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AEW TV 5/18-5/23


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1 minute ago, strobogo said:

Who would have guessed Joe vs Johnny Nitro would be super chippy and at times bordering on uncooperative

Joe's not someone I would want to mess with, is there some kind of heat between them?

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2 minutes ago, sek69 said:

Joe's not someone I would want to mess with, is there some kind of heat between them?

I don't think so, looks like Joe got pissed at Johnny elbowing him directly in the face to open the match as he was going for a tie up.  Then Joe gave him a receipt, and they spent the rest of the match going back and forth with each other

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9 minutes ago, C.S. said:

Whatever happened, it was a clunky mismatch from the start.

Slow Mo Joe vs. Johnny "Should've Been Called Dynamite" Elite was a clash of styles, to say the least.

I hadn’t even thought of that, but you are right Johnny Dynamite would’ve been a much better name.

Oh and Joe’s still got it, dammit. He has looked a lot better in AEW that he did the last time I saw him in NXT. He is hardly in his prime anymore but I think he can still go if given the chance.

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5 minutes ago, The Thread Killer said:

Are the Hardys really that much bigger than the Bucks? I always assumed they were pretty much the same size.

Well, not quite Billy Gunn levels of dissonance, the Hardy's coming up in the height of the Atittude Era means people forget they're only small by late 90's/early 00s standards, not normal human standards. Jeff is 6' 1" and is announced at 225, but even if you think that's worked a bit, the Bucks are working their stats as well, so he still has 2-3 inches in height and probably 25-30 pounds on him. 

For all the talk about size, the big thing that throws people off on the main roster is height. Well, for example, Pete Dunne looked slighlty small in NXT, it wasn't totally out of line. On the main roster, he's standing beside Sheamus and that's that. 

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This has been a pretty great Dynamite so far.

Opener was decent, Hangman/Takeshita was excellent, Punk wearing that shirt in Texas made me like the guy even more, tag was decent, Wardlow segment did what it needed to do, and Fenix/O'Reilly over delivered.

If we get some good Regal lines out of this, and the women's joker isn't a dud, I think this one will definitely rank up there. 

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