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P2B Greatest Crockett/WCW matches

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On 2/11/2020 at 10:33 PM, goodhelmet said:

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew vs. The Rock n Roll Express (7/16/86 = WCW 7/19/86)


- Classic RNR tag with both guys shining and playing FIP. However, the Andersons work Morton OVER during his FIP section really making this stand out. Awesome spot where Ole is about to come of the top rope and Gibson comes out of nowhere to hit him in the midsection on his way down. This ends in a draw and was not as good as the Starrcade cage.

NOTE: Phil Schneider and shoe called this a contender for tag match of the decade so this warrants a rewatch.



Thanks for posting all of these reviews Will!

And I was glad to see that note about Phil & Shoe's thoughts on this match, because I was blown the fuck away by this match. This and the Starrcade match are both top 10 contenders on my list and their GAB match is awesome too. I've not been in love with Arn the singles wrestler in 85/86 (compared to his peers in JCP), but that trio of tag matches really knocked my socks off. 1986 Ricky Morton just churned out great matches.


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6 hours ago, JKWebb said:

Man, there is so much here I haven't seen from the 80s. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone, I can't wait to dive into as much of this as I can.


It is absolutely insane how great JCP was. I kinda forgot. So glad you guys are doing this project.

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