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Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling- May 86


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MACW @ WTBS Studios TV aired 5-3-86


Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. My partner David Crockett along with his brother Jim are up in Canada watching the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup. We'll give you some highlights of that historic event next week. As for tonight, the Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol will take on one half of the Stud Stable, Jimmy Golden. Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant takes on Paul Jones's newest acquisition, Rip Oliver. Also in action will be Hacksaw Duggan, Jimmy Snuka, Tony St. Clair, The Cobra, Mark Youngblood, Blackjack Mulligan and Polynesian Power. We will hear from the US Tag Champs, Rocky Johnson and Wendell Cooley. All this, plus words from the United States Champion, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, while on his vacation. Right now I want to bring out Jeff Sword and Doug Vines, the Devil's Duo.


The Duo come out to some cheers.


Schiavone: Gentleman from what went down last week, apparently you are no longer associated with Paul Jones. Seems like he has a new team, Johnny Rich and Randy Rose, the Southern Ramblers.


Vines: You know it's high time my partner and I went back to our roots. We knew it was time a couple months ago when we started tearing it up at Billy Bob's in Texas.


Sword: That's right! Wild West Wrestling brought us back to our good ol bar room brawling days. With that in mind, we're going back to our old name, the Bar Room Brawlers!


Vines: Southern Ramblers, you want a brawl? Then come on! Because we're damn well ready for it!


Sword: And if you don't believe us, then watch us in action right now!


Bar Room Brawlers head to the ring.


Bar Room Brawlers vs. Vic DeMarco and Tim Straw

Brawlers charge the ring and beat down their opponents. They kick Straw in the gut and throw him out of the ring. Vines gives DeMarco and back breaker and holds him there as Sword jumps off the top rope with a knee across Demarco's chest, flipping him over. Sword covers and gets the pin!

Commercial Break

The Cobra w/The Assassin vs. Jay Jones

Cobra swings Jones to the ropes and back drops him. Cobra hits a Shoulder Breaker then climbs to the top rope and crashes down with a flying Senton to get the pin!

Assassin cuts a promo on Sweet Brown Sugar saying he's not even in the same league as the Cobra.

Schiavone: Fans, this weekend in Greensboro, The Midnight Express come to town to defend the NWA National Tag Team Championships against my guests at this time, Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi, Hot Property.


The fans cheer as Hot Property comes to the podium.


Savoldi: You know when I was in Puerto Rico, my partner was taken out of action by the Stud Stable, forcing us to give up our shot at the US titles. Now we get an opportunity of a lifetime as we get a shot at the National Tag Titles.


Travis: Stud Stable, bad karma got the best of you and you lost the US titles. Now I haven't forgotten what you cowards did to me and my partner and I will get our own payback. Right now we have to focus on the Midnight Express and the National titles. We hear Jimmy Cornette was laughing and couldn't believe they actually had to travel to Greensboro and face a team like us. Cornette, don't underestimate Hot Property.


Savoldi: That would be a huge mistake!


Commercial Break

'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka vs. Lou Simms

Snuka hits Simms with a series of chops then puts him down with a jumping head butt. Snuka body slams Simms then gets up on the top rope. The fans roar as Snuka leaps off and hits the Superfly Splash for the pin! Snuka is flashes the 'I love you' sign to the crowd.

Snuka cuts a promo on Blackjack Mulligan saying they are far from over brotha!

Mark Youngblood vs. Roger Murphy

Youngblood is announced the new number 1 contender to the TV Title. Mark hits a flying thrust shot on Murphy then drops a knee. Mark swings Murphy to the turnbuckles and follows with a boot to the face. Mark body slams Murphy then goes out on the apron and hits the Sling Shot Splash for the pin!

Youngblood cuts a promo on being the number 1 contender to the TV title and says he's gunning for Tom Prichard.

Commercial Break

Tony St. Clair vs. Carl Hillman

Tony hits Hillman with a snap suplex then follows with a standing leg drop. Tony swings Hillman to the ropes and nails him with a heels first drop kick. Tony gets up on the top rope. Hillman staggers up and Tony fly's off the top rope with a flying body press to get the pin! The fans cheer as Tony heads to the podium.

Schiavone: Well Tony it looks like you have problems with both Billy Robinson and his apprentice David Sammartino.


Tony: Yes, you're right. David cost me a match against Robinson. Now before I deal with young David, Billy and I have unfinished business. This weekend in Greensboro, you and me, one more time around the bend old friend. And here's the kicker, if I don't beat you, I will leave Mid Atlantic. That's right Billy, you just have to beat me and I'm gone. But listen real closely...I'm not going anywhere!


Polynesian Power vs. Alex Portman and Louis Campos

Tui and Sakalia have the crowd pumped up as they drop kick Campos out of the ring. Sakalia hoists Portman up on his shoulders and drops him back with the Samoan Drop! Tui fly's off the top rope with a flying elbow drop for the pin! The fans are cheering as Polynesian Power bump fists and wave to the fans. The fans start booing as Caspian Empire run to the ring and attack Polynesian from behind! They throw Tui out of the ring then double slam Sakalia. Smirnoff jumps off the 2nd turnbuckle with a knee to Sakalia's back. Sheik applies the Camel Clutch! Tui tries to get back in the ring but a running knee from Smirnoff sends him flying. Sheik keeps wrenching back on Sakalia with the Camel Clutch!

Commercial Break

Schiavone: Oh my, order has been restored. Sakalia had to be helped out by trainers. We'll keep you updated on his condition. Fans with me right now are the US Tag Team Champions, Rocky Johnson and Wendell Cooley. Champs, it looks like the number 1 contenders The Fabulous Blondes have made it known they want the belts.


Cooley: Tony, Rocky Johnson and I said it from the start, we will be fighting champions and we aren't about to duck anyone. The Fabulous Blondes want to take short cuts on us, well boys it's going to take a lot more than that to get these belts off us.


Johnson: Crews! Timbs! Oh and we didn't forget about the mouth, Rock Riddle. All you boys did was fire us up! You want your shot, we're inviting you to come and get it! And mouth, if you want to interfere, go right ahead because I would love nothing more than to shut your big mouth up!


'Boogie Woogie Man' Jimmy Valiant vs. Rip Oliver w/ Paul Jones

Jones and Oliver are pacing as they wait for Valiant. The crowd roars as Valiant heads to the ring. Valiant gets in and clocks Jones right off the bat. Oliver charges over but gets back dropped. Valiant drops an elbow but the Southern Ramblers hit the ring! They start stomping away on Valiant. The fans cheer as the Bar Room Brawlers hit the ring and clean house! Ramblers and Oliver are pointing up and yelling as the Brawlers and Valiant tell them to get back in. Jones is still lying on the ground.

Commercial Break

Schiavone: Fans before we get to our next match, I want to announce some big dates coming up. On May 25th in Richmond VA, Mid Atlantic will hold a special Memorial Day Event. The Road Warriors will defend the NWA tag team titles and Ted Dibiase will defend the United States title. And don't forget, the Great American Bash comes in July. More on that in the coming weeks.


The fans boo as Tiger Jeet Singh comes out swinging his sword. Tony backs up as Singh takes a swing at him.


Singh: You waste valuable time talking about the Road Warriors coming in to defend the NWA titles. Everybody talks about how big and tough the Road Warriors are. They are nothing compared to the brutality I bring to the ring! If there is one man in the world who brings that same kind of brutality to the ring, it is Abdullah the Butcher! We have teamed up before and we have left men lying in their own blood! On May 25th, the Road Warriors will have to defend their titles against myself and Abdullah the Butcher! They cannot handle the carnage that we will bring!


Singh takes another swing at Schiavone, then heads out to a chorus of boos.


Blackjack Mulligan vs. Clyde Putnam

Mulligan body slams Putnam then chokes him with his boot. Mulligan swings Putnam to the ropes and hits his flying back elbow smash. Mulligan stomps on Putnam's head then applies the claw! The Ref rings the bell and Mulligan gets the win. Mulligan heads to the podium.

Mulligan: Snuka comes out here and shoots his mouth off and says we're not done. I normally don't agree with a savage like Snuka but he's right, we aint done yet! I want to see if that savage has any guts. Snuka, you and me, in a bullrope match! I cant wait to tie that rope around your neck and squeeze the life out of you!


Commercial Break

Hacksaw Duggan vs. Lloyd London

Duggan picks London up and runs with him around the ring then hits a powerslam. Duggan backs up and gets in a 3 point stance. London staggers up and Duggan charges and hits the running clothesline to get the pin! The crowd roars as Duggan heads to the podium.

Duggan: Tony Schiavone, I cant wait until May 10th, because in Orlando Florida, my partner and I get our hands on Stan Hansen and that coward of a champion, Ted Dibiase! You boys know my partner and he's looking forward to this almost as much as I am. Get ready because you have a fight coming and it's coming real soon!


Commercial Break

'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Jimmy Golden w/Rob Fuller

The bell rings and Fuller pushes Idol. Idol hits Jimmy, swings Fuller to the ropes and gives him a back elbow smash that sends him through the ropes. Jimmy hits a high knee from behind, then grabs Idol and German suplexes him back. Jimmy drops several knees and covers 1..2..Idol kicks out! Jimmy swings Idol to the ropes and ducks down but Idol kicks him then follows with a clothesline. Idol picks up Jimmy and swings him into the turnbuckles but the Ref gets in between and gets knocked down! Fuller runs into the ring and clotheslines Idol from behind! Fuller tells Jimmy something. Jimmy goes out and gets a chair. Fuller picks up Idol and holds him from behind. Jimmy raises the chair up and swings down but Idol ducks and Jimmy hits Fuller with the chair! Idol punches Jimmy then grabs the chair. Idol hits Jimmy's leg with the chair. Jimmy goes down. Idol hits the leg again with the chair! Idol throws the chair out of the ring and helps the Ref up. Idol clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock! Jimmy screams in pain and submits! The bell rings and the crowd explodes. Jimmy is rolling around in pain, holding his leg. Fuller is still knocked out. Idol poses for the crowd, winks and gives a right arm bicep pose before he leaves.

Commercial Break


Schiavone: Trainers are still attending to the Stud Stable...


The fans cheer as Tui Selinga storms out.


Tui: Sheik! Smirnoff! You made a grave mistake by hurting my partner. Sakalia is in the back right now with Doctors. You cowards will pay for this! Mark my words, you will pay!


Schiavone: My goodness, a very emotional and fired up Tui Selinga. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the Caspian Empire right now. Ok, fans we want to take you to some pre recorded comments from the United States Champion, The Million Dollar man, Ted Dibiase.


Dibiase is relaxing by a swimming pool.


Dibiase: (Laughs) I thought I would spend some of my hard earned money on a much needed vacation. You see while all the top names in wrestling are fighting for the Cup up in Canada, I'm just relaxing. After all, I don't have anything to prove. The Million Dollar Man is now calling the shots. I have the money and I have the United States Championship, so I can do whatever I want. Now, Hacksaw Duggan has been whining and crying since I beat him to win the US title. Now he goes out and gets a special mystery partner to face myself and Stan Hansen. (Laughs) Duggan, do you really think you and anybody on this planet can beat myself and Hansen? Don't worry Duggan, we'll be in Orlando on the 10th because I want to be done with you once and for all. On to the big news. Out of the kindness of my heart, I've decided to grace all the minimum wage making peons with a special television appearance next week. I figure why not give the viewers something to look forward to.


The show ends with Dibiase laughing.


The Memorial Day Event 5-25-86, Richmond VA

United States Title Bout

Ted Dibiase © vs. Hacksaw Duggan

NWA World Tag Team Title Bout

Road Warriors © w/Paul Ellering vs. WWC Champ Abdullah the Butcher and Tiger Jeet Singh

US Tag Team Title Bout

Rocky Johnson and 'Wildcat' Wendell Cooley © vs. The Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle

TV Title Bout

'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard © w/Rock Riddle vs. Mark Youngblood

Bull Rope Match

Blackjack Mulligan vs. 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka

'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Rob Fuller


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Bar Room Brawlers is a better name for a good guy team than Devil's Duo, in my opinion.


...and then they go and live right up to that name. So you've got brawling good guys and, with The Cobra, a high-flying and athletic bad guy. I love it!


Of course, with Mark Youngblood, Hot Property, Jimmy Snuka, and so on you have your share of athletic babyfaces as well.


Caspian Empire vs Tui & Sakalia continues to be an entertaining feud.


I like how you use the managers in this promotion. It gives a real 80s feel, and it's something I miss about current pro wrestling.


I love a good Mystery Partner angle. Duggan will need to pick a good one, to counter Stan Hansen!


That Memorial Day card looks great.

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Post Promos from the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup

Inside the Locker Rooms of the Forum de Montreal


Harley Race: My defeat to Paul Orndorff does not sit well with me. As a matter of fact it's boiling me up inside! Orndorff! This isn't over. You may have beaten me in the tournament but there is no way in hell you're going to beat me for my Mid Atlantic Title! On May 25th at the Memorial Day Event, this title is on the line. I guarantee you wont be getting another fluke win. The next time we meet, it's going to be your head crashing down courtesy of my move...the piledriver!


Paul Orndorff: Harley! I've got your number and brother your time is up. The ending on the 25th will be the same, except next time it happens I'll be holding up the Mid Atlantic title!


Post Promo Inside the Locker Room after Prelude


Don Kernodle: (holding his Canadian International title) You see what perseverance gets you (holds the title up higher) I stayed focused and kept my eye on the prize. This is my most proudest achievement in my career. You know, they call me the Pride of the USA, but now I'm the pride of Canada as well.


Corporal Kirchner walks in with a look of disbelief.


Kernodle: Kirch, buddy, come on in and join the celebration! I told you I would get gold and by golly I did it, I really did it! I'm so glad you came out here to witness it.


Kirchner: Don, I just don't know what to say. I mean, I know you have been on the edge lately but I never thought you would resort to such low tactics. Don, you threw a man of a scaffold! And to make matters worse, you took advantage of that.


Kernodle: Whoa, easy Kirch, take it easy. I merely saw an opportunity and capitalized on it, that's all I did. It all paid off and this here title is the end result. Don't worry buddy, we're still a team, but as the pride of Canada I'll have to fulfill my championship obligations up here as well. Now come on, let's celebrate.


Kirchner: I thought I knew you Don but obviously I was wrong. I never thought you would stoop this low. I think I'm better off on my own right now.


Kernodle: I'm sorry you feel that way. I thought you and I wanted the same things but looks like you just don't have what it takes. You want to fly solo, ok that's fine with me. Let's end on a handshake.


Kernodle extends his hand.


Kirchner: I'm sorry Don, I just cant shake your hand right now.


Kirchner turns around to walk away and WHAM! Kernodle hits him on the back of his head with the championship belt!!! Kernodle picks up Kirchner and throws him into the lockers! Kirchner is busted open. Other wrestlers run in to stop Kernodle.

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MACW @ The Coliseum, Greensboro NC 5-3-86

'Cowboy' Scott Casey vs. Chic Donovan

Donovan uses his power for an early advantage as he puts Casey down with a shoulder block, then follows with a body slam. Casey takes control with a hip toss followed by a drop kick. Casey swings Donovan into the turnbuckles, clamps on a headlock and follows with the Running Bulldog to get the pin!

The Assassins w/The Assassin vs. The Steiner Brothers

The bell rings and it's an all out brawl. The Assassin books out of the ring in a hurry. The Ref finally gets control but as he's guiding Rick back to the corner both Assassins nail Scott with a double forearm bash to the back. Assassins take control and work Scott over. Assassin 1 slams him into the turnbuckles. Assassin 2 chokes Scott while Assassin 1 charges in with a knee to the mid section. Assassin 2 is tagged in. They pick up Scott and hit the double stomach breaker. Assassin 2 covers but Rick drops an elbow to break it up. Assassin 1 runs in and Rick puts him down with a clothesline. Scott is able to tag Rick in. Rick back drops Assassin 2 then clotheslines him. Assassin 1 clips Rick from behind. Scott runs in and clotheslines Assassin 1 over the top rope. The Assassin gets up on the apron and Scott knocks him down. Assassin 2 picks up Rick for a body slam but Rick cradles him 1..2..3! The Steiners are hugging and celebrating but the Assassins regroup and attack them from behind. They double slam Scott. Assassin 2 hits Rick with a shoulder breaker, then Assassin 1 jumps off the top rope and lands a knee on Rick's shoulder. The Assassins raise their arms to the booing crowd, then help the Assassin out.

10,000 Dollar Challenge Match

King Kong Bundy w/JJ Dillon vs. Spike Huber

JJ opens the briefcase in front of Huber, smiles and shows him the cash "All you have to do is beat him" JJ slams the case shut. Huber seems fired up and puts his muscles to work. He catches Bundy off guard with a series of forearm blasts. Bundy is staggering. Huber swings off the ropes and hits a drop kick, sending Bundy against the ropes. JJ looks nervous. Huber swings off the ropes and charges in but Bundy runs forward and mows him down. Bundy takes a moment to clear the cobwebs, then drops a giant elbow on Huber. Bundy swings Huber to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Huber swings back and clotheslines Bundy. Bundy is staggering. Huber swings off the ropes again and hits another clothesline. Bundy is wobbling now. Huber swings off the ropes again but Bundy catches him with a back elbow. JJ is yelling for Bundy to finish him. Bundy swings Huber into the corner and follows with the Avalanche! Bundy body slams Huber, swings off the ropes and hits the Big Splash for the pin! JJ runs into the ring and holds up the briefcase, then points to Bundy as the fans boo.

Tiger Jeet Singh vs. Vinnie Valentino

Newcomer Valentino shows off some quickness as he leapfrogs over Singh and hits him with a standing drop kick. Singh is furious and charges but gets back dropped. Valentino swings Singh into the corner and charges in but Singh hits him with a running clothesline. Singh stomps away then chokes him with his boot. Singh grabs Valentino's head and starts biting him, breaking at the Ref's count of 4. Singh slams Valentino's head on the turnbuckle, then picks up Valentino and hangs him upside down on the turnbuckles. Singh just stomps away. After numerous warnings by the Ref, Singh hoists Valentino up and drops him with the Argentine Back Rack Drop to get the pin! The fans are booing as Singh gets his sword and parades around the ring, knocking over anybody in his way. The Ref is trying to get Singh to leave. Singh takes a swing at the Ref then finally starts to leave. As Singh is walking down the aisle, swinging his sword, Tony St. Clair is coming down the aisle for his match. Singh starts yelling at St. Clair and threatens him with his sword. Singh takes a swing, St. Clair ducks and hits Singh. Dozens of security officers run over and break it up.

Tony St. Clair vs. Billy Robinson- If St. Clair loses he leaves MACW

These two go at it with a combination of brawling and solid wrestling. St. Clair hits Billy with a flying body press that sends both men over the top rope. After they regroup, they start fighting on the outside. They get back into the ring at the count of 9. Billy rakes the eyes and hits St. Clair with a few European uppercuts then executes a Side Slam Backbreaker 1..2..Kick Out. Billy hits a belly to back suplex, then a gut wrench suplex and covers 1..2..St.Clair barley gets his shoulder up. Billy is irate and yells at the Ref. Billy picks St. Clair up and clamps on the Abdominal Stretch. Billy is wrenching it on. The fans are cheering St. Clair. St. Clair is moving up and down and hip tosses Billy over. Billy staggers up and St. Clair hits him with a heels first drop kick. St. Clair jumps over Billy and hits him with a neck snap. St. Clair climbs to the top turnbuckle. Billy staggers up and turns around and gets nailed with a flying body press 1..2..3! The fans cheer as the Ref raises St. Clair's arm. The cheers turn to boos as Tiger Jeet Singh hits the ring and nails St. Clair from behind with his sword! Singh throws St. Clair out of the ring, follows, then rams St. Clair head first into the steel post! St. Clair is busted open. Singh grabs his sword and chokes St. Clair until Security rush over to stop the madness. While all this was going on, Billy Robinson quietly left the ring.

Mid Atlantic Champ Harley Race and Blackjack Mulligan vs. 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka and Mark Youngblood

Race is a bit exhausted from the Memorial Cup and flight back to Greensboro. It's not to bad on him as Mulligan and Snuka spend a lot of time in the ring fighting. Snuka hits Mulligan with a jumping headbutt then tags in Mark. Mark chops away on Mulligan, swings him to the ropes and puts him down with a thrust shot. Mark splashes down on Mulligan and covers but Race drops a diving headbutt to break the count. Mulligan tags in Race. Race works over Mark then picks him up with a delayed vertical suplex and drops him back. Race executes a swinging neckbreaker and covers but Snuka drops a headbutt of his own to break the count. Mark rolls over and tags in Snuka. Snuka swings Race to the ropes and puts him down with a chop. Snuka jumps in the air and crashes down with a knee and covers but Mulligan grabs Snuka by his hair and yanks him off. Mark runs in and drop kicks Mulligan back. Snuka body slams Mulligan, jumps up and crashes down with a diving headbutt, Snuka covers 1..2..3! Race was the legal man but in all the confusion the Ref made the count on Mulligan. Race staggers up and is yelling at the Ref but the decision stands as the crowd loves it.

NWA National Tag Team Title Bout

Midnight Express © w/Jim Cornette vs. Hot Property

The first 10 minutes is high flying non stop action as these teams have the crowd on their feet. Both teams end up in the ring fighting in opposite corners. Hot Property swing the Express into each other. Dennis rolls out of the ring, Hot Property swings Bobby to the ropes and hit a double back drop. Cornette throws off his jacket and is in panic mode. Savoldi swings Bobby to the turnbuckles then follows with a monkey flip. Savoldi tags in Travis. Travis hits a sidewalk slam and covers 1..2..Dennis drops an elbow for the save. Savoldi runs in and hits Dennis back to his corner. Cornette is screaming at the Ref. The Ref guides Savoldi back to the corner. Dennis levels Travis from behind. Bobby tags in Dennis. Bobby picks up Travis and they hit a double back suplex. Dennis drops a knee from the 2nd turnbuckle and covers 1..2..Travis barely kicks out. Dennis suplexes Travis then tags in Bobby, who climbs to the top rope. Dennis hits a back suplex and Bobby fly's down with an elbow drop and cover 1..2..Savoldi breaks the count. Dennis runs in but Savoldi back drops him. The Ref regains order. Bobby tags in Dennis. Dennis swings Travis to the ropes but misses a clothesline, Travis swings back and hits Dennis with a flying forearm smash. Travis tags in Savoldi. Savoldi quickly goes to the top rope. Dennis stands up and Savoldi hits him with a missile drop kick! Savoldi covers 1..2..Bobby hits a leg drop to break the count. Travis runs in and fights Bobby to the corner. Savoldi swings Dennis to the ropes, Dennis reverses it, Cornette nails Savoldi in the back with his tennis racket! The Ref guides Travis back to his corner. The Express hit a Double Flapjack on Savoldi, the Ref turns around and counts 1..2..3! The fans boo as Cornette runs in the ring and hugs his champs.

United States Title Bout

'The Million Dollar Man' Ted Dibiase © vs. US Tag Champ Rocky Johnson

Dibiase arrogantly walks around the ring taunting Johnson. They lock up and Dibiase takes him over with an arm drag. Dibiase rubs his hands together and says "This is to easy" They lock up again and this time Johnson takes Dibiase over with an arm drag, Dibiase charges and Johnson takes him over again. Dibiase stands up and Johnson sends him out of the ring with a high drop kick. The fans are roaring as Dibiase stands up then falls back down. Dibiase regroups and hits his fists on the apron. Dibiase stalls on the apron, yelling at Johnson and the Ref. Johnson has enough and hits Dibiase then suplexes him back into the ring. Johnson climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle and hits a flying fist drop and covers 1..2..Dibiase kicks out. Johnson picks Dibiase up but Dibiase rakes the eyes then follows with a scoop slam. Dibiase drops an elbow then backs up and hits a delayed fist drop and covers 1..2..Johnson kicks out. Dibiase starts stomping on Johnson's face. Dibiase picks Johnson up and drops him back with a vertical suplex. Dibiase hops up on the 2nd turnbuckle and goes for an elbow drop but Johnson moves. The fans are cheering Johnson on. Johnson starts shaking his fists. Dibiase stands up and Johnson hits him with several jabs, winds up and puts him down with a hard right fist. Johnson swings Dibiase to the ropes and hits a high drop kick. Johnson picks up Dibiase and executes a back breaker then rolls him over for the Boston Crab! The fans are going crazy. Dibiase is scrambling and is able to reach the ropes. Johnson is frustrated and releases the hold. Johnson goes to pick Dibiase up but Dibiase grabs him by his trunks and pulls him through the ropes. Dibiase regroups as the Ref starts the count on Johnson. Johnson gets up on the apron, Dibiase gouges the eyes then snaps Johnson's head on the top rope. Johnson falls on the apron then rolls back into the ring. Dibiase drops an elbow on the back of Johnson's head then picks him up and locks on the Million Dollar Dream! Dibiase swings Johnson around. Johnson holds on for a bit then goes out. The Ref calls for the bell. Ted Dibiase retains the US title. Ted yanks the title from the Ref's hands and arrogantly smiles as he holds the title high to the booing crowd.

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Some really nice matches on your TV show including Idol vs Fuller and Rip Oliver vs Jimmy Valiant. Very smart not give too much for free here with some wild endings.


Dibiase at the pool is priceless and why in a matter of weeks he is one of the top guys in the NWA!


Polynesian Power vs Caspian Empire is great!


I wonder if Cornette will get in trouble for crossing state lines with that tennis racket... it is a deadly weapon throughout the NWA

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You do a nice job here of advancing and creating story-lines through in-ring action. The heels losing but then beating down the faces is a very effective way to keep things going. So is having the heels win by cheating or due to interference.


I particularly like how you maybe set up for something between St. Clair and Singh just through their actions in and around the ring.


The Bundy storyline continues to be one of my favourite things in this whole project.

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I liked the TV with the Bar Room Brawlers getting themselves a new name and a couple of marquee matches that extend storylines. You also set up a couple of amazing tag matches with probably the biggest threat to the Roadies so far in Abby/Singh as a team. Dibiase's promo hit all the right notes and he is really making his mark in Flair's absence.


Kernodle attacking Kirchner in Canada is a perfect way to cap off the heel turn.


St. Clair and Singh is a good clash of styles feud. Who is going to get the big boost (and really tough feud that comes with it) of beating Bundy for the $10k? Midnights come in and put Hot Property over even while they win, which is I think why they are the champs in the first place. Johnson gives Teddy all he can handle, but comes up short. I like Rocky Johnson as a just below main event level face that can threaten all of the heels on the roster.

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What a loaded show in Greensboro... just awesome lineup. I like the Johnson vs Ted matchup. I don't think Atlas was used correctly in 1986 in the WWF so to see him used the right way here is great. I also like the MXE here... perhaps them and the Road Warriors down the line but there are so many challengers for each it makes for a ton of interesting matchups.

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MACW @ Winthrop Coliseum, Rock Hill SC 5-4-86

Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle vs. Steve Pardee and Pat Rose

The number 1 US tag title contenders, The Fabulous Blondes put on a good showcase here. Pardee and Rose give them a bit of trouble at the beginning but Crews stops it with a shoulder tackle on Rose then tags in Timbs, who hits a knee drop from the 2nd turnbuckle. Timbs tags in Crews and they hit the double Facelock Drop for the pin! Riddle is all smiles as he raises the Blondes arms in victory while taking in a lot of boos.

Tui Selinga vs.The Iron Sheik w/Alexis Smirnoff

Sakalia is absent tonight due to injuries sustained by the Caspian Empire on TV. The bell rings and Tui drop kicks Smirnoff out of the ring. Sheik tries to hit Tui from behind but Tui turns around, kicks Sheik in the mid section and suplexes him back. Tui swings off the ropes and hits an elbow drop and covers but Sheik kicks out. Tui swings Sheik to the ropes and back drops him, Sheik staggers up and Tui nails him with a super kick and covers, but Smirnoff distracts the Ref from the apron. Tui goes after Smirnoff and nails him with a forearm, then suplexes him into the ring. The Ref is trying to regain control. Sheik hits Tui from behind then executes a gut wrench suplex. Smirnoff rolls out of the ring. Sheik swings Tui to the ropes and ducks down but Tui kicks him, then clotheslines him down. The Ref is checking on Sheik. The fans cheer as Tui goes to the top rope. As he's about to jump, Smirnoff trips him and Tui crashes down. The Ref looks over and then down at Smirnoff who's holding his hands up and shaking his head. Sheik drops a knee and covers 1..2..3! The fans boo as Smirnoff runs in to celebrate with Sheik.

Sweet Brown Sugar vs. The Cobra w/The Assassin

High flying offense dominate the first portion of the match as both guys are going full throttle. Sugar leapfrogs over Cobra then comes back with a drop kick. Cobra staggers up and Sugar takes him over with a flying headscissors. Sugar hits a standing leg drop and covers, but Cobra kicks out. Sugar picks Cobra up but Cobra rakes the eyes and hits a snap suplex. Cobra backs up and waits to strike. Sugar starts to stand and Cobra hits a knee strike. Cobra picks up Sugar and hits a Shoulder Breaker. Assassin tells him to go to the top rope. Cobra climbs to the top and goes for the Senton but Sugar moves out of the way. Both men are lying side by side. The Ref has no choice but to start the 10 count. Sugar stands up. The Assassin gets up on the apron and starts yelling. The Ref stops the count. Sugar goes over and grabs Assassin by his shirt. Cobra gets up and charges over with a running high knee but Sugar moves. Cobra hits the Assassin with the knee, sending him off the apron. Sugar rolls up Cobra 1..2..3! The crowd roars! Sugar rolls out of the ring and slaps hands with the fans as, Cobra kicks the ropes in anger.

'Boogie Woogie Man' Jimmy Valiant and The Bar Room Brawlers vs. Rip Oliver and The Southern Ramblers w/Paul Jones

The crowd is on their feet as all 6 men start brawling when the bell rings. The Ref lets them go for a while then gets control. Sword back drops Rich into their corner. Rich gets up and gets hit by Vines then hit by Valiant and staggers back and gets body slammed by Sword. Sword tags in Vines, who jumps off the top rope with a stomp on Rich. Vines tags in Valiant, who swings off the ropes and drops an elbow then covers but Rose and Oliver run in to break the count. All 6 men are brawling again. Once order is restored Rich tags in Randy Rose while Valiant tags in Vines. Rose and Vines slug it out. Rose rakes the eyes and pushes Vines into the corner. Rich and Oliver choke Vines as Rose stomps away then tags in Oliver. Oliver slams Vines head on the turnbuckle then suplexes him back and tags in Rich. Rich gets on the 2nd turnbuckle and hits a flying fist drop then tags in Rose. Rose executes a corner sling shot splash and covers 1..2..No! Valiant and Sword run in to break it. Once again everybody is fighting. During the wild melee, Jones gets up on the apron with his cane. Valiant runs over and clocks Jones as the cane fly's out of his hands. Valiant swings off the ropes and hits a jumping elbow drop on Rose. Vines rolls over on Rose. The Ref runs over and counts 1..2..3! The crowd erupts. Sword punches Rich through the ropes as Valiant throws Oliver outside the ring. They help Vines up. Vines throws Rose outside the ring. Valiant and the Bar Room Brawlers are standing tall as the Southern Ramblers, Oliver and Jones are lying on the outside.

Pedro Morales vs. Alexis Smirnoff w/The Iron Sheik

The fans really give it to The Caspian Empire as they head to the ring. Those boos turn into loud cheers as Morales hits the ring. The bell rings and Morales hammers away on both men, then grabs their heads and knocks them together. Sheik rolls out of the ring. Morales swings Smirnoff to the ropes and back drops him. Smirnoff gets up and gets body slammed. Smirnoff staggers up and Morales fires away on him with a flurry of punches, then swings him into the turnbuckles. Morales charges in but Smirnoff kicks him with a boot to the face. Smirnoff regroups and stomps away then hits a back breaker. Smirnoff starts yelling at the Ref while Sheik reaches in and chokes Morales. Smirnoff goes to the top rope. The Ref turns around and starts pointing and warning the Sheik. Sheik starts yelling at the Ref. Smirnoff is on the top turnbuckles. The crowd roars as Tui Selinga runs to the ring and pushes Smirnoff off the top rope! Tui runs over and starts pounding away on the Sheik. Morales swings off the ropes and hits a Senton 1..2..3! The crowd goes nuts as Tui throws the Sheik into the ring. Tui body slams Sheik then goes to the top rope and crashes down with an elbow drop! Morales shakes Tui's hand then raises it to the cheering crowd.

Bob Backlund vs. Mr. Brad Rheingans

Fatigue might be a factor as Backlund is fresh off his JWA title match with Tatsumi Fujinami. The first few minutes consist of a lot of takedowns and counters with neither man gaining an advantage. They lock up and Brad spins around Bob and sends him back with a belly to back suplex. Brad slaps Bob on the back of the head while giving an arrogant smirk. This fires Bob up as he nails Brad with a forearm blast, swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Brad bounces up then rolls out of the ring. Brad gets back up on the apron and points at Bob. Bob runs over, grabs Brad and suplexes him back in the ring. Bob hits a forearm drop and covers but Brad kicks out. Bob swings Brad to the ropes and bends down but Brad stops, grabs Bob and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Brad clears the cobwebs then picks up Bob and hits a vertical suplex. Brad backs up. Bob staggers up and Brad hits a Cutter. Brad covers 1..2..No! Bob gets a foot on the rope. Brad is frustrated and argues with the Ref. As Bob staggers up, Brad clamps on a headlock and wrenches it tight, then starts hitting Bob with fists to the head. The crowd cheers Bob on. Bob hoists Brad up and hits the Atomic Drop. Both men are down. Bob grabs the ropes and helps himself up. Brad staggers up and Bob grabs him and gives him a belly to back suplex. The crowd cheers as Bob shakes his fists to the crowd. Bob reaches down to pick up Brad but Brad hits a Low Blow right in front of the Ref! Bob slowly sinks to the ground as the Ref signals for the DQ. Brad slaps Bob then pushes him down. Brad rolls out of the ring and the deafening boos follow him all the way up the aisle.

TV Champ 'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard and Rob Fuller w/Rock Riddle vs. 'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol and Terry Taylor

Fuller wants some payback on Idol for injuring Jimmy Golden on TV, while Prichard and Taylor have been battling over the TV title for several months. Fuller and Idol have a furious exchange, Idol gets the upper hand, swings Fuller to the ropes and puts him down with a right fist. Fuller tags in Tom. Tom charges Idol and gets hip tossed, Tom charges back and gets back dropped. Idol grabs Tom while Taylor sticks his boot through the ropes. Idol rams Tom's head on the boot then tags in Taylor. Taylor rams Tom's head several times on the turnbuckle then hoists him up on the top. Taylor climbs up and executes a SuperPlex! Taylor covers 1..2..Fuller drops a knee for the save. Idol runs in and hits Fuller. The Ref guides Idol back. Fuller hits Taylor with a clothesline then drags Tom to the corner and tags himself in. Riddle is comforting Tom. Fuller stomps away on Taylor then body slams him, backs up and hits a running knee drop and covers but Taylor kicks out. Fuller runs over and slaps Idol. Idol charges but the Ref stops him. Fuller chokes away on Taylor. Fuller grabs the top rope and drops several knees on Taylor then tags in Tom. Tom vertical suplexes Taylor, then gets up on the 2nd turnbuckle and hits a knee drop. Tom tags in Fuller. Fuller gets up on the top rope and goes for a knee drop but Taylor moves, rolls over and tags in Idol. The fans go crazy as Idol hammers away on Fuller. Idol swings Fuller to the ropes and hits a back elbow smash. Tom runs in but Idol blasts him back to the corner. Tom charges again but Taylor hits him with the flying 5 arm! Tom fly's out of the ring. During all this, Rock Riddle wraps something up in Fuller's towel and slips it to him. The Ref is guiding Taylor back to his corner. Idol reaches down to pick up Idol and WHAM! Fuller nails him with the loaded towel. Fuller throws the towel out of the ring and covers. The Ref runs over 1..2..3! Fuller rolls out of the ring as Taylor rushes over, then attends to Idol.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. 'The Great One' David Sammartino

It looks like the influence of Billy Robinson is paying off as David doesn't seem to be as distracted by the fans. The place comes unglued as Duggan storms down the aisle. The bell rings and David starts yelling and pointing his finger at Duggan. Duggan grabs his finger and squeezes, putting David on his knees begging. Duggan picks up David and throws him down with a thundering body slam. David rolls out of the ring in pain. The fans let him have it. He loses it on them for a second then stops himself to regroup. David gets up on the apron, Duggan comes over, David rakes the eyes and snaps Duggan's head on the top rope. David grabs Duggan by his head and takes him to the turnbuckles. David climbs the turnbuckles while holding Duggan's head then crashes forward with a knee to Duggan's back. David body slams Duggan then jumps off the 2nd turnbuckle with a knee drop. David is more focused tonight then he has been for months. David stomps on the back of Duggan then picks him up and clamps on the Bear Hug! David clamps it on tight then rams Duggan into the turnbuckles. David backs up and gets in a 3 point stance. Duggan staggers forward off the turnbuckles. David charges in but Duggan moves and pushes David into the turnbuckles. Duggan regroups then starts hammering away on David. Duggan picks David up and runs around the ring with him and drops him with a Powerslam. Duggan backs up and hits a Running Knee drop. Duggan backs up and gets in a 3 point stance. David takes a while getting to his feet. Duggan charges in and nails David with a running clothesline 1..2..3!!! The crowd stands up and cheers as Duggan storms around the ring, giving them the thumbs up.

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I think it is my bias coming out as a ran Polynesian Pro Wrestling in another game but I could just here the crowd chanting Tui Tui Tui!


Prichard, Fuller and Riddle remind me of the Heavenly Bodies from SMW as together they are dastardly as Hell!


I just remember Backlund shaking those fists to the WWF crowd back in the day and them all going nuts! He always seemed a little goofy and I might have sided with Rheingans and the lowblow!


All is right in the World when the show ends after Duggan charges at someone!


Great show! Wish I got to see MACW as a kid but I don't think it was on in NY

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I liked Tui coming in to avenge his loss a lot. Brown Sugar against the Assassin would have been a fun match. Backlund vs. Rheingans is one of the better undercard feuds going on right now. Duggan winning the main is a great way to send the fans home happy.

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MACW @ WTBS Studios TV aired 5-10-86

Highlights are shown of Don Kernodle throwing Jacques Rougeau off the scaffold. Then highlights are shown of Kernodle winning the Canadian International Title from Jacques a few days later at Prelude. This is followed by the locker room interview that ended with Kernodle hitting Kirchner with the title and busting him open.

Schiavone: Welcome everybody to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. With me is my partner David Crockett. Welcome back David.


Crockett: Thank you Tony. First of all, on behalf of Mid Atlantic I would like to congratulate Giant Baba on winning the historic Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup. Now, we just saw the events and actions of Don Kernodle. Needless to say I was shocked at the tactics of Don Kernodle. We will be hearing from his former partner, Corporal Kirchner momentarily.


Schiavone: That should be interesting. Ok fans tonight the United States Champion, the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase will make his first studio appearance. In action, from Lutte is Armand Rougeau. Tom Prichard will have a TV title defense against Cowboy Scott Casey. Also in action will be Rolling Thunder, The Assassins, Rob Fuller, Terry Taylor, Mr. Brad Rheingans, Jimmy Valiant and the team of Billy Robinson and David Sammartino. Our main event will be The Cobra taking on Sweet Brown Sugar.


Crockett: That should be an outstanding match up, as these men have been going at it. We will also hear from Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff and show you highlights of a brutal attack by Tiger Jeet Singh on Tony St. Clair. Fans joining us right now is Corporal Kirchner. We all saw the footage and I cant imagine what must be going through your head.


Kirchner: (Bandage on his forehead) David, words cannot explain how I'm feeling right now. I knew Don was going through a rough time and feeling frustrated but I really thought we had that worked out. What he did to Jacques Rougeau was inexcusable. I couldn't even talk to Don. I didn't even leave my hotel room for three nights. I went to Prelude to talk with Jacques face to face and apologized for the actions of Don. At the end of the night I had no choice but to confront Don. Then he hits me over the head with the title. (He rips the bandage off his head) Don! You made a big mistake! The only thing I have to say is...this means war!


Kirchner storms off.


Crockett: Wow! A strong message by Corporal Kirchner to one Don Kernodle. Ok fans, lets go to the ring.


Rolling Thunder vs. Aaron Arbuckle and Lloyd London

Rolling Thunder has the crowd fired up as they swing London to the ropes and hit a double back drop. London rolls over and tags in Arbuckle. Huber hip tosses him over then follows with a drop kick. Huber tags in Morales, who hits Arbuckle with a knee lift. Huber comes back in and airplane spins Arbuckle, then tags in Morales, who swings off the ropes and hits the Senton for the pin!

Rolling Thunder cuts a promo and says they're going to climb the tag team ranks and get a US tag title shot.

Commercial Break

Rob Fuller vs. Gary Williams

Fuller pounds away on Williams, kicks him in the mid section then hits a knee lift. Fuller rams Williams head several times on the turnbuckle then clotheslines him down. Fuller hits a suplex, drops an elbow and gets the pin! The fans boo as he heads to the podium.

Schiavone: Well Rob, I understand you'll be wrestling solo for a bit.


Fuller: First of all Tony Schiavone, did you see how I owned that boy in the ring? That was something indeed. Now, thanks to that no good dirty Austin Idol, my partner Jimmy Golden will be out of action for awhile. Because of that heinous act, the Stud Stable cannot go after our US tag titles. So now Idol, I'm coming after you boy!


Schiavone: Ok, looks like Rob Fuller has some business with Austin Idol. Fans, back to the ring.


Terry Taylor vs. Tim Straw

Taylor hits a back elbow off the ropes then follows with a vertical suplex. Straw staggers up as Taylor runs by him, swings off the ropes and comes back with the flying 5 Arm to get the pin!

Commercial Break

Armand Rougeau vs. Lou Simms

Armand body slams Simms, swings off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop. Armand gets on the 2nd turnbuckle and hits a flying elbow drop. He picks up Simms and hooks on the sleeper to get the victory! He waves to the fans as he heads to the podium.

Crockett: Welcome to Mid Atlantic, Armand. You looked sharp in there tonight. I understand you have a special reason on why you're here.


Armand: Thank you Mr. Crockett. I'm here because I love a good challenge. I understand JJ Dillon is offering up 10,000 dollars to any man who can beat King Kong Bundy. Well, I'm taking him up on that and this weekend in Orlando Florida, I get my chance. Now...


The fans boo as JJ Dillon walks out with his briefcase full of cash.


JJ: Ahhhh, to be young again, and in this case to be very stupid. Armand, I will say you have courage. You don't have any brains but you do have guts. King Kong Bundy isn't here today but rest assured he will be in Orlando. Now, out of the kindness of my heart I'm going to give you a chance to fly back to Canada in one piece. Just walk away kid, trust me, nobody will blame you.


JJ taps Armand on his head. Armand pushes his hand away.


Armand: I wouldn't get to comfortable with that money Dillon. Tell Bundy, I'll see him in Orlando.


Crockett smiles as JJ has a look of concern on his face then looks at his briefcase.


Commercial Break

Mr. Brad Rheingans vs. Larry O' Meara

Brad uses a variety of takedowns as he outwrestles O'Meara. Brad his a cutter then picks up O'Meara and executes a Bridging Cradle Suplex for the pin! Brad starts slapping O'Meara. The fans roar as Bob Backlund hits the ring! Backlund blasts Brad with several uppercuts, swings him to the ropes but Brad grabs the ropes and slides out of the ring. Backlund is raising his fists and telling Brad to get back in the ring. Brad is shaking off the cobwebs then leaves as the fans boo. Backlund heads to the podium.

Backlund: I always had respect for Rheingans and his wrestling ability. Now he's chosen to bend and break the rules and he's done that to me several times. Brad, you have made the wrong choice and I'll be the one to set you straight!


Schiavone: I don't think I've ever seen Bob Backlund this intense. I hope Mr. Rheingans is ready for him. Well, back to the ring.


The Assassins w/The Assassin vs. Bill Richards and Clyde Putnam

The Assassins charge their opponents and stomp them down. They throw Richards out of the ring and hit Putnam with a double stomach breaker. Assassin 1 picks up Putnam and slams him on the top rope, snapping him back. Assassin 2 comes off the top rope with a flying knee drop to get the pin!

The Assassins stand behind the Assassin at the podium. The Assassin cuts a promo on the Steiner Brothers and say his Assassins are going to finish them off once and for all.

Commercial Break

TV Title Bout

'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard © w/Rock Riddle vs. 'Cowboy' Scott Casey

Casey starts off hot with several arm drags. Tom gets him up, swings him to the ropes, misses a clothesline and Casey comes back with a flying body press 1..2..Tom kicks out as Riddle just about faints. Casey swings Tom into the turnbuckles, clamps on the headlock and goes for the bulldog but Tom pushes him into the opposite turnbuckles. Casey hits hard, Tom grabs him and suplexes him back. Tom swings off the ropes and drops a knee. Tom gets up on the 2nd turnbuckle and drops a front forearm. Tom picks up Casey and hits the Slingshot Suplex for the pin! Riddle grabs the TV title from the Ref then hands it to Tom, who raises it up to the booing crowd. They head to the podium.

Crockett: Well Rock Riddle, your Agency seems to be on a roll.


Riddle: (Big Smile) Oh Davey baby, you always tell it like it is my main man. Yes, the Agency is flying high and headlining in all the arenas. My team the Fabulous Blondes are going to be wearing gold come May 25th, because at the Memorial Day Event, they're going to take out those B level chumps oh I mean champs (Laughs) and bring A level prestige to those US titles. Then you have the gem of the Agency, I'm talking about your TV champ, Tom Prichard. Tell them what's on your mind champ.


Tom: Thanks Rock, you know Davey baby, I've taken on all comers and have successfully defended this title. Now, I hear Mark Youngblood out here saying he's thankful for the opportunity for my belt. Jeez, grow up Mark. With that kind of attitude you wont last 2 minutes with me. I'm keeping this title for a long long time brother. You can count on that!


Riddle: Oh it's so great to be around true professionals. Always a pleasure Davey Baby.


Commercial Break

'Boogie Woogie Man' Jimmy Valiant vs. Brad Kimber

Valiant is dancing his way to the ring when WHAM! He's nailed from behind by Rip Oliver! Oliver pounds away as Paul Jones is waving his cane. Paul hands Oliver the cane. Oliver starts hitting Valiant with the cane. Oliver picks Valiant up and body slams him on the concrete! Jones kicks Valiant several times. Brad Kimber tries to break it up but Oliver punches him down. Oliver drops a knee on Valiant. The fans roar as Terry Taylor runs out, pushes Jones over, then hammers away on Oliver! Officials come out to break it up and check on Valiant.

Commercial Break

Schiavone: Ok fans, Jimmy Valiant was taken out on a stretcher. I sure hope he's going to be ok. Right now Terry Taylor is with us.


Taylor: You know, I'm sick and tired of Paul Jones and his goons attacking wrestlers from behind like the cowards that they are! Oliver, if your looking for a fight, well then I'll take you up on that. I want to see how tough you really are and Jones, I'm begging you to interfere, just so I can punch that stupid face of yours.


Schiavone: Terry Taylor lays down the challenge. Fans we want to show you footage of a brutal attack at the hands of Tiger Jeet Singh on Tony St. Clair.


Footage is shown of St. Clair defeating Billy Robinson, then he's attacked by Singh. Singh beats down St. Clair and rams his head into the steel post, busting him open.

Schiavone: With me right now is Tiger Jeet Singh. Look, your madness and brutal attacks are getting way out of hand.


Singh swings his sword towards Schiavone! Schiavone runs back.


Singh: Tony St. Clair got in my way earlier and had to pay the price. Road Warriors! You can consider that a message. That's just a taste of the punishment you will receive on the 25th at the hands of myself and Abdullah the Butcher. Tony Schiavone, the brutality comes right here, next week! Myself and Abdullah the Butcher will be in the ring!


Singh storms off as Schiavone has a very worried look on his face.


Schiavone: I don't know what to say. Back to the ring.


Mike Sharpe and Chick Donovan vs. Alex Portman and Louis Campos

Donovan and Sharp swing Campos to the ropes and hit a double back elbow smash. Donovan hits a body slam as Sharp drops an elbow from the 2nd turnbuckle to get the pin!

Crockett: Fans, with me right now is the team of Polynesian Power.


Sakalia: Caspian Empire put quite a hurting on me but I'm still standing and brothers, we're coming after you!


Tui: It's going to take a lot more than that to get rid of us! All you did was make us mad and that's something you don't want to do.


Sakalia: Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger and we're feeling stronger than ever!


Commercial Break

Crockett: Fans, with me right now is Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. Paul, on May 25th, you get another shot at the Mid Atlantic title.


Orndorff: Harley, I told you I have your number and your number is up on the 25th


Harley Race comes out and nails Orndorff from behind with his title! Race throws Orndorff into the ring and stomps him down more. Race picks Orndorff up and drops him with the Piledriver!! Race gets his title, puts his boot on Orndorff's chest and holds the title high to the booing crowd.


Commercial Break

Crockett: Paul Orndorff is being attended to in the back by trainers. No doubt Harley Race went over the line. Those two will collide on the 25th. Back to the ring.


Billy Robinson and 'The Great One' David Sammartino vs. Ken Jenkins and Dave Penson

Billy and David work well together as they hit a double suplex on Penson. The fans are razzing David but Billy keeps him focused. David swings Jenkins to the ropes and clotheslines him then tags in Billy. Billy hits a swinging neckbreaker then follows with a backbreaker. Billy tags in David. David clamps on the bearhug then slams Jenkins into the turnbuckles and tags in Billy. Billy hits a side slam backbreaker for the pin! The fans boo as they head to the podium.

Billy: David, you have listened and you saw the results. I believe we are a winning combination.


David: Couldn't agree more Billy. I've been thinking, why don't we call ourselves, Greatness! I mean, it makes so much sense., think about it.


Billy: No need to think about it, I love it! It's a name that truly fits a team of our status.


Crockett: Oh brother, fans when we come back, our main event.


Commercial Break

The Cobra w/The Assassin vs. Sweet Brown Sugar

The bell rings and they start going at it. They're trading blows, Sugar gets the upper hand and has Cobra on the ropes. Sugar runs back, swings off the ropes and hits a flying body press that sends them both over the top rope. The Ref starts the count. Both men slowly get up. The Assassin grabs Sugar from behind and holds him. Cobra runs forward with a high knee but Sugar moves. Cobra nails the Assassin! Sugar rolls back into the ring as the Ref hits 10! Sugar gets the Count Out Victory. Cobra is checking on the Assassin then runs back into the ring. They start fighting again. They fight through the ropes and on the outside. Wrestlers from the back come out to break it up.

Schiavone: A wild ending to a wild match. Fans when we come back, US Champion the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase will be here in the studio.


Commercial Break

Crockett: Fans, please welcome the United States Champion, the Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase.


The fans boo as Dibiase comes out in a suit with the title on his shoulder.


Crockett: I must say Ted, my brother and I feel partially responsible for your choice tactics on Hacksaw Duggan and capturing the US Title.


Dibiase: (Laughs) Of course you should feel that way David Crockett. Thanks to you and your brother, I'm a very rich man. I used your money to get the finest representation money can buy and let me tell you, you get what you pay for (Taps the US Title) With my money and this US title, I call the shots. Remember the golden rule Crockett, he who has the gold makes the rules (Laughs) Now, onto that crybaby Duggan. You and I will meet for this title on May 25th but sad to say, you wont be around on the 25th. Why? Because this weekend in Orlando, myself and Stan Hansen are going to make sure of that! We don't care who your mystery partner is, doesn't matter. Duggan, it's just to easy to outsmart you, but I'm having so much fun doing it. (Dibiase pauses and looks around) You know David, as I look around this studio, I see why I haven't made an appearance here. Is this place even up to code? Well, it is fitting for all these low class, minimum wage making peons out here. I'm sure this is a step up from where they live. I'll have to think long and hard before I come back here. I sell out 15,000 seat arenas. I deserve so much better. Until further notice, I'm not doing anything for free, the people will have to pay to see me wrestle. I've got to get out of here, this place is making me sick.


Dibiase leaves to thundering boos.


Crockett: I'm disgusted and hate to end the program on that note. Fans in Orlando, this weekend Dibiase and Stan Hansen face Hacksaw Duggan and a mystery partner. Don't forget the Memorial Day Event on May 25th in Richmond VA. Also, just announced the Great American Bash takes place in July. Things are heating up in Mid Atlantic. Fans, see you next week!


The Memorial Day Event, Richmond VA, 5-25-86

United States Title Bout

The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase © vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

NWA World Tag Team Title Bout

Road Warriors © w/ Paul Ellering vs. WWC Champ Abdullah The Butcher and Tiger Jeet Singh

Mid Atlantic Title Bout

Harley Race © vs. 'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff

US Tag Title Bout

Rocky Johnson and Wildcat Wendell Cooley © vs. The Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle

TV Title Bout

'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard © w/ Rock Riddle vs. Mark Youngblood

Bullrope Match

'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka vs. Blackjack Mulligan

'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Rob Fuller

Terry Taylor vs. Rip Oliver w/Paul Jones

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I would be careful if I were JJ Dillon. Armand Rougeau might not win the $10,000 challenge against King Kong Bundy but he better think twice about roughing up the younger Rougeau. After all, the Rougeaus are a tight bunch and they won't take it lightly!

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Look at that card in Richmond... I will say this... I know we did the Horsemen deal and some weren't fond of it... but when I see this card it makes me know that MACW is hot right now and more unpredictable. With the Horsemen you had to follow a specific formula but now you have an open book. Very strong top of the card and some great undercard contests... I like this direction.

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