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GWE Video: Where can I find footage? (OP UPDATED: 5/4)

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Okay, let's see if we can get this rolling. For many of the individual candidates, posters are already providing match references that can be picked up through direct google search (and you'd be amazed how far direct searching will get you), but this thread is meant to cover more generalized flyovers of promotions or eras if you don't necessarily know where to start.

As such, I definitely don't have a comprehensive knowledge of all of the resources out there, but I'll try to organize and list the little bit that I do know in the OP - replies can feel free to add suggestions and revisions and I will try to keep the OP up to date (or mods can as well - feel free to pin this post and edit as you see fit).

Also, some of you may have noticed a supplemental folder that Loss created here - please refer to his posts there for more details.


For starters, let's cover some links that are good to keep on hand for general reference:

  • If you somehow don't already have Segunda Caida bookmarked, fix that immediately. Many of the writers are already participating in the GWE discussions and their blog is a great catch-all for picking up interesting footage off the beaten path, including numerous Complete and Accurate (C+A) compilations that focus on particular wrestlers or promotions.
  • Goodhelmet (Will) has curated numerous collections that are excellent references of different territories and eras. I'm not sure which ones are still available for purchase, but the year-by-year 90s collections (for example) are the foundation for the match archives on this very site. @goodhelmet, feel free to post below and I can update here with details as you see fit.
  • Ditch's site is a fantastic starting point for significant matches from AJPW and NOAH history (chronological listing here), particularly from the 80s and 90s.
  • dataintcash's Youtube page is a treasure trove of classic Lucha, with hours upon hours of singles, tags and trios.
  • PuroresuDream has an extensive run of AJW Classics videos, which covers a lot of classic Joshi.
  • Niagara Driver's doc of Stardom (see Stardom World below) and 90's Joshi is a fantastic place to start for that as well.
  • The Cubs Fan has covered Lucha for a long time and has a few accounts in that link with tons of video to run through.


Now, let's hit the official streaming services and channels:

  • WWE, NXT, WCW, ECW: Peacock ($5/month with ads, $10/month). The WWE Network thread here at PWO covers updates as they come but, in general, you can expect most PPVs from the 80s onward for all three promotions here, in addition to some TV and a handful of episodes for some indies (EVOLVE, ICW, wXw, PROGRESS)
  • TNA/IMPACT: IMPACT Plus ($8/month, $72/year). PPVs, some TV archives for Impact, and a few oddities here and there (like some Wrestling at the Chase episodes).
  • AJPW: AJPW TV (900 yen/month)
  • NJPW: NJPW World (999 yen/month) NJPW's official streaming service, with a ton of older matches as well as live broadcasts of the latest supercards. Senor Lariato's comprehensive Google doc of matches with links is a frequent reference point, since the NJPW site can be a little fussy to work with for searches at times.
  • ROH: Honor Club ($10/month for TV/PPV archives, $120/year for VIP to get monthly benefits + access to live PPVs)
  • DDT, TJPW, NOAH: Wrestle Universe (900 yen/month)
  • Dragon Gate: Dragon Gate Network (1650 yen/month)
  • Stardom: Stardom World (920 yen/month)
  • Revolution Pro Wrestling: RPW On Demand ($8.49/month, first two weeks free)
  • Shimmer: streamshimmer.com ($9.99/month) - includes the first 80+ Shimmer shows
  • CMLL: VideosOficialesCMLL (free, official Youtube channel)

Joshi City has a solid list of Joshi streaming services beyond the ones I've already included above that is worth checking out (hat tip to Marksman for that recommendation).


And some general streaming services and other official promotional playlists (more to come, I'm sure):

  • Independent Wrestling TV ($10/month, $100/year) has a truckload of North American indies (such as CZW, IWA Mid-South), along with some smaller Japanese shows (Big Japan, mid-00s Battlarts revival)
  • Title Match Network ($9.99/month) has a similar variety of indies, plus some additional content for Mission Pro Wrestling and the Ladies Night Out shows (with some YouTube content as well)
  • Gatoh Move ChocoPro is Emi Sakura's Joshi promotion and there's a lot of on the YouTube channel there

Poster submissions for various playlists (thanks to bennyowens, GSR, Witlon, Reel, Grimmas, jiraffejustin, King of Debt, corwo and KinchStalker for their links below):


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Dumping a bunch of YouTube channels that I frequently visit for footage (no official promotion channels), I assume most of these are well known but just in case:

Roy Lucier AAA

Roy Lucier UWA

Roy Lucier CMLL

Roy Lucier Japanese Classics

Roy Lucier Territories

Roy Lucier Houston

Classics of All Japan

Armstrong Alley (Territories)

RNR Wrasslin (Lucha)


Brett Williams (All sorts)

*unsure, sorry* (Classic puro)

Pro Wrestling Rarities (Handhelds/deep cuts)

Pro Wrestling Preservation Society (territories)

Real Hero (Puro)

 AWA stuff (Territories)

WCW Cruisers

Classics WWC

Joe Dombrowski's Wrestling Library (indies/assorted)

Matt D (territories/classics)

Trader Jack (territories)

Vrnam Nchnm (puro)

Rob D (territories)

Joshi puro oshi

The Wrestling Archivist (territories)

Old School Wrasslin



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World of Sport and British and European wrestling

tellumyort - primarily WoS that aired on The Wrestling Channel

Arthur Psycho - has lots of stuff that never aired on The Wrestling Channel including matches from the Screensport wrestling show

British Wrestling Classics - post 2000 British wrestling, so you get looks at the likes of Doug Williams, Jonny Storm, Pac, late Steve Grey stuff and a few U.S. guys when they came over

The FWA Files - an extensive collection of FWA shows from the 2000s.  If the show was taped, it's probably here.  There are also Best of's and rare compilation tapes for the likes of Jonny Storm, Jodie Fleisch and Doug Williams.

Marco's Catch Sammlung - German catch stuff and some Reslo

Already mentioned, but vrnam nchnm is another good source of German Catch footage.

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A couple that haven't been mentioned that I had saved...

USWA Texas has USWA Texas shows and some Southwest more recently. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_OknTVVX8tMnAwjEwtnxKA/videos

Memphis Wrestling Video Vault https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTim1Uvfvm86blvU4inQhEw

Verity Chandler has some Poffo ICW (a lot of the longer matches are split into multiple videos, but it's something.) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzrLGyTej1cJ5A7_TvsiZug/videos

NWAWildside has old Wildside TV and videos with a lot of good stuff. https://www.youtube.com/user/nwawildside/videos

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Emi Sakura's promotion Gatoh Move has a youtube. Lots going on in there.

Title Match Network, who hosts the Ladies Nights Out, puts out so much of it on youtube. It's also a great streaming service featuring women's wrestling (including the Ladies Night Outs and Thunder Rosa's promoiton "Mission Pro Wrestling" and shoot interviews.

SHIMMER has a subscription service and it has the first 80+ Shimmer shows.

Ice Ribbon has two services or something, not sure the details.

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Just now, jiraffejustin said:

Looks like a bunch of obscure southern indie stuff on this channel. 


There's a lot of Jimmy Rave stuff on here should people want to check him out.

Did Tank get nominated last time?  Seems like the kinda person Dylan would've nominated.  There's a fair bit of him here too if he did.  There are also a few random appearances from the likes of Slim J and Fred Yehi in the uploads.  

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Thanks to everyone who helped compile these resources. I've been pretty confined to WWE, WCW & ROH, but really wanted to start expanding into other eras, parts of the world, territories, etc., so the timing of this project is perfect. I've got some GH comps too, but a list like this makes catching up on viewing possible, if daunting. I'm a bit of a blank canvas so looking forward to seeing tons of new stuff.

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Should anybody be looking for IWE footage, there's two channels that have been uploading quite a fair deal of it over the past couple of months. Not necessarily in the best quality, but it seems to be the most overlooked of the major Japanese promotions despite having quite the cult reputation over there, so its good to have more of it around



On 4/20/2021 at 10:55 AM, GSR said:

There's a lot of Jimmy Rave stuff on here should people want to check him out.

Did Tank get nominated last time?  Seems like the kinda person Dylan would've nominated.  There's a fair bit of him here too if he did.  There are also a few random appearances from the likes of Slim J and Fred Yehi in the uploads.  

Seeing Slim J's name in there makes me wonder if there's anywhere, video upload or tape trading, who has the old NWA Anarchy TV stuff on them. I know that NWA Wildside sold DVDs of all their stuff and its all been getting uploaded to IWTV anyway, so it would definitely be interesting to see it appear again especially with the reputation the WarGames stuff has with those who've seen it. I think a big part of why I don't get into projects like these is because I always just get overwhemingly frustrated with how many guys there are that cases could be investigated for if the footage just wasn't lost, decayed or decaying in a basement somewhere, never mind not being recorded at all

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