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Mad Dog

AWA Great Lakes Championship Wrestling

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Great Lakes Championship Wrestling House Show: 7/14/1984

live from Chicago, IL

Scott Hall defeated Bubba Smith at 4:56

Don Carsen, Frank Morrell, Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff defeated Angelo Poffo, Lanny Poffo, Blue Demon Jr. and Kelly Kiniski at 18:41

Brad Rheingans defeated Chris Markoff at 9:13

Submission Match:
Killer Karl Krupp defeated Baron Von Raschke at 11:41

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Bruiser Brody at 15:37

AWA National Tag Team Title Match:
The Fantastics (c) defeated Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff at 13:31 by DQ

Chicago Street Fight:
Buzz Sawyer defeated Brett Wayne Sawyer at 20:19

Main Event:
Great Lakes Heavyweight Title Match:
Harley Race (c) defeated Jim Brunzell at 37:09

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Show opens with absolute chaos!!! Sawyers, Duggan and Brody destroy the studio. This will defiantly get eyes on Great Lakes. 

Verne comes out to ref the match and Duggan wins it with his 2x4. These feuds are far from over.

New champ Harley Race comes out and says he's ready for all comers.

1984 Chevy Camaro... Sweet! Cant wait to see if Michaels can go 10 minutes with Masked Superstar and make it to the tournament. 

Fun main event as Koloff wins the elimination match. Koloff might have earned himself a title shot. 

Great Lakes is off and running! Great job! 

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Absolute chaos on tv this week....I'm sure this would have had everyone glued to their televisions. 

I love the 10 minute challenge from Superstar to Shawn Michaels.....this is a great way to start building Michaels....young guys don't need to win....they just need to survive to start getting the crowd behind them....I like it!

Great job convincing Brody to put over Duggan

I'm thinking Harley vs. Brunzell made for quite the main event in Chicago!


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Chaos reigns supreme in the Great Lakes!! When it brings cranky old Verne out of the woodwork, you know it's bad!!

Amidst the chaos, you have Harley casually standing around watching it all burn around him, not giving a shit, cause he's the champ. Perfect Harley! Would have loved to seen that match with Brunzell.

Scott Hall shows up and picks up a win. In time, he could be a player here.

Krupp heating up with the big win over the Baron.

and the war between the Sawyers is gonna be fun!


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Really enjoying the direction from Great Lakes so far, and I love how the TV seems so wild as it’s a great way to attract viewers at this stage. Buzz Sawyer is such a fun guy to build things around because he comes across so unhinges and him at the center of the Sawyer/Sawyer stuff is awesome. Also I’ll always love an Ivan Koloff push, cause Ivan rules.

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