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WWE TV 09/24 - 09/30 Is Palmeiras the greatest soccer team on Earth?


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I would agree that Steph should not be a weekly character at this point in her career.   She's been around too long and It def. hurts her.  She should be a special appearance type deal.

like the Dean heel turn tease.

and with Sasha hurt glad they are giving Bayley something to do.  Finn isn't doing much either

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15 minutes ago, KawadaSmile said:

Brie "right leg hospital; left leg morgue" Bella. Knocked poor Liv out cold.

Maryse would never.

My lord, it looked horrible. Brie went full Kawada on Morgan.


Holy shit

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The Brie kick botch is some pretty puzzling stuff. She starts off with a regular chest kick and then suddenly changes her angle to hit Liv right in the face not once but twice for no apparent reason. Doesn’t even look like she was distracted or something. Seems possible it could have been intentional and she applied excessive force.

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