Race took control with a swinging neckbreaker but couldn't put Backlund away. Backlund made a huge comeback and hit Race with his running atomic drop, that sent Race into the turnbuckles. Before Backlund could capitalize, the Iron Sheik runs in and nails Backlund in the back with a chair! The Ref calls for the DQ. Sheik continues his assault and of course ends up putting Backlund in the Camel Clutch! Race rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Sheik wrenches back on the Camel Clutch until the Renegade Warriors hit the ring. They clear Sheik out and tend to Backlund.

Main Event

Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard w/JJ Dillon vs. The Rock n Roll Express

Oh man this was a classic. The fans were on their feet for the entire 52 minutes. Flair and Tully bumped like crazy and the Rock n Roll Express looked incredible. Morton did his job as Flair and Tully spent a good portion punishing him. Once Morton made the hot tag, Gibson was a ball of fire. JJ hopped up on the apron but a right hand by Gibson sent him falling back. All four men started going at it in opposite corners. They swing Tully and Flair into each other. Flair and Tully collide then wobble back and Rock n Roll drop kicks them both back into each other! As the Ref is guiding Morton back, Tully clips Gibson's knee then rolls back to his corner. Flair hits a shin buster on Gibson then wraps him up in the figure four! Tully runs over and hits Morton, Morton comes back at Tully and they start brawling in the corner. Flair grabs the ropes for extra leverage and wrenches away with the figure four. Gibson tries to hang on but passes out and the Ref counts 1..2..3!

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MACW @ The Civic Center, Richmond, VA 2-11-86

Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle vs. Art Arbuckle

Pure showcase for Prichard. Prichard places Arbuckle up on the top turnbuckles. Prichard climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle, grabs Arbuckle and finishes him off with a superplex!

'Wildcat' Wendell Cooley vs. Terry Gibbs

New arrival Cooley gets some good pops tonight. He hoists Gibbs up on his shoulder and runs forward then drops him with the Oklahoma Stampede for the pin!

Billy Robinson vs. Kelly Kiniski

Robinson gets plenty of boos tonight. Kiniski hung in there for a bit but Robinson stopped his momentum with a running forearm smash. Robinson proceeded to punish him with European uppercuts. Robinson followed with a variety of suplexes and it was the Double Arm suplex that put Kiniski away!

Bolshevik Revolution vs. Corporal Kirchner and Chris Youngblood

Another good fight between the two feuding sides. Smirnoff and Raschke had another miscue but managed to regain control. After all four men were brawling, the Ref was guiding Kirchner back to his corner, allowing Raschke to pull out a foreign object from his tights. Raschke nails Youngblood from behind. Smirnoff follows with a knee drop for the pin! After the match a clearly upset Kirchner left the ring without helping his partner.

Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka vs. Jeff Sword w/Paul Jones

Sword broke all the rules but it wasn't enough. Jones gets up on the apron but a head butt from Snuka knocked him out. Snuka body slams Sword then climbs to the top ropes and leaps off with the Superfly Splash for the pin! Huge pop for the splash.

Mid Atlantic Champ Harley Race and Bob Roop vs. Rocky Johnson and Pedro Morales

Pretty good match between 4 ring veterans. In the end Roop and Johnson were hammering away on each other, Race runs in when Johnson starts to get the upper hand, which brought Morales in. Morales hits Race and it sends him back into the turnbuckles. As Morales is heading back to his corner, Race nails him with a clothesline from behind. As Roop and Johnson are still fighting, Race hits Johnson's shoulder from behind with a running knee. Roop picks up Johnson and hits the Shoulder Breaker for the pin!

Ivan 'Polish Power' Putski vs. 'The Great One' David Sammartino

Putski gets the crowd going as he overpowers David and hits him with several body slams. David gets control with an eye rake. David kicks and stomps away on Putski then swings him to the ropes and hits him with a running shoulder block. David gets frustrated when he cant put Putski away. David starts choking Putski and doesn't release at the Ref's count. The Ref has enough and signals for the Disqualification. The bell keeps ringing as David keeps choking. The fans boos turn to cheers as Pedro Morales runs to the ring. He grabs David by his hair and wallops away on him. Morales winds up and punches him, which sends David flying through the ropes. Pedro tends to Putski then runs out, grabs David and throws him back in the ring. Putski gets up, swings David to the ropes and hits him with the Polish Hammer as the crowd goes nuts! Putski kneels over to catch his breath as Morales checks on him.

Ric Flair vs. TV Champ Terry Taylor

These two give the fans their money's worth tonight. Good chain wrestling for the first part but after Flair's temper gets the best of him, he eye gouges Taylor. Flair controls a good portion of the match, working on Taylor's leg. Taylor mounts a comeback, swings Flair to the turnbuckles in which Flair flips up and over onto the apron. Flair gets up and Taylor knocks him down with a forearm blast! After a few minutes Taylor puts Flair in the Scorpion hold. The crowd is sensing an upset here. Flair is shaking his head and yelling in pain. The crowd boos as Tom Prichard and Rock Riddle come out and walk around the ring. Prichard gets up on the apron and distracts Taylor enough for him to break the hold. Prichard hops down and continues yelling at Taylor allowing Flair enough time to regroup and clip Taylor's knee from behind. Prichard and Riddle head to the back. Flair works Taylor over for the next few minutes, then drops him with a Shin Buster. Flair wraps Taylor up in the figure four and gets the win!

Magnum TA and the Rock n Roll Express vs. US Tag Champs The Stud Stable (Fullers and Golden)

This one was a barn burner! TA and the Express dominate the early portion as they're speed and quick tags keep the Stable off balanced. The Stable get control and work over Gibson in their corner. The crowd goes insane when Gibson makes the hot tag to Morton. Morton cleans house but the Stable regains control when Jimmy Golden clocks Morton from behind. The Stable use their cheating ways on Morton until TA and Gibson have enough and run over with fists flying. Pier six brawl happens! After the Ref gets control, not more than 30 seconds pass when all 6 men are brawling again. The Rock n Roll Express double drop kick both Fullers out of the ring. Magnum swings Golden to the ropes and hits him with the belly to belly suplex for the win! The crowd goes nuts!

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