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KinchStalker's Puroresu History Thread Leftover Posts


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Same. And thanks for introducing me to deepl--it kicks Google Translate's ass as far as translating Japanese into readable English. I've been using it to read random bios on Dr. Mick's showapuroresu.com site.

This has some pretty good info on the origins of SWS--I think it was originally posted on the Other Arena but it made its way to Classics sometime later. Some of the info from this thread contradicts it, but for 2000 this was as good first-hand info as we were gonna get.

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He was more than just a booker. He was a trainer and the examiner for the dojo's entrance test. While he was the booker, he was instrumental in creating a freer environment for the younger wrestlers where they were allowed to do big moves in their matches. He made a lot of reforms to the undercard of All Japan and improved the training methods for rookies. He broke Misawa and Koshinaka into the business and was highly respected by both. I believe he was also an interpreter for the foreigners. According to The Great Kabuki he now drives a truck in the States. 

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