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AEW TV - February 16/18 2022


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5 minutes ago, Jmare007 said:

That was a great fucking promo by Punk, dude is hitting on all cylinders right now.

Legit excited to see him work around a dog collar match.

Punk has been nothing short of exceptional in 2022. From his matches I have the utmost faith he will make the most with the dog collar match. 

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1 minute ago, KawadaSmile said:

He is the one who benefits the most in AEW's format. Less stilted verbiage, more spontaneity. 

Yup. He has a rambling style of talking that isn't suited for scripted promos but he is so compelling when he talks that he nails it in a way someone like Cody was completely failing to do recently.

That was tremendous, tremendous stuff. THIS is good pro wrestling storytelling

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There's no reason why that angle couldn't have been done while cutting Cole's speaking time by half. He went there and rambled about friendship and respect, and this was bad rambling. Beginning to think early NXT Cole might actually be his best version 

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