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Just now, FMKK said:

Hope everything is good KawadaSmile

This time, things are okay! I mean, the country is completely fucked up, but my personal life is alright. It's just that due to different timezones, other appointments get in the way etc.

But I appreciate the concern, bubba!

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It's jarring to see Nikki Cross looking like a normal woman around all the other women who've been WWE Glam Squad-ed to bejezus and back. Plus her going from crazy feral member of Sanity to "golly gee someone wants to be my friend" has been quite a character arc so far. 

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3 minutes ago, sek69 said:

I get no one here likes Seth, and I'm not particularly in love with the guy either, but he deserves better than a Corbin feud and being made a chew toy for Brock.

The Corbin feud is for the dead end bloody money PPV, so it barely counts.

Being Brock's chew toy builds up a future match, so it's fine - even if it's a match no one is particularly excited to see yet again.

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