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[1996-09-30-WWF-Raw] Savio Vega vs New Razor Ramon


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Joined in progress.


Diesel runs in to Razor's rescue.


I still don't understand the logic in reminding WWF fans that two of their biggest stars jumped ship, and outraging them by doing this stuff. Just really, really dumb.

Once again, my thoughts exactly. "Guess what fans, we own these trademarks!" And the response is "okay, but that doesn't mean I want to watch someone else doing it". Impossible to see the upside, and unlike 'The Real JJ', this one has a stark downside.
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This is WWF getting desperate while WCW was just kicking their asses with the angle of the decade. How could they thought it would get over ? I did like Ross pseudo heel turn though. Heel Ross would have been a blast. I'm very critical of what Ross became later, but I really loved his work during this time preceding the Attitude Era.

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Man oh man, as unpleasant as Ross is, '90s Monsoon is even moreso, so it did my heart good to see Ross completely light into Gorilla, who finally had to deal with someone who could give it right back to him. Shades of JR having to deal with Jesse in 1992.


Oh, yeah, and this is stupid, of course. I guess it was effective in a court of law, and in the long run it would pay off, but that doesn't make for entertaining television.

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This went on & on. Gorilla & JR arguing on commentary is fun at first but gets more annoying as the match seems to never end. The snorefest ends when Fake Diesel interferes & he & Fake Razor hit their finishing moves. This is very bad.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1996-09-30-WWF-Raw] Savio Vega vs New Razor Ramon

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