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8 minutes ago, NotJayTabb said:

I've seen precisely one Jaguar Yokota match, a tag from 2004, so I'm very up for this. Is this going to be an entirely Yokota session?

Yeah, every week we'll do about 2 hours on a particular candidate. We can change that in the future if need be, plus supplemental ones people can do whatever!

You are in for a treat with Jaguar!

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Yeah, I think the first watch party went really well, an excellent choice of matches. I think it was a useful exercise because Joshi doesn't have the obvious entry points that other types of wrestling do. You can easily start watching puro by using US performers as a gateway, or even someone like Liger who worked a lot of WCW. Same with lucha, where I started by looking up the WCW luchadors. Now, I've a bunch of different names I enjoyed from the footage and that can lead into a number of different directions. Plus it was fun when Jaguar did some crazy suplex variation or some insane bump to see a bump of "Fuck" "OMG!" in the chat.

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That was my first time doing a watch party, and it went awesome.  I've seen those matches before, but it's Jaguar, I'm always down for some rewatches.  The chat was great and added to the experience.  I will try to do the other ones, especially for the stuff I've never seen before.

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